Spider Inverter | The 2024 Patented Pallet Inverter

The “Spider Inverter” efficiently swaps pallets using two modes based on product characteristics: tilting or lateral pressing. Ideal for companies managing diverse products.

1. Clamping mode

Explore the efficiency of our pallet changer, revolutionizing how you manage and optimize warehouse pallets

2. Tilting mode

Explore our pallet inverter for seamless material handling and storage optimization

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It is capable of 1,500 kg and 2,000 mm height, it handles diverse loads: sacks, bottles, drums, big bags, rotating, and non-rotating items.

Two modes drive change: tilting (rotating 180 degrees for seamless pallet switch) and non-tilting (lateral lock, enabling pallet separation). Operator swaps old for new, securing loads throughout. Ready for transport after a 180-degree rotation.

Ideal for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, ceramics, and beyond, this compact, versatile Spider Inverter amplifies any warehouse or production line.