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We design pallet transfer systems for pallet exchanging according to your type of products, workflow, warehouse space, and many other variations. TopIndustries customize pallet transfer systems capable of changing up to 100 pallet per hour. Discover our modus operandi:

  • Analysis of the specific case
  • Identification of the need
  • Project planning
  • Layout proposal
  • Cycle time optimization
  • Quality control and scheduling
  • System installation and commissioning
  • After-sales assistance
  • Service and maintenance
  • Final acceptance and training

Pallet Transfer Systems | Sophisticated Pallet Exchangers

With over four decades of experience and a huge catalog of pallet transfer systems, Top Industries Inc is a leading supplier of pallet exchangers across the US. On this page, you can browse through the kinds of pallet load transfer system we offer.

As you’ll see, these technologies vary widely. Some are designed to manipulate multiple pallets together — ideal for those operating at scale with a high level of automation. Others are designed for versatility, giving smaller manufacturers and distributors a way to safely handle, store and load materials on a pallet-by-pallet basis.

Automated Pallet Changer System in Action


System for pallet translating designed in 2023

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High-Quality Pallet Changer Equipment


The fastest pallet transfer system in the world

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Conveyor system for pallet transfer


One of the most advanced systems in our range

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Automatic pallet changer with pallet dispensers

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Inline pallet changer – OPTIONALS pharmaceutical-design-3DFilm Cutting StationAutomatic Pallet DispenserLoad Centering & Squaring DeviceAutomated Weighing StationCustomized DetailsSlipsheet DispenserErgonimic ArmsShape Control & Load DetectionAutomatic Labeling MachineStretch Wrapping MachineAdvanced optionals for pallet transfer systems


One of the best seller pallet inverter system worldwide

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Pallet Transfer System with pallet dispensers and shuttle

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Change the pallet by tipping the load to 95°, 120°, or 180°.

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The most innovative automatic inline pallet inverter

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People also ask

To transfer materials from one pallet to another, utilize a mobile pallet changer, stationary solutions, or an inline pallet changer like the Side Pusher.

A pallet transfer system is a mechanical automated solution designed to move goods or materials from one pallet to another efficiently and seamlessly

Key issues to consider when assessing pallet transfer system

The system you choose will be informed as much by your operation and existing pallet handling equipment as your budget. Look at the details — from how you stack pallets, to how you have loaded containers for shipping to customers, to the raw material you need for manufacturing.

Every aspect of your process should be taken into account:

  • If you’re running a small manufacturing enterprise, you may opt for a pallet handling system capable of supporting multiple configurations.
  • If space is an issue, finding an easy access load transfer approach may be preferable. Balance quality against sufficient portability for storage.
  • For complex supply chains (assuming you have access to in-house expertise), consider a comprehensive and future-proofed solution like an automatic pallet exchanging system. These are customized to enhance your whole operation, starting at inbound freight and progressing to your end customer.
Pallet exchanger within the chemical industry

Other pallet transfer systems

The pallet transfer system you choose should closely complement other physical equipment you use to handle pallets. These may include:

  • Chain conveyor: Chain conveyors are a suitable option for shifting pallets along a straight path from one point of production to another. A mainstay of the construction industry, they’re relatively inexpensive to maintain and can be operated with minimal training.


Pallet exchanger in the logistic industry
  • Roller conveyor: A roller conveyor performs the same function as a chain conveyor but with its multi-directional rolls, handlers can safely control pallets around corners and on a curved path.
  • T-cart system: The pallet transfer cart system (T-cart) fully integrates with robotized pallet stacking technology. It accommodates swift, complex pallet movements, such as positioning stacks side-by-side.
Automatic pallet exchanger inline

The high-volume manufacturer

A manufacturer that produces a large volume of material may seek to integrate a more complex array of equipment purpose-built for automation.

This may include chain conveyors and possibly even custom-built load transfer solutions.

A pallet changer system can transfer a high volume of pallets, using a stripper plate system to rapidly stack pallets in a modular manner.



Distribution centers

A distribution center will benefit from a unit that allows pallets to be automatically stacked. This makes the entire process both efficient and flexible, and it can significantly lower storage costs.

Moreover, by eliminating the risk of undue reliance on pallet jacks, warehouse floor operators and handlers are better able to handle pallets safely on the warehouse floor.

Ultimately, whether your search is for a custom solution or one of a host of simpler pallet load transfer systems, your pallet handling technology should enhance every facet of your business model, from how loads enter and leave your premises to how you keep your customers happy.


