Pallet Transfer Station | The 2023 Version

The pallet transfer station is kind of material handling machine capable of exchanging pallets in a very safe and fast way. Discover this advanced technology here below!

pallet transfer station
pallet transfer station

Fuctions of Pallet Transfer station 

The primary function of any pallet transfer station is nothing but just removing loads from one pallet and then transferring them to some other location. If you need any such customized solution for your industry then contact Top Industries in Florida, the international leading company for pallet transfer systems. This machine can do the following: 

  • Transfer any palletized loads from one pallet to other pallets
  • Transfer any slip sheets
  • Transfer any floor loads.

These machines are usually loaded from a certain conveyor or forklift. The system is supposed to hold the required load and then simply transfer it to some other pallet.

Generally, all load transfer stations will be made out of a certain metal frame, transfer plate, and receiving deck. Systems that are present within a conveyor line can be transferred through an automatic infeed and outfeed conveyor.

Any systems that may not be a part of any conveyor system are going to be loaded and unloaded by using a certain forklift.

load transfer system
pallet transfer system

Features of pallet transfer station

  1. Loads are usually transferred by retracting a certain smooth steel plate, and the load will be set on the load base which can be either pallet, slip sheet, or platens;
  2. Pallets are normally protected by implementing pressure-sensitive sequencing;
  3. Transfer stations are used in almost any application using any 40 inches by 40 inches to 48 inches by 48-inches size pallets;
  4. Load transfer stations can offer you the ability to choose the shipping method at the dock;
  5. Loads can be placed from 2 sides and received from 3 sides;
  6. The load transfer station can work with a combination of push/pull equipped trucks and standard fork trucks;
  7. The radio control transmitter can enable the station to be activated from the lift truck or any fixed wall location;
  8. The mobile option will enable the unit to be moved to other predetermined locations easily.

The following few options are available:

  • The service kit will contain a full selection of service items, like cylinder seals and any replacement bearings
  • Audio Alarm
  • Automatic pallet dispenser which will replace any in-house pallet with any less expensive shipper pallet
load transfer system

Most of the companies related to food and beverage products regularly launch certain new products along with new packages. You can also find many such information posted on different social media sites.

In this way, such a pallet transfer station can save you both time and cost and will make your work easier. As their height is lower and hence you will not require to use any forklifts and thus save its cost too.

Also, there is no need of constructing any pit, as a result, you can also save on the cost of any building works. The roller/chain track can directly be fed with a pallet truck so that it can be fitted to your conveyor line.

warehouse machinery pallet inverter vshape inline

Thus, you can get a robust solution by using a very reliable and durable, together with the most modern and advanced technology to cover your requirements for the lifting of any heavy loads.

The scissor system, which is made using high-quality materials, will allow the load to be either lifted or lowered to any desired height. The lifting system will be powered by a hydraulic group, which is connected to the scissor system’s lifting/lowering cylinders by hydraulic hoses.

This simple scissor system has got 2 pairs of very strongly articulated arms, which are also linked by bearings, and a set of rollers in the lower part. Therefore, the whole unit can slide along the roller track.

In the upper part, there is the structure, which forms the whole powered roller track. With a design suitable for the entry of pallets, manually the casing channels your load and a reducer motor will drive the roller belt to perform the transfer.

Which types of pallet is capable of handling?

The upper structure design can be adapted to all types of pallets including the following:

  • Euro
  • GMA
  • INDU
  • CHEP
  • Düsseldorf
  • Roll containers.

Available in hydraulic or electric form, with painted, oven-galvanized, or stainless steel for food use grade, as well as, of course, special finishes per the client’s own specifications.

Why prefer a load transfer station?

The primary focus is always to deliver certain better products compared to what presently you are working with so that it is possible to make your warehouse much more efficient.

With safer and faster operation compared to pallet inverters, these load transfer stations can streamline operations and offer exceptional results.

Load transfer stations offer the following:

  • Increases the lift truck’s productivity
  • Reduce your labor costs
  • Reduce the stress of labor
  • Reduce shipping and production costs
  • Prevent injuries.

Load transfer stations can be an ideal choice for those businesses who are looking to explore certain options to upgrade their process.

This system offers the following unique advantages for the users:

  1. Reduce labor

Problematic labor substitution by removing dangers associated with repeated activity while permitting the full-height stacking of square and stable cargo to reduce freight costs.

  1. Consume little space

Usually not requiring any more space than what is already being utilized for hand palletizing, a small, transportable footprint fits into small places that already exist. Going this route does not require reconfiguring the production line.

  1. Saves time and cost

Customers’ utilization of technical resources is greatly decreased thanks to modular flexibility, which also significantly reduces effort and project timelines.

This kind of pallet transfer station can help your company to meet FSMA, GMP, and HACCP requirements.

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