Slip Sheet Dispenser Machine

We provide solutions for handling slip sheets using robotic arms. These arms can collect, position, and transfer slip sheets as required.

Our in-house engineering ensures seamless integration of the slip sheet dispenser with your logistics line.

Film Cutting Station

To ensure operator safety and streamline packaging management, we added an automatic film cutting station to our logistics lines.

This station cuts the wrap on the load, reducing work risks and improving efficiency.

Automatic Pallet Dispensers

We integrate our automatic pallet dispenser with automatic pallet changers. Designed for various pallet types, they can be equipped with a buffer station to boost storage capacity.

Positioned for both the origin pallet and destination pallet, it can be managed either through a forklift or directly by the production line.

Load Centering and Squaring Device

Products need to be precisely centered after being exchanged to another pallet. An essential component for this task is the centering system, which can be electric or pneumatic, ensuring accurate alignment of the product on the pallet.

Automatic Labeling Machine

We offer an automatic labeling machine for custom product labeling. Label codes are scanned at the line entrance using a camera reader, and the product information is sent to the PLC.

The PLC then processes and adjusts the data based on the type of pallet being used.

Stretch Wrapping Machine

With extensive experience and collaboration with leading players in the packaging sector, Top Industries can provide integrated automatic stretch wrapping machines with our pallet exchanger systems, offering a comprehensive 360° key service.

Cold storage equipment pallet changer

Shape Control & Load Detection

Loads undergo potential stresses when moved along uneven paths, leading to changes in shape and profile. Checking incoming loads on the logistics line for dimensions, weight, height, inclination, and twisted product piles provides crucial information to the line’s PLC.

This data enables the PLC to implement corrective systems for the product during the subsequent pallet change phase.

Automated Weighing Station

Top Industries’ solution seamlessly integrates load weighing systems into its line software for precise control of picking and depositing.

The weighing station communicates with the management system, enhancing information coordination and providing comprehensive load traceability.