Automatic Pallet Exchanger | Q-Shape Logy

The “Q-Shape Logy” is a fully automatic pallet exchanger system, patented by Toppy, that can effectively manage various type of products while also being exceptionally compact to operate within confined spaces.

Step into the future of warehousing with our intelligent pallet inverter technology.

The pallet exchange operation is fully automatic. The load is conveyed  into the Q-Shape, which secures the product on five sides to ensure stability during tilting.

The tilting of the product can take place at 95°, 120°, or 180° depending on the type and configuration of the product. Once the product is tilted, the lower platform (on which the pallet is resting) separates and tilts back to its initial position, allowing the pallet to detach from the load. The old pallet is conveyed into a pallet magazine, while the new pallet (which has emerged from the other pallet magazine) positions itself on the lower platform. At this stage, the lower platform tilts again to rest against the base of the product (which was tilted).

The pallet exchange operation ends with the entire load tilting back to its initial position, with the new pallet underneath.