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Pallet changers are essential for businesses that need to transfer loads from one pallet to another. Experience the latest innovation for 2023!

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Pallet Changers with adjustable pressure

Whether you need a pallet inverter, pallet changer, pallet transfer system ger, etc., TopIndustries has over 50 pallet changer models that increase productivity and drive safety standards. In addition, our pallet changers can handle any product in your warehouse. Learn why TopIndustries Inc is at the forefront of the pallet changer industry.

Our patented pallet changers are proven to increase productivity, safety, and efficiency in pallet transfer tasks. We won’t highlight every single pallet changer we sell. However, we will take the time to highlight some of our most exciting automatic pallet systems. If you need to change or move pallets, you won’t find a better product anywhere else in the USA.

Let’s get a closer look at some of our premier pallet changers.

Advanced Stationary Pallet Changer

The stationary pallet changer Side Mover is one of our most popular pallet changer system. It clasps two sides of the load, shifts it over to the side and onto a newly placed pallet, and can change up to 60 pallets per hour. It can handle up to 3300 pounds and will not tilt, invert, or flip your load. Instead, this machine shifts the load to the side so one pallet can be replaced with another.

You can handle any product with this machine. Plus, the best part is that it unloads and loads at floor level with your pallet jacks. Then, pressure is safely but firmly applied to the sides of your shipment to ensure that it remains stable and secure. At the same time, one pallet is swapped for another.

New Mobile Pallet Changer

Falcon Wings is one of our newest pallet changers. This model is mobile and can be set up anywhere in your facility, so you don’t have to create a dedicated space for this machine. Falcon Wings grasps your products on the sides like the side mover.

However, instead of shifting it to the side, Falcon Wings gently raises your shipment and slides two wings underneath to secure the load. Operators can then pull the old pallet out and replace it with a new one. Falcon Wings can switch up to 40 pallets an hour. Plus, it can handle up to 3300 pounds of product and won’t tilt, invert, flip, or shift your products.

Equipment of Pallet & Product Handling

Here’s a bulleted list of pallet changer:

  • Mobile pallet changer; 
  • Portable pallet changer;
  • Semi Automatic Pallet change;
  • Automatic Pallet changer;
  • Fully Automatic Pallet changer;

Why might you need a pallet changer?

For example, many companies use a specific type of pallet internally and send shipments out on a different, more fundamental kind of pallet. Sometimes in an industrial setting, a pallet will break. What then? Manually removing all the boxes from a broken pallet and repacking a new pallet is time-consuming. Watch here the faster pallet changer ever capable of managing up to 100 pallets per hour!

Pallet changer make quick work out of pallet transfer and pallet changing tasks. These valuable warehouse tools help increase productivity and deliver flexible solutions to businesses that handle large shipment loads. Broken pallets and pallet changing by hand present safety risks to employees.

At TopIndustries, we value efficiency and safety above all else.  If you need a pallet changer for your business, we offer a wide selection of fully automatic pallet changers and manual versions. 

Please continue reading to learn more about our pallet changer selection. We will detail important data like load capacity, the different jobs these pallet changers excel at, safety features, etc. If you want to learn more about a particular pallet changer that you read about here, please contact our dedicated sales team to learn more.

We also have a wide selection of pallet inverters that might benefit your business operations. Our sales staff is happy to discuss additional details, benefits, price points, and more. So don’t settle for a subpar pallet changer. At TopIndustries, we proudly design, build, and sell the industry’s premier pallet changers for our valued customers.