Pharmaceutical Material Handling Equipment

With the U.S. pharmaceutical industry being the largest in the world, it’s crucial to understand how pharmaceutical material handling equipment can be beneficial for everyone involved. The pharmaceutical industry had an estimated market cap of 405 billion in 2020, and it is projected to be even higher in 2023.

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Pharmaceutical industry requirements

The intricate part of pharmaceutical industry is the safety compliances businesses must follow when handling production processes. Typically, most pharmaceutical products are shipped and stored with GMA (Now CBA) wooden pallets. However, the load must be stored on a plastic or aluminum pallet for the pharmaceutical industry.

The reason for this is to maintain proper hygiene and prevent contamination throughout the warehouse and pharmaceutical storage processes. Following FDA regulations is a must when working with the pharmaceutical industry. At TopIndustries is, one of our main objectives to comply with pharmaceutical industry regulations with our material handling solutions.

In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance and safety are fundamental aspects. Therefore, it is necessary to have an efficient warehouse