Carton Clamp | The New 2023 Method

Are you looking for an innovative way for carton clamp or alternative for box clamp forklift? Well… discover this new machine that will manage your product in a very safe and fast way!

carton clamp attachemnt
carton clamp attachment

The 2023 Alternative to Clamp Forklift

Do you know how are you going to handle certain specific materials such as paper rolls, hay, or other such items? You are probably using a sort of clamping arrangement attached to your forklift. Our carton clamp is like a classic forklift clamp but without the forklift. It’s the advanced alternative to box clamp forklift!

More information about carton clamp 

Every industry no matter what may their product be will be interested to improve upon its productivity.

Because productivity improvement all across the supply chain can be very much beneficial to your business. It is going to save you money, and as a result, you can pass down those savings to your consumers to remain more competitive.

One of the effective means to improve productivity is also introducing a carton clamp or box clamp forklift rather than using your traditional carton clamp forklift attachment. This can surely improve your productivity because it will save lots of your time, particularly in your packaging operation.

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carton clamp attachment for clamp handling - box clamp forklift

What is a clamp?

Clamps will enable you to effectively handle a variety of pallet-less loads. There are several varieties of clamps available so that you can match your application exactly:

  • A carton clamp can be used for clamping awkward loads in between the forks.
  • Bale clamps can be used for handling almost any kind of baled product.
  • Appliance and carton clamps can be used for handling packaged loads in various warehouses, or any appliance or electronics industries.
  • Load clamps for foam blocks can be used for handling non-palletized blocks of polystyrene or rubber.
  • Hay clamps can be used for handling bales of hay.
  • Concrete block clamps can be used for handling all kinds of concrete blocks.

Commonly in the following industries, most clamps are used:

What is clamp handling?

Clamp handling is a way to transport boxes and parcels using equipment that secures the load and raises it off the ground using clamps that move horizontally.

A clamp truck may raise almost any item or set of goods that has been securely fastened, unlike a box clamp forklift which requires that the items be loaded on a skid (or pallet) prior to getting lifted.

In several businesses, it is becoming immensely popular – and for good reason.

How to use forklift clamps

Our solution, differently to Carton clamp Forklift attachments enable workers to handle irregularly shaped objects securely, including circular loads and cartons. An attachment that is attached to a forklift’s mast is called a forklift clamp. Typically, these clamps are used in place of a conventional fork attachment.

You can select from a variety of clamps forklift kinds, and each one is intended to handle a certain material with care. Every product will require a different kind of clamp and this is an issue!

Different types of forklift clamps

Based on your material, you can choose many different types of forklift clamps that are designed for different purposes. The following are a few of the most commonly used forklift clamps in different businesses:

  1. Fork clamps

Tires and other oddly shaped loads can be handled with this kind of clamp. Moving materials that are generally difficult to handle is made simpler and safer with the use of fork clamps.

  1. Bale clamps

Any material that will not need pallets, like hay, cotton, or wool, can be handled by a bale clamp.

  1. Appliance/carton clamps

When handling packed goods comprising fruits, vegetables, wine, or other items without pallets, appliance or carton clamps are frequently utilized. These products can be moved safely with this kind of clamp.

  1. Paper roll clamps

For companies that need to carry paper rolls, these clamps are perfect. Paper rolls are prone to falling during transport because of their rounded form and smooth construction. Paper roll clamps make it possible to move paper rolls more easily.


  1. Concrete block clamp

Concrete blocks or bricks can be safely transported with this kind of clamp without the product being harmed or broken. Softer components are used in the construction of concrete block clamps to give cushioning and additional protection.

  1. Forklift clamps

There is a forklift clamp that can be used to lift, pull, push, rotate, or clamp objects depending on your operating needs. Forklift clamps come in a wide range of styles, including manipulators, bale clamps, and forklift clamps.

Forklift clamps provide solutions for demanding applications like metal casting that demand maximum durability for secure handling.

  1. Carton clamps

The usage of pallet-less handling is becoming more and more common as warehouse managers try to cut expenses and expand storage space.

With the use of various forklift attachments called carton clamps, you can handle unit loads swiftly without the usage of pricey pallets. In factories and warehouses, carton clamps make managing non-pallet loads simple and effective.

Before you go for buying a forklift clamp, it will be beneficial to know what type of clamp will be more suitable for your business.

You must maximize the capabilities of your forklift by using an extensive selection of accessories and attachments. Choose from a wide variety of forklift accessories and attachment styles and capacities that suit all your own material handling needs.

All these clamps mentioned above can securely fasten your load to the forklift to effectively handle your material handling during transportation.

The advantages of clamp handling 

For the most part, clamp-handling may replace forklifts in many operations and offer a number of advantages. Since they require less strategic maneuvering, they are quicker to load and unload.

As a result, warehousing facilities are able to transport more goods more quickly, which benefits the entire supply chain from beginning to end.

In addition to intermodal containers, clamp-handling can also be widely used for unloading large shipments of imported products, particularly from abroad. A clamp-handling can be quite helpful because the cargo is normally unloaded by hand, which is costly and time-consuming.

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