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“Side Pusher” is one of the fastest pallet transfer equipment in the world capable of exchanging up to 100 pallets per hour.

pallet transfer equipment

Cycle description of pallet transfer equipment 

This pallet transfer equipment is capable of managing many different kinds of pallet. Since each system is customize for each customer, we describe below the sequences necessary to replace the origin pallet (plastic pallet) with the destination pallet (wooden pallet):

1. The plastic pallet with the load is conveyed from the customer’s logistic line to the input roll conveyor and then to the “Side Pusher” roll conveyor.

2. During the plastic pallet transferring, the first pallet stacker releases the wooden pallet from the roll conveyor.

3. The wooden pallet is driven from the roll conveyor to the blade-plate roll conveyor.

4. Due to the pneumatic system equipped on the machine, the blade plate is placed on the wooden pallet.

5. Thanks to the hydraulic system equipped on the machine, the load is transfered by “Side Pusher”. The load is transferred from the origin pallet to the plate “bridge “ and then to the blade plate placed on the destination pallet.

6. During the load transfer, the origin pallet is supported from the side by a mechanical bumper placed on the conveyor in order to avoid the pallet shifting/displacement during the pallet change cycle.

7. Finally, the wooden pallet with the load is conveyed from the roll conveyor to the output roll conveyor, then to the customer’s logistic line.

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Description of pallet transfer equipment 

Top Industries Inc has developed this pallet transfer equipment that can handle up to 100 pallets per hour, and it is also designed to manage and store slip sheets. The system performs the pallet exchange cycle by pushing the load from the origin pallet to the destination pallet.

Typically, we offer these automated solutions with two pallet stackers, one for the source pallet and one for the target pallet, each with a capacity of 15 pallets.

If you would like a portable solution, check out our mobile pallet changer!

It could be equipped with roller conveyors, slip sheet dispenser, pallet stackers, labeling machine, film cutting station, load centering device, and many others advanced solutions.