Slip Sheets vs Pallets: The Main Solution

Pallet Inverter Slip Sheet in Action

3 different Soutions for Replacing Pallets
with Slip Sheets & vice versa

Automated pallet turner machine
Hands Free
Pallet transfer system in motion
Side Pusher
Different types of pallet inverters
L-Shape Logy

1. Hands-Free – Exchange Pallets with Slip Sheet

The Pallet Inverter Hands-Free is an innovative technology that can quickly tilt and rotate the product while shifting the slip sheet. The product ends up resting on top of the slip sheet instead of the pallet, and the pallet can then be removed. This process is fully automated, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency. With this solution, you can easily convert from pallets to slip sheets, making it an ideal solution for businesses that want to cut down on storage space and reduce costs.

2. Side Pusher – Push the Load from the Pallet onto the Slip Sheet

The Side Pusher is another innovative technology that Top Industries Inc offers to help you convert from pallets to slip sheets. This technology can gently press and push the products, allowing for the safe and efficient exchange of pallets. The pressure of the operation can be automatically adjusted to ensure that even the most delicate products are handled with care. With the Side Pusher, you can seamlessly replace pallets with slip sheets, making it an ideal solution for businesses that deal with fragile products.

3. L-Shape Logy – Replace Pallets with Slip Sheets to Save Space

The L-Shape Logy is a fully automatic system that can exchange pallets or any other support (such as a wooden board) with slip sheets. This unique operation is exclusive to Top Industries Inc with Toppy, as we are the only company in the world that can provide such an advanced system. The L-Shape Logy is in high demand by companies that need to reduce product storage space.

Your Solution to a Pallet-Free Future

Slip sheets vs pallets offer distinct advantages, with slip sheets being a compelling alternative to pallets for transportation and storage of goods. To help you switch from pallets to slip sheets, we offer three innovative technologies: The Hands-Free, Side Pusher, and L-Shape Logy, which can streamline your material handling processes and increase efficiency. Our customized solutions are tailored to your unique requirements, whether you handle delicate products, want to save space, or cut costs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you replace pallets with slip sheets.

Alternative to Slip Sheet attachment for forklift (2023 Innovations)

Eliminating the need for pallets with slip sheet forklifts.

Choosing the Right Solution: A Comparison of Slip Sheets vs Pallets by Top Industries Inc

Slip sheets vs pallets is a topic that has gained attention in recent years. While pallets have been the go-to solution for material handling, slip sheets offer several advantages that make them an attractive alternative.

One of the biggest advantages of slip sheets is that they are much thinner and lighter than pallets, which means that they take up less space and reduce shipping costs. Slip sheets are also much more versatile, as they can be customized to fit different types of loads and are compatible with a variety of handling equipment.

At Top Industries Inc, we understand the importance of finding the right material handling solution for your business. That’s why we offer three different solutions to help you replace pallets with slip sheets.

Reliable Supplier of slip sheets: 

 – Smurftit KAPPA;

 – Southern Packaging, LP;

 – Durafibre


What is a slip sheet ?

A slip sheet is a thin and flexible sheet of material, usually made of plastic or fiberboard, that is used as an alternative to pallets for material handling. It is placed underneath the load, and the load is pulled onto the slip sheet using a push-pull attachment or forklift. The slip sheet is then pulled out from underneath the load, allowing the load to rest directly on the pallet or floor.

Slip sheets are used to save space, reduce weight, and cut costs in material handling.

slip sheet and slipsheets
slip sheet attachment

Advantages of Slip Sheets vs Pallets for Material Handling

The following are a few notable advantages that you can get with slipsheets:

– Cost-effective and eco-friendly

– Maximize space for shipping and storage

– Can keep warehouse cleaner

– Slip sheets can offer safety

– Weight advantage

– Volume advantage

– Faster loading and unloading

Streamline Your Material Handling Processes with Top Industries Inc’s Automation Solutions for Slip Sheets vs Pallets

Top Industries Inc offers innovative automation solutions to optimize your material handling processes for both slip sheets and pallets. Our conveyor systems, robotic arms, and pallet exchanger systems can improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment. They’ll provide a safe and easy way to replace slip sheets with pallets.