Pallet Rotator for Safe Pallet Exchanging

Discover in this article the new pallet rotator designed and patented by Toppy. It is equipped with a new system for pallet shifting that will radically reduce the manual labour and speed up the pallet exchanging operation.

The New Patented Pallet Rotator 

Top Industries can offer you the suitable pallet rotator as well as a pallet inverter for your warehouse as per your customized requirements. 

For fulfilling the requirements of different kinds of industries from components to the food industry, these rotators are available in the following 3 different models. Also, like all other material handling systems, this one is also made with various safety aspects in mind.

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pallet changer Hands Free bule drums
  1. Adjustable

This is one of the most popular models of a rotator, which can handle boxes and crates ranging from a width size of 31.5 inches to 47 inches.

It can be adjusted effortlessly by using a handle and it will be the only rotator that you will need.

  1. Non-adjustable

You can save money by choosing the non-adjustable rotator if your business only uses one size of box or crate.

  1. Multi-purpose pallet rotator

The multipurpose Rotator can be the warehousing equipment for you if your business deals with items other than boxes. It can be made specifically for you and is capable of lifting and rotating a wide range of objects, including tools.


Benefits of the pallet rotator

You must have already started imagining how smooth your operation will become by introducing such a rotator, however, to know clearly what benefits you will get, here are a few benefits of using a rotator in your material handling system.

  1. Heavy duty

Irrespective of whether you prefer any adjustable or non-adjustable rotator, you will be able to lift your loads reliably which can be weighing as much as up to 2200 pounds.

  1. Economical

The controller has got no moving parts, thereby your maintenance activity will be far less and that can also reduce your costs in the long run.

  1. Thorough

If you like to empty a certain box, but you do not like it to stop turning before your job is completely done, using a rotator, will never be a concern.

It will rotate a complete 180⁰ (as long as it has got clamps and also side support plates) to make sure that there will be nothing left in the box.

  1. Back saving

If you have ever attempted to remove anything from an upright box, you are aware of how challenging it may be. This won’t ever happen again if you have this piece of warehouse equipment available in your inventory.

Your staff can retrieve the contents at the ideal angle by adjusting the tilt, preventing them from straining or stretching.

  1. Easy

You can easily change the rotator’s height and angle using the cable remote control that comes with it (wireless is an option).

  1. Huge productivity increase

Automatic pallet rotation can eliminate any manual labor.

  1. Workplace safety with a pallet rotator

Since there is no manual labor so, there will be no risk of injury.

  1. Minimizes risk of damage to goods

Because hydraulic-operated clamp plates have feather touch sensors the risk of damaging any goods is also reduced.

Additionally, many pallet rotators can also be pneumatically propelled, which is very practical for a warehouse. You can load and unload almost anywhere using a pneumatic pallet rotator, so you won’t have to worry about whether there is a power outlet nearby.

You also get to reduce your electricity costs. The freedom of movement is improved because no heavy springs or cables are required because it uses captive air to operate.

The most advanced pallet rotator on the market

These pallet rotators may have a straightforward appearance at first glance, yet they are incredibly reliable and functional. Efficiency in lifting, lowering, and rotating pallets lowers workplace accidents and speeds up warehouse operations.

How do pallet rotator work?

Pallet inverters have got a rotating frame with a clamp mechanism and a fixed base frame. The rotation of the clamp is accomplished by the huge precise bearing and torque-boosted electric drive motor, while the clamp is operated hydraulically.

The inverter’s touchpad controls allow for consistent, problem-free usage of all its features. A full cycle can be started with just one button press from the operator.

pallet inverter with automatic pallet dispenser
Pallet inverter video Stationary pallet inverter

Applications with pallet rotator

  • Wooden pallets can be removed from the production floor by food makers. Pallets made of wood can be substituted for internal “clean room” standards made of plastic or steel.
  • Pallet rental costs are usually too high, so use any pallet inverter for swapping for cheaper in-house pallets
  • Pallets are routinely inspected in automated storage and retrieval systems, and damaged pallet loads have to be exchanged.
  • Export-ready pallets (or slip sheets) can be used to transfer items on borrowed or owned pallets for export.
  • Pallet loads that need to be “squared up” and made straighter.
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Pallet Inverter Pet Food Companies
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All pallet rotators can rotate at 180⁰ to make quick and simple pallet exchanges. There are varieties of models and styles available for pallet inverters/exchangers, built with a certain heavy-duty construction for handling any loading dock application.

These pallet inverters provide a solution for you to handle your products that not only limits cost but also reduces product damage and worker injuries by doing away with the need to stack and restack things.

Modern technology is backed by years of material handling expertise to provide you with a variety of tools that address your lifting, turning, tilting, and transferring difficulties.

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Pallet system pallet inverter LShape

Hydraulic barrel-style load inverters

Named by their spherical shape, are excellent for high-volume or production line applications. Either a conveyor or a forklift can load and unload them from the same location.

Additionally, barrel inverters can be modified to fit your application with a multitude of features like:

  • Hydraulic long-reach scissors clamping
  • Programmable logic controllers for automatic sequential loading and offloading,
  • Multi-direction clamping
  • Selectable pressure settings,
  • Powered or gravity conveyor platforms.

Top Industries is the only one company who can manufacturer innovative and advanced pallet inverters that can increase the productivity and efficiency of your processes.