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The Best Seller: Mobile Pallet Changer

For Fragile, Unstable and Bulky loads

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Fully automatic Pallet Exchanger

Handles more than 100 pallets per hour

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The Revolution of Pallet Inverters

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2023 Patented Technology

State of the art Pallet Exchanger Solutions

Top Industries Inc offers advanced pallet exchanger & inverters models available in mobile, stationary, or fully automatic systems that are also customizable for your application. Change the pallet in the fastest and safest way possible!


The Hands-Free Inverter is a newly patented system in 2023!

NEW PATENTED pallet inverter


One of the fastest way to change your pallet is by clamping the load.

stationary pallet changer


Change your pallet by tilting the load. The Original Version.

portable pallet inverter


Apply lateral pressure to the load with newly patented system



Insert and remove freezer spacers with our pallet tilter machines.

Freezer spacers insertion & removal


Fully automatic systems able to change up to 100 pallet per hour.


Top Industries Inc guarantees prompt deliveries and patented solutions

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Test your products with our pallet changer 

We would like to show you how our pallet changers handle your products.

If you are concerned that your product may not work with our pallet exchanger devices, Top Industries Inc offers the possibility to test your products directly in our warehouse with the machine of your choosing.

If you are not allowed to send your loads in for testing, Top Industries Inc will use a product with similar or if not exact dimensions and size of your product.

Depending on your performance needs, types of load, and space in the warehouse, Top Industries will select one specific pallet exchanger out of 50 that best fits your needs!

test your product

R.O.I.: How efficient is your investment with a pallet changer

The return on investment (ROI) is an approximate measure of an investment’s profitability.

We would like to show how a pallet changer investment backed with a Return of Investment calculation provides a concrete vision about the effectiveness of having a TopIndustries solution.

Depending on the demand for pallet replacements the utilization of a pallet exchanger could make a significant difference, in terms of saving money, time, manual work and automation.

discover the roi

Find your suitable pallet changer

Stationary Pallet changer

The “Side Mover” is a stationary pallet changer that replaces the pallet by using lateral pressure to slightly lift, then move the product. It can withstand a maximum weight of 3300 lbs and pallet dimensions up to 48×40 Inches. The “Side Mover” is a pallet exchanger which uses…

Side Mover


The “Turner 3300” tilts and rotates the load in a safe way. Designed for the needs of the US market, this versatile device is operated by tiller controls, powered by a gel batteries, and is able to handle products up to 3300 lbs. It is designed to handle GMA and CHEP pallet…

Turner 3300

Mobile Pallet changer

The “Falcon Wings” is a mobile pallet changer that replaces the pallet by applying lateral pressure and then secures the load safely by inserting extendable blades at the base of the product. Designed for the needs of the US market, this eletrically powered device…

Falcon Wings


The “Hands-Free Inverter” is an extremely versatile and compact device that allows the replacement of the pallet by inverting the load and swaps the new pallet by shifting it under it. This newly patented machine can complete operations in very confined spaces and….

Inverter Hands Free

Manage up to 100 pallets per hour

Top Industries Inc is the international leading company in the pallet changer industry.

We also customize fully automatic pallet exchangers according to the clients needs, applications, and performance requirements.

Our systems are designed in Italy and they are capable of handling up to 100 pallets per hour.

Depending on the workflow, types of products, space in the warehouse and many other elements, Top Industries Inc will recommend the suitable pallet exchanger solution.

automatic pallet exchangers
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