Pharmaceutical Material Handling Equipment

In the world’s largest pharmaceutical industry, which is the U.S., the significance of pharmaceutical material handling equipment cannot be overstated. With a market cap estimated at 405 billion in 2020 and projected to grow even further in 2023, understanding the benefits of such equipment is crucial for all stakeholders involved.

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Two examples of handling equipment are forklifts and conveyor systems.

The five major categories of material handling equipment include conveyors, industrial trucks, pallet exchangers, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and storage and retrieval systems.

Two commonly used equipment in the pharmaceutical industry for solid material handling are tablet presses and capsule filling machines.

One important material handling equipment is a forklift.

Pharmaceutical industry requirements

Meeting safety compliance standards is an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry, particularly when it comes to handling production processes.

While most pharmaceutical products are typically shipped and stored on GMA (now CBA) wooden pallets, it is essential to use plastic or aluminum pallets within the industry.

This is done to ensure proper hygiene and prevent contamination throughout warehouse and pharmaceutical storage operations. Adhering to FDA regulations is a non-negotiable requirement in the pharmaceutical sector. At TopIndustries, our material handling solutions are designed to comply with these regulations, reflecting our commitment to meeting industry standards.

In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance and safety are paramount, making efficient warehouses equipped with specific machinery, known as “pharmaceutical equipment,” indispensable for companies.

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Pharmaceutical warehouse environment

The pharmaceutical industry, encompassing companies in medical equipment, heart care, and biotechnology, thrives due to the ever-evolving market demand. This demand is largely driven by the aging population and the increasing focus on personal hygiene and self-care.

Pharmaceutical material handling

Pharmaceutical equipments required to optimize their manufacture

To optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and meet the demands of complex and dynamic global supply chains, TopIndustries specializes in designing customized pharmaceutical equipment tailored to each specific case. With over 45 years of experience in the industry, TopIndustries understands and prioritizes the needs of pharmaceutical clients:

  • Hygiene and quality control: Maintaining cleanliness during transport and logistics is crucial, ensuring product hygiene and preventing contamination from external sources.
  • Safe handling of products: Pharmaceuticals stored in warehouses require careful and secure handling, whether for incoming or outgoing products.
  • Compliance with storage times: Adhering to designated storage times is essential to prevent drugs from expiring. TopIndustries offers high-speed in-line pallet changing solutions, capable of handling up to 100 pallets per hour.
  • Temperature control: Constant monitoring of temperature within storage and handling operations is vital. TopIndustries provides pallet changing solutions that can operate even at temperatures as low as -13°F (-25°C).
  • 24/7 operation: Large pharmaceutical companies operate around the clock. TopIndustries’ machines are designed to seamlessly adapt to various workflow patterns and different preset work shifts.

By addressing these specific requirements, TopIndustries optimizes pharmaceutical manufacturing, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and uninterrupted productivity for pharmaceutical companies.

Why are pharmaceutical clients different from the others?

Pharmaceutical products (medical devices, drugs, or ancillary and economic material) handling is one of the most important factors to consider. This because they have to be managed in a deailed way 

Adequate to the measures of safety and security, effective management systems, strict compliance with precise regulations, staff training, etc. TopIndustries has in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework. It ensures a timely and adequate update of management processes with respect to the continuous legislative changes. Specific management methods that the customer desires, having a constant presence.

Another key feature to take into consideration is the traceability of the product and the accuracy of quality controls in the face of blocks, suspensions, and revocations by the authorities. TopIndustries, as a logistics partner, thanks to its experience, the quality of the solutions. Its management capacity operates according to studied and measurable procedures, allowing customers to devote themselves to their core business.

Top Industries’ pharmaceutical equipments range

Top Industries offers a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical equipment tailored to the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies. With a well-established global network and a new branch in Florida, Top Industries ensures efficient distribution of pallet changing solutions to major national and international centers.

We have over 50 types of pallet changers in our product range, including 15 different types of logistics lines. In addition, we customize the pallet transfer systems according to the customer’s workflow, type of products, warehouse space, and many other variations. As a result, we can provide the perfect pallet changer for your specific case:

● Analysis of the specific case

● Identification of the need

● Project planning

● Layout proposal

● Cycle time optimization

● Quality time optimization

● Quality control and scheduling

● System installation and commissioning

● Final acceptance and training

● After-sales assistance

● Service and maintenance