Pallet transfer & turning system for pallet changing

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pallet changer Toppy Four Press Aladdin


Pallet transfer system for unstable loads

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pallet changer master inverter inline within beverage industry


Automatic frontal pallet transfer

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pallet changer master inverter with dedusting cabin top


Delete the contamination by removing dust from your loads

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Choose the right pallet transfer system for your business

Small operators frequently work on an individual pallet basis. A simple and cost-effective pallet load transfer system is preferable. If a pallet jack is insufficient, a stationary or mobile pallet changer is a logical upgrade.

As you search for pallet transfer systems, you’ll need to take as many business variables as you can capture into account, including:

Price of pallet transfer system

  • What level of pallet load transfer system budget can you sign off on?
  • Do you have a maintenance budget for new pallet handling equipment?
  • Before you sign off on any product you may also need to take pallet handling training costs into account.
frozen food warehouse

Location infrastructure

What other equipment do you operate? Can the model be safely mounted at your facility?

If your location isn’t optimized for pallet transferal, what preliminary facility upgrade steps do you need to complete before purchasing a pallet handling model. If you’re unsure, feel free to request advice at 1-754-271-4310.


inline pallet inverter

Transport infrastructure

How is a pallet loaded for shipment at your production facility?

Will one pallet transfer model suffice? Or do you need to buy or sign a lease for multiple products?

pallet changer romeo juliet

Conveyor lines

A chain conveyor is a solid entry-level choice. The robust components of a chain conveyor make it an ideal way to carry heavy materials to pallets.

Roller conveyors are tools that come into play when loads are fragile or need to move on a more complex path. Unfortunately, roller conveyors are also more expensive.


Pallet changer logy - TOPPY SIDE PUSHER

It’s frequently advisable to build a production line that draws from both chain and roller conveyors.

Top Industries’ automatic pallet exchanging systems can be customized for nearly limitless conveyor configurations. Begin your search with these: Side Pusher Logy & LTS.

Optionals for pallet transfer systems



Automatic film cutting station customized on request. Replaces the manual operation…

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Various range of solutions for the management, collection and positioning of the slip-sheet by special robotic…

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Automatic pallet dispenser integrated in the logistics lines for pallet management..

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pallet changer poles for reset and start cycle


Ergonomic arms / poles for reset and start cycle customized on request. Replaces the manual…

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The centering system is essential to center the product on the new pallet…

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Control of the conformation of the products (degree of inclination, protrusion) at the entrance of the logistics line…

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Load weighing station equipped directly on the pallet transfer system….

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Pallet changer integrated label management


Management system for labelled products to speed up and facilitate…

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Colors, stainless steel or galvanized steel, degree of waterproofing and…

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Film wrapping station equipped on the pallet transfer systems….

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Talk to Top Industries to find your ideal solution

Before you sign any lease or purchasing agreement, contact us here. We’ll help identify the right model for you. Or you can pick up the phone and call us at 1-754-271-4310.

We’ll help you find a smart, cost-effective solution.

stationary pallet changer

Stationary pallet changer

stationary pallet changer is a fast and efficient way to transfer pallets at a fixed location. The load is safely clamped, lifted and transferred to a new pallet. This unit can handle up to 60 pallets per hour. The product is ideal for pallets that need to be handled in a fixed orientation.

Stationary pallet inverter "The game changer"

Stationary pallet inverter

The stationary pallet inverter is a newly patented product requiring no manual work for the operator. An innovative solution, the pallet inverter safely inverts pallets from a fixed location at a rate of up to 50 pallets per hour.

pallet changer mobile pile turmer 3300 top

Portable pallet inverter

Our portable pallet inverter is a versatile pallet handling solution that an operator can move throughout your warehouse. Similar to the stationary pallet inverter, the mobile version operates by tilting and rotating the load. This unit can handle up to 20 pallets per hour.

mobile pallet changer

Mobile pallet changer

The mobile pallet changer is another of our versatile moving pallet handling solutions, but this model can handle 40 pallets per hour without tilting the load. This solution is ideal if you have limited space or products that won’t tolerate inversion.

Inline and logistics pallet transfer systems

Top Industries also design fully automatic pallet transfer systems, customized to your unique production and handling applications. The preferred solution for large-scale enterprises, these pallet transfer systems can handle up to 100 pallets hourly. Installation, maintenance, and training are included.