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10220 W State Road-84, Suite #2,  Davie, FL 33324


Top Industries is the Us leading supplier of pallet exchanger, pallet tipper, pallet inverter, and pallet transfer systems, based in Davie, Florida.

What makes our solutions unique on the market is our 40 years know-how in supplying pallet exchangers. The experiences accumulated over the years allows us to design and produce new innovative patented solutions suitable for every customers needs.

Top Industries supplies durable machines according to customer regulation sector, as Pharmaceutical, Food and beverage, printing and distribution.

The good relationship and the full needs satisfaction of our customers have allowed us to supply our solutions Worldwide.

Top Industries offers from manual easy-to-use solutions to fully automatic system in order to meet the high performance required.

Thanks to the wide range of products in our catalog, we are able to provide tilting, pressing, rotating or pushing solutions, in mobile or stationary version.

In our range of products we have different models in order to manage every type of pallet, product size, weight and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The stationary Side Press has a performance up to 25 pallet x hour.
The mobile Turner 3300 could reach 20 pallet x hour.

The mobile Turner 3300 is a tilting device, suitable for that type of products that cannot be pressed, like bags…
The stationary Side Mover is a pressing device, suitable for that type of products that cannot be tilted upside down.

Mobile and Stationary TopIndustries Pallet Changers are born to handle GMA (40×48 inches) pallets, but as versatile device they could handle other pallet dimension, like the 42×42, the Europallet and more…

We are able to customize our machines depending to the needs of our customer.

Mobile pallet changers are the most versatile systems to turn and change the pallets because they do not require a given area for this job. Differently, our stationary pallet changers are requested by customer having available area for stand alone equipment and with the necessity of changing an important number of pallet/hours.

Our pallet turners are used in several field of application as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic. We are able to handle bags, boxes, vials, bottles, big bags, barrels, cans and more…