Load Transfer System

This load transfer system is one of the most compact pallet exchanger in the world capable of managing up to 100 pallets per hour. It is a fully automatic system that could be equipped with roller conveyors, slip sheet dispenser, pallet stackers, labeling machine, film cutting station, load centering device, and many others advanced solutions.

load transfer system

Description of load transfer system 

This load transfer system is capable of managing up to 100 pallet per hour.

Discover our load transfer systems that allows a very quick pallet transfer thanks the L.T.S. system (Load Transfer System). The system includes two pallet stackers.

Both pallet stacker and pallet dispenser have a 20 pallets capacity. The links between machinery is made by a shuttle moving structure running in two direction. Here following we describe the logistic system sequences necessary to transfer a load of boxes/cases from one type of pallet to another.

Top Industries’ load transfer system is equipped of an automatic pneumatic centering system, the two-side plates complete of mousse gently hold the product already centered on the original pallet (stabilizing it) allowing a safe and controlled pallet change.

Thanks to the centering system the inbound and the outbound of the product on pallet will be maintained during the pallet replacement operation.

If you would like a portable solution, discover our mobile pallet changer “Falcon Wings”, our newly patented pallet changer machine.

Cycle description of load transfer system 

This load transfer system is capable of dealing with different kind of pallets. The pallet changer cycle description below refers only to one way working, from origin GMA pallet to destination CHEP pallet.

The load on origin pallet, that needs to be replaced, is driven by a forklift onto the receiving deck (A) of the Toppy L.T.S. (Load Transfer System)

  1. The bottom platform of the pallet stacker is now positioned in the central receiving deck.
  2. The product on the origin pallet is released by the operator on the receiving deck, in this position the cycle can start as per following.
  3. The two-side plates close on the product stabilizing it during the pallet change cycle.
  4. The GMA platform moves in the pallet stacker direction pushed by the plate in a synchronized run. Meanwhile the pallet dispenser releases a destination CHEP pallet on its bottom platform. The platform with the destination CHEP pallet follows the plate movement in order to position the receiving CHEP pallet under the plate inside the Toppy L.T.S. (Load Transfer System) receiving deck (A).
  5. Now the product is above the receiving deck plate.
  6. Below the receiving deck plate there is the bottom platform of the destination pallet stacker that has driven the empty CHEP pallet in the proper position to receive the load.
  7. The two-side plates open a little, the product is released on the receiving deck plate.
  8. The deck plate runs back allowing the product to gently come down on the receiving CHEP pallet in a soft way. The 2 side-plates close to stabilize and center the product on the destination CHEP pallet. Meantime origin GMA pallet is stacked in the stacker.
  9. Now GMA pallet is replaced by a destination CHEP pallet under the product; the load is ready to be picked up by the forklift. The origin GMA pallet is being stacked in the proper pallet stacker.
  10. The bottom platform of the pallet stacker returns in the initial position on the central receiving deck. The stacker bottom platform returns to the initial position. Toppy L.T.S. (Load Transfer System) is ready for a new pallet change cycl

The Smaller version of LTS

Discover also Top Industries Inc stand-alone load transfer machine. They are usually a quick and safe way to exchange pallets in warehouses, retail facilities, and shipping centers. This stationary version essentially reduce the chance of upending, resulting in fewer workplace accidents and less or no product loss..

load transfer system machine
stationary pallet changer

What can they offer you?

They offer a smooth fluid motion, that causes no interruption to the contents of the pallet. When working with pharmaceuticals, sensitive chemicals, and other delicate materials this is very important. Whether you are looking for a load transfer machine, Top Industries would be your perfect choice. This is the mobile solution!