Pallet Handling Equipment
“V-Shape Minilogy”

If you would like to improve the pallet exchanging operation with advanced and automatic pallet handling equipment, you are in the right spot. You will reduce operators’ costs and speed up your production process. It could be equipped with roller conveyors, slip sheet dispenser, pallet stackers, labeling machine, film cutting station, load centering device… etc


The pallet handling equipment designed by TopIndustries is capable of improving production efficiency. Moreover, this system is equipped with rolls, conveyors, and pallet dispensers. By this way, the pallet exchanging operation is automated from the beginning until the end.

The pallet changer which carries out the operation is the best seller 2021/22: the  “V-shape”. It is also available as stand-alone version. Both versions are designed for handling heavy and high loads until 3300 lbs and 79 inches. These systems manage the product in a very safe and fast way.

Alternatively, if pallet handling equipment are not suitable for your needs because you would like something more versatile, discover our portable solution! You will find for sure the right solution to solve your pallet exchanging needs.

If your product can’t be tilted, we have the ideal pallet changer for your needs!

This pallet handling equipment can manage up to 50 pallet per hour for the entire pallet changing operation. This system can be also integrated with an automatic pallet dispenser. In order to change the pallet, the pallet handling equipment works in few phases:

1. Firstly, the operator loads the entire pallet on the rolls and conveyors in charge of bring it to the V-Shape pallet tipper.

2. Once achieved the base of the machine, it locks the load by a safe pressure in order to overturn the products.

3. At this moment, the machine overturns the load at 120° or more according to the type of products and their stability.

4. With the load upside down, V-Shape split products and pallet bringing the last one at the initial position.

5. Now, the arrival pallet without products is taken away by rolls and stake by an automatic pallet dispenser.

6. At the same moment, the same rolls bring the destination pallet inside the pallet tipper in order to reach the products.

7. At this point, the pallet have reached the load and they come at the initial position together.

8. In conclusion, rolls pick up the destination pallet with the load and the operation is finished.


pallet changer inline logistics

We offer fully automatic pallet exchanging stystems customized to your application, capable of managing up to 100 pallet per hour.

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Pallet changer test your products in our warehouse

Test your products with our pallet handling equipment

We would like to show you how our pallet handling equipment handle your products.

If you are concerned that your product may not work with our pallet exchanger devices, Top Industries offers the possibility to test your products directly in our warehouse with the machine of your choosing.

If you are not allowed to send your loads in for testing, Top Industries will use a product with similar or if not exact dimensions and size of your product.

Depending on your performance needs, types of load, and space in the warehouse, Top Industries will select one specific machine out of 50 that best fits your needs.

We are capable of handling with every types of products, contact us if you want to get yours tested!


Yes, absolutely, we are able to customize the machines according to the customer’s needs.

This pallet tipper is able to work with many products, boxes, vials, flasks, trays, bottles, packs, big bags, big boxes, barrels, paper barrels, buckets, cans, reels, large containers, paper rolls, plywood, battery etc.

It can operate with any pallet size, from standard to special ones. It is possible to use pallets of many materials (wood , plastic, aluminium, iron, etc.)

By tipping the load at 120°, depending on the products.

They can be loaded and unloaded by forklift or pallet jack.

Even the most fragile products are securely locked by the upper platform in order to safe the product. The upper platform locks the products with a light pression managed by a shock absorber system and limit-switches that prevent the products to be crushed.

The mobile pallet changers are really versatile systems as they do not need to dedicate a specific area for the operation so can be performed in any production area.

Our stationary pallet changers are used by customers who need to change a substantial number of pallets per hour and can have a dedicated area dedicated for the pallet changing operation.