Top Industries Inc Pallet Changer Solutions

Top Industries Inc is the US leader in offering pallet inverters and pallet changers in mobile, stationary, or fully automatic systems. These solutions are customizable for each application and exchange the pallet in the fastest and safest way possible.

Recognized also for mobile and stand-alone solutions

These are timeless classics and best sellers in our range of production.

For example, Turner 3300 is a top-selling mobile solution in the United States due to its affordability and versatility in handling various products. At the same time, the Hands-Free Inverter has been a standout, since it is the first patented pallet inverter, outperforming the traditional machines on the market.

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How to choose the right pallet exchanger?

To identify the suitable solution for each application, we kindly ask our customers to fill out a short form.

This form includes questions about the specific product type, dimensions, weight, types of pallets involved, as well as the expected frequency of pallet changes per hour. Photos of the products are one of the initial key details that help us recommend the right solution!

Can you handle delicate products?

One particularly smooth solution for handling fragile products is the Falcon Wings. Take a look at it!

What about after-sales service?

If it is an automated solution, we schedule programmed maintenance after the purchase, and customers can choose from basic, intermediate, or advanced spare parts kits.

Whether it is a mobile or fixed solution, our after-sales service team is always availavle and ready to dispatch a technician if needed.

Why Top Industries Inc?

Top Industries Inc offers the most advanced technologies not only in the USA but worldwide.

Our parent company and Italian manufacturer, Toppy, is the world-leading company for state-of-the-art pallet exchanging solutions. They have a great deal of experience since being established in 1978 and supplying over 20,000 units in more than 147 countries!