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In the different shipping industries, the slip sheet is one of the very common packaging materials used. To achieve maximum space utilization certain accessory is installed during the handling of materials like a slip sheet dispenser.

Slip Sheets vs Pallets: 3 Solutions for Replacing Pallets with Slip Sheets & vice versa

Automated slip sheet to pallet transfer system in operation.

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Usually, they are thin and in the shape of pallets. In fact, it is a type of support device for a pallet that can help in the delivery of vehicles as well as product transportation.

Top Industries has helped a few companies in achieving substantial savings on both their monthly material as well as logistical expenses by using a slip sheet dispenser.

The slip sheet is a great substitute for bulky, heavy, and expensive wooden or plastic pallets and enables businesses to stop using pallets altogether.

They are used to push or draw a load onto and off of the platens of the push-pull attachment, just like a pallet, and are put underneath the weight.

slip sheet and slipsheets

A Real ROI with Slip Sheets

As businesses have started recognizing the potential for return on investment, slip sheets are growing in popularity. They provide many benefits over pallets, including those listed below.

  1. Slip-sheet is disposable

A slip sheet, as opposed to a pallet, is inexpensive enough to be discarded after each use and does not require tracking or maintenance.

In addition, it is lighter than a wooden pallet. As a result, you may fit more goods on slip sheets into the truck or container, making the most efficient use of available space and reducing transportation expenses. It is considerably more compact than pallets because of its extreme thinness.

  1. Environment friendly

Slip sheets are thought to be environmentally friendly and are easy to recycle due to the growing number of businesses that make them from recycled materials.

  1. Very lightweight

A slip sheet only has a 650 gr/m² weight. A pallet made of wood weighs 12 kg/m². As a result, you can load the truck or container with more things that are on slip sheets.

Typically, businesses load 30 (360 kg) or 60 (720 kg) wooden pallets into trucks or containers, but due to pallet-less handling, you may substitute slip sheets for wooden pallets and load almost 360 kg to 600 kg more cargo.

  1. The volume

The thickness of a slip sheet is 0.8 mm. The thickness of a wooden pallet is 120 mm. As a result, you can pack the truck or container with more stuff.

Double-stacking the items allow you to save about 240 mm/m². Stop lugging wood and start moving your stuff more effectively.

  1. The loading

A whole container can be loaded in the same amount of time as it would need to load it on wooden pallets due to the pallet-less or slip-sheet handling methods.

  1. Slip sheets do not have to be fumigated

Slip Sheets are made using a dry process, so they do not require fumigation.

  1. Prevents contamination

The main source of contamination in commercial storage rooms is rodent infestations, which are brought in on imported pallets. Rats and mice cannot enter, stay, or breed in slip sheets because they lack additional crevices.

Thanks to a slip sheet dispenser the contamination will be reduced because slip sheets are disposable, there are fewer chances of cross-contamination.

Benefits with a slip sheet dispenser

In addition to that, the slip sheet dispenser also offer the following benefits

  • Can be utilized as a component of a fully automatic palletizing system.
  • Reduces the amount of labor needed to handle slip sheets
  • Reduces cycle time, increasing productivity
  • Increases quality by consistently positioning the slip sheet.

However, there are a few disadvantages of slip sheets that one must be beware of:

  1. Costly accessory needed

A push/pull attachment for the lift truck is necessary when using slip sheets. All these accessories are also pricey.

  1. Less structural support

Furthermore, compared to pallets, slip sheets offer less structural support.

As mentioned above, for making effective use of slip sheets, you will need a special attachment called a hydraulic push-pull attachment for your forklift truck. This push-pull attachment is easily installed on your forklift just within a few minutes.

There are a few UK-based companies that deal with material handling parts and accessories that can offer such push-pull attachments. Also, they can offer you a customized solution for your application. 

This specifically developed push-pull attachment needed for handling slip sheets also uses a gripper bar for clamping down on the sheet so that it can pull the load onto the platens while loading.

While reversing the process of forklifting, the forklift driver can extend the hydraulic pushing grate, so that the goods can be discharged from the platens and loaded on the container or truck trailer.

slip sheet forklift attachment for sale

For effective pallet-less handling, we linked this attachment to our new machine

Pallet-less products can be handled safely and effectively in applications like.

  • General cargo handling
  • Beverage handling
  • Corrugated box or fruit handling
  • Bagged goods

Slip sheet dispenser: conclusion

To summarize, the choice to employ slip sheets would be greatly influenced by the type of application. Three main types of materials are offered for slip sheets:

  • Plastic
  • Heavy laminated craft paperboard
  • Corrugated fiber board.

You must therefore be aware of the type of packaging that works best for your facility. The supplier will consider elements like the following to assist in the decision.

  • The load’s weight and dimensions
  • Humidity levels
  • How many times your goods are needed to move
  • Working conditions
  • Availability of a freezer.

You may contact our experts if you need any further information abou slip sheet dispenser.