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If you work in the logistics industry, premier pallet inverter are a common sight. These help to store the loads and protect them from damage. Pallet handling equipment can be of many types depending on the type of load. Therefore, you need to choose the right material handling equipment to save time and have the materials delivered on time.

Selecting the premier pallet inverter 

Before chosing a pallet inverter you need to research the different types of equipment available and choose the best which suits your requirement.

Companies such as TopIndustries, headquartered in Davie, Florida, offer a good quality premier pallet inverter that you can demo and then purchase. Our team of experts is also here to guide you on which equipment will best suit your requirements. The company has been in business for 40 years and has immense knowledge of all types of pallet inverters.

Pallet handling can be broadly classified into 4 categories:

  • Bulk material handling;
  • Engineered systems;
  • Storage and handling;
  • Industrial trucks.
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Bulk material handling

This refers to the handling and processing of bulk products. It can be any product in powdery or granular form. To move such bulk quantities, equipment such as below would be an ideal choice:

  • Lift tables
  • Conveyors
  • Hoppers
  • Bucket or grain elevators

Engineered systems

These are defined as any system that is required to complete storage and transportation activities. The equipment required for such operations needs to perform multiple activities such as storage, retrieval, and transportation. Ideal equipment for such activities would be:

  • Conveyors systems
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)
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Storage and Handling

Under the storage and handling equipment, shelves and racks are used to store the materials before they are shipped off to their destination. The right equipment for such operations includes:

  • Premier pallet inverters
  • Mezzanines
  • Racks
  • Shelves or drawers
  • Stacking frames

Industrial trucks

These are vehicles used to move the load from one destination to another. These vehicles can either be as small as forklifts or huge automatic machines depending on the nature of your load. Equipment used for such purposes include:

  • Platform trucks
  • Side loaders
  • Pallet trucks
  • Order pickers
  • Hand trucks

When it comes to choosing pallet handling equipment for pallet transfers, you can either choose from manual, semi-automatic, or automatic versions.

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This again on the scope of your business and your budget. In case of pallet transfer, this equipment is useful for:

  • Loading and unloading the pallets

If you are solely looking for premier pallet inverter for the loading and unloading pallets, then you can purchase pallet rotators, or spring lift tables. Pallet rotators are used for loading and unloading the pallets. By gently tilting them from one point to another.

Spring lift tables, on the other hand, come with a spring mechanism, wherein the springs are compressed when the load is added to the table and expand when the load is lifted off, thereby raising the height of the tables.

  • Storing pallets with premier pallet inverter

Pallets need to be properly stored so as not to damage the materials. The pallets need to be properly aligned which can be done by using pallet straighteners. If you plan to move the stacks, then pallet dispensers can make the task easier for you.

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  • Wrapping pallets with premier pallet inverter

Now, you cannot leave the pallets without securing them with wraps or films. If the loads are huge, you can opt for pallet wrapper machines that can make the job easier for you.

  • Moving pallets

If you are looking for equipment solely for moving the pallets, you can look into pallet stackers or pallet jacks. Pallet stackers prove to be a useful option if your warehouse aisles are too narrow. Pallet jacks are small vehicles that help you in moving pallets from one place to another. Both these machines are available in different styles and models along with multiple functionalities.

  • Changing pallets 

You can make use of pallet changers if you are looking at exchanging pallets of different materials. In the case of perishable goods, wooden pallets need to be exchanged with plastic ones, to prevent the materials from getting contaminated.

If you are new to the logistics business, it is natural to get confused about the different types of material- handling equipment used in warehouses. The common type of confusion is between forklifts and pallet trucks.

Though both these machines are used for transfer materials, there is a subtle line of difference between the two:

  • Forklifts are suitable for heavy loads and are generally used for loading and unloading from trucks
  • They can transfer materials at heights
  • They mostly work on electric power, thereby reducing manual intervention

Pallet jacks are:

  • Used for ground-level jobs such as transporting loads to the pallets
  • You can either opt for manual or electric pallet jacks
  • They are easy to operate and maneuver
  • They are more economical than forklifts
  • These are suitable for small or medium loads
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Criteria While Choosing Premier Pallet Inverters

Material handling equipment like premier pallet inverter is a huge investment, and therefore you might want to tread carefully. You might want to go through the below criteria before purchasing a premier pallet inverter:

  • Understanding the type of loading you would be handling?
  • What are the materials for which the equipment will be required?
  • What is the size or dimension of the materials?
  • Are the materials fragile or normal goods?
  • What would be the volume of the goods on average?
  • Is your warehouse spacious or small?
  • What is the purpose of using the material handling equipment?

If you are opting for vacuum lifters, gripping tools, or cranes then you would want to know which materials would work well with these machines. You can use these machines to lift huge drums, kegs, sheet materials, cement, furniture, or bags.

It is recommended that you opt for automatic machines, to reduce workplace accidents and safeguard the welfare of your workers. Ensure that all workers need to wear protective gear while operating premier pallet inverter. They also need to be given proper training on operating the machines.

Premier pallet inverter: some conclusions

Time and patience are the key when it comes to searching for equipment. Ensure that you check the features of the machines you are investing in and choose the premier pallet inverter that will be able to meet your requirements.