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Frequently Asked Questions

Customization is our specialty. We usually provide customized solutions for each unique case, as every production flow, with its distinct product types, demands a tailored approach!

It depends on the solution. There are mobile machines that can handle up to 25 pallet exchanges per hour, stand-alone machines that handle up to 35 pallets per hour, and fully automated solutions that can manage up to 100 pallets per hour

The choice between tilting technology and lateral pressing technology  depends on the type of product.

For bags, for example, it is recommended to use tilting technology like Hands-Free, whereas for very fragile products, Falcon Wings is recommended as it gently presses the products from the sides.

Our solutions are capable of handling practically all types of pallets.

The choice of the machine should primarily depend on the product to be handled, the available space, and the production flow. Mobile pallet changers offer the greatest versatility in pallet exchange because they don’t require dedicated space for this task.

On the other hand, stand-alone pallet changers, like the Side Mover, are preferred by customers who have space available for standalone equipment and require a high pallet exchange rate.

Our solutions are capable of handling a wide variety of products with different sizes, shapes, and weights. Typically, we handle products such as bags, boxes, vials, bottles, big bags, barrels, cans, drums, crates, cartons, and many more…

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