Material handling equipment in food industry

How can material handling equipment boost your food production business? Let’s find out!

Large US companies continuously invest capital to expand their production line capacity. The market value of the US food processing and production industry is worth about 1.77 trillion dollars, with over 328 million consumers who differ in international tastes, new flavors, and different cultures.

Pallet turner Cheese & Dairy Industry

Among other things, in recent years, Italy has sharply increased the percentage of exports of specialty foods to the United States. According to various analyses, exports from Italy to the United States exceed 23 billion euros.

To manage distribution of thousands of products arriving from all over the world, food and beverage companies should supply themselves with efficient food handling equipment. Our material handling solutions enhance your operations:

  • supply chain inventory management
  • bulk material handling processes
  • long term storage facilities
  • employees safety
    Security and speed are two fundamental factors that are always taken into consideration.

Pallet Changers in material handling processing

TopIndustries, with the collaboration of Toppy, has been supplying pallet changing equipment for over 45 years to the largest multinationals in the food sector. Examples include Barilla, Kellogs, PepsiCo, Nestlè, Mondelez, Heinz, Ferrero, Danone, Cameo, Ricola, etc.

The food industry is going through a phase of profound transformation under the unstoppable impulse of the increase in consumer demand. The market has expanded the development of new technological applications able to keep pace with the increase in consumer demand by optimizing operational management and the planning management of incoming and outgoing loads.

Optimizing the supply chain with TopIndustries has shown that manufacturing processes can be implemented, modified, and optimized according to the requests.

Food company material handling opportunities

A food company has to manage various problems every year, including the variability of consumption trends, the deterioration of materials in the bulk storage, and the consistent management of outgoing loads. First, the procurement phases must be organized, taking into account the process as a whole, to achieve a balance between the level of service intended to be offered to customers and between the costs and stock limits within the warehouse.

Companies operating in the food sector strive to integrate and share information on individual products. In recent years, lean manufacturing principles have been increasingly taken into consideration, where production management data is analyzed based on actual needs.

As a result, food companies buy only what they need to produce based on what is required. This happens because the supply of raw materials for each agri-food sector requires intelligent planning capable of adapting to the moment. This is why particular attention must be paid to using raw materials with variable use and deterioration.

pallet transfer system

Our goals with food companies

TopIndustries balances the maximization of the speed of bulk storage or shipment of products with the minimization of costs. TopIndustries act to optimize the production cycle with respect to fluctuating demand and, above all, maintain a high level of sustainability. Automation systems are supplied for pallet changing that can be amortized within a few years.

Food Industry hygiene regulations

In the food industry, proper hygiene is essential to prevent contamination affecting the quality of medicinal/food products.

When it comes to delivering the highest quality standards of food products, key hygiene factors need to be upheld. High levels of cleanliness and sanitation at the right temperature must be practiced through all manufacturing stages through a comprehensive screening – from the personnel working in the manufacturing plant to the production process.

It is crucial for the GMP-compliant production unit to follow tailored hygiene strategies.

TopIndustries’ pallet changer allows food and beverage companies to comply with GMP regulations.

The delivery of raw materials takes place through a wooden pallet, which is dusty, dirty, and not sanitized. Before entering the production area, the TopIndustrie’s pallet changer allows a quick and straightforward bulk material replacement with a controlled and sanitized pallet.

This plastic or aluminum pallet usually allows a safe entry into the production area.

Worldwide, customers have relied on our solutions to comply with health and hygiene standards to ensure high levels of cleanliness in the production process.

Pallet transfer system

Pallets standardization in the warehouse

Many multinational companies in the Food Industry use standardized pallets to manage production and warehouse effectively.

Often, many different suppliers are involved in delivering materials, ingredients, or packaging solutions. With their own way of working and their kind of pallets, this makes it difficult for internal logistic systems management.

TopIndustries provides pallet changer solutions to replace incoming pallets with standard pallets used in the production process,

Within operations management, pallet standardization is a crucial factor. This can help to make the internal process more efficient, as well as reduce the costs to the business.

There are several benefits to standardizing pallets, all of which can help bring about a more streamlined system, which improves productivity levels and reduces costs for labor services.

Pallet tipper

Shipping on cheaper pallets with our pallet exchangers

The daily need/requirement for companies to transport a consistent number of pallets worldwide is constantly growing. For this reason, TopIndustries recommends a pallet change equipment, which can deliver products on cheaper pallets to customers and suppliers. As well as keeping a higher quality pallet in the warehouse.

Usually, the products are shipped on wooden pallets. However, most of the time, they are never returned to the sender. Therefore, TopIndustries gives the opportunity to save the cost of the shipping pallet by replacing the quality pallet with a less expensive one: this replacement allows one to save money!

At the same time, TopIndustries pallet exchanger systems offer the possibility to deliver loads and products on different pallets according to the supplier and customers’ demands.

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