Spider Inverter | The 2024 Patented Pallet Inverter

The “Spider Inverter” efficiently swaps pallets using two modes based on product characteristics: tilting or lateral pressing. Ideal for companies managing diverse products.

1. Clamping mode

Explore the efficiency of our pallet changer, revolutionizing how you manage and optimize warehouse pallets

2. Tilting mode

Explore our pallet inverter for seamless material handling and storage optimization

The “Spider Inverter” is a pallet changer machine that offers versatility by applying two different pallet changing methods, depending on the type of product being handled.

When it’s necessary to swap pallets for a product that cannot be tilted, the “Spider Inverter” facilitates lateral pressing. This involves laterally pressing the product, causing the lower platform to open (controlled via a push button panel) for the removal of the old pallet and insertion of the new one. This method is the quickest.

Alternatively, the “Spider Inverter” can utilize a second method, changing pallets by tilting the product momentarily. This entails pressing the product on all four sides of the load and tilting it by 180°.

After tilting, the lower platform opens to allow the operator to remove the old pallet and insert the new one using a forklift. Once the new pallet is in place, the operator activates the lower compactor (via push button panel) to secure the product for tilting the entire load back to its original position.