Stationary pallet changer | The Side Mover

If you need to exchange pallets without overturning products, this is one of the fastest and compact stationary pallet changer in TopIndustries’ range. It lifts and transfer your load from one pallet to another in a very safe way.


Stationary Pallet Changer

This innovative side-moving stationary pallet changer works differently when compared to the inverter types. Here the products are not tilted or rotated. Instead, safe pressure is applied on the lateral sides of the loads to lift and move them sideward over the new pallet.

The stationary pallet changer is equipped with padded platforms on the sides to press the loads delicately and facilitate their lifting and moving. 

The lateral pressures on the sides of the loads do not cause any kind of damage

Therefore, the loads will never get damaged due to excessive pressure. The side platforms are well-padded to ensure safe lifting and movements. The load is then moved to the side chamber, which already has the new pallet to take up the load.

Some of the fragile products cannot be turned or tilted, so the pallet inverter types will not be suitable for those tasks. The best solution for such delicate loads is the stationary pallet changer. It works fast with the capacity to lift loads of about 3300 lbs. It can take up loads with dimensions of 40 to 48 inches. 

The pressure is adjustable

The pressure-setter of this machine allows for changing the pressure according to types of loads. You could also contact us for customized solutions. We at TopIndustries take pride in proving the best solutions as per the specific requirements and applications.If your loading unit has a contours flow of loads, then you could go for automatic systems instead of stationary pallet changer.

Cycle Description

The working principle of a stationary pallet changer is straightforward. The machine is designed to safely lift the loads off the original pallets, and then move them over to the new palette on the side. 

The side platforms apply subtle lateral pressure that is just enough to clamp and lift the loads off the original pallets. The entire load is then moved to the side, where a new pallet will be waiting to take up the load. 

Workforce reduction

The job of the operator is not intensive. He will just need to see that the loaded pallets are placed on the machine (via forklift) and that the new pallets are positioned to take up the loads. 

Since this stationery palette changer works on the side-by-side movement technique, there is no need to invert the loads. It helps in increasing the speed of changing pallets. The pressure can be adjusted manually or with the pressure-selector option. 

At TopIndustries, we also offer the portable version of the side-moving changers. It is ideal for loading units where there are no designated spots for the changing operations of pallets.

If you are looking for higher efficiency in the range of changing 100 pallets every hour, please feel free to get in touch with us to know about fully automatic pallet-changing systems. Our goal is to provide the best solutions as per the custom needs of your business.

Alternatively, would you like an automatic solution?

We also design customized fully automatic pallet exchanger systems capable of managing up to 100 pallets per hour. Do not hesitate to contact us for an advice!