3 different Soutions for Replacing Pallets with Slip Sheets & vice versa

Load Transfer System - Efficient and Reliable Solution for Transfer Operations
Optimize storage space effortlessly with our pallet inverter – the key to organized warehouses
L-Shape Logy
Pallet transfer system in motion
Side Pusher

1. LTS

“LTS ensures rapid and smooth pallet exchanges, seamlessly handling slip sheets, and is equipped with two high-capacity pallet dispensers.

Each pallet dispenser has a capacity of 20 pallets. The machinery is seamlessly interconnected by a shuttle-moving structure that operates bidirectionally.”

2. L-Shape Logy

“The L-Shape Logy is an advanced, fully automated system capable of efficiently exchanging pallets or alternative supports, such as wooden boards, with slip sheets.

In high demand among companies seeking to optimize product storage space, it offers a streamlined solution for space utilization.

3. Side Pusher 

The Side Pusher is a cutting-edge technology designed to seamlessly swap pallets for pallets and pallets for slip sheets.

This automatic pallet exchanger can gently press and push the products, allowing for the safe and efficient handling. 

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