Automatic Pallet Exchanger | Romeo & Juliet

“Romeo & Juliet” is an automatic pallet exchanger featuring two robotic pallet dispensers and capable of handling up to 55 pallets per hour.


Cycle description of Automatic Pallet Exchanger

“Romeo & Juliet” operates with loads that can be loaded either via pallet truck or forklift. Please read below to discover how the pallet changing operation works:

 – Firstly, the depalletizer safely secures the load in order to tilt it momentarily at an angle between 95° to 120°. The degree of tilt depends on the type of product being handled, as each load requires a different approach.

 – Next, the load is separated from the pallet, allowing the depalletizer to easily and quickly swap the original pallet with the destination pallet.

 – Finally, Top Industries’ depalletizer brings the load with the new pallet back to its original position. At this stage, the operator removes the load and places a new one inside the machine.

The pallet exchanging operation is carried out by two robots that automatically move the incoming pallet to the pallet dispenser. As previously mentioned, “Romeo & Juliet” works with two pallet dispensers, one for the destination pallets and one for the incoming pallets, each with a maximum capacity of 20 pallets.

Efficient APS Technology in Toppy’s Pallet Transfer System

Overall, this is one of the most efficient pallet transfer systems in Top Industries’ range. “Romeo & Juliet” is equipped with APS (Automatic Pallet Shift), a new patented technology designed by Toppy.

It could be equipped with roller conveyors, slip sheet dispenser, pallet stackers, labeling machine, film cutting station, load centering device, and many others advanced solutions.