Mobile Pallet changer | The Falcon Wings

“Falcon Wings” is one of our best selling pallet changers thanks to the ability of handling the most unstable, fragile, and non-tipping products in total safety. It’s equipped with two extendable blades that support the load while is lifted up.


Description of mobile pallet changer

Falcon Wings differs from pallet inverters as it is a mobile pallet changer electrically powered trolley with a maximum capacity of 3300 lbs. It’s operated by tiller controls and powered by a gel battery. It is an extremely versatile and compact mobile pallet changer that allows the pallet replacement  in very confined spaces, not requiring a dedicated area

Batteries and smart optional

The mobile pallet changer is equipped with the latest generation of gel batteries. Addittionaly, to ensure that “Falcon Wings” has a non-stop operating cycle, we provide the optional “roll-on / roll-off” in order to quickly change the batteries.

The alternative of mobile pallet changer

If you would like to completely automates the pallet changing operation or you need to manage a consistent production flow, discover our pallet transfer systems!

“Falcon Wings” mobile pallet changer changes the pallet by side locking the product and lifting it from the pallet. In order to provide a solid base when the product is lifter, the machine is equipped with two extendable blades that goes between the base of the product and the pallet. 

mobile pallet changer
Mobile Pallet changer

Cycle description of mobile pallet changer

The operation starts when the Top Industries Inc mobile pallet changer inserts the two forks under the pallet. Then, two padded clamps laterally block the product and lift / separate it from the pallet. The product, which is locked at this moment, is raised slightly to allow the two blades (Falcon Wings) to extend between the base of the product and the pallet, to provide solid support while lifting. Then, when the product is firmly locked, mobile pallet changer “Falcon Wings” transports it and releases the load on the new pallet. The operation ends when the padded clamps and the supporting blades retreat into the starting position.

The pressure applied to the load is very delicate due to the possibility of direct adjustment via a pressure gauge or a pressure selector pre-set on four positions

This mobile pallet changer can handle fragile products, which cannot be turned or tilted. It also can withstand a maximum weight of 3300 lbs. During the pallet changing operation, the product is clamped and lifted in total safety. 

Alternatively, would you like an automatic solution?

We also design customized fully automatic pallet exchanging stystems capable of managing up to 100 pallets per hour. Do not hesitate to contact us for an advice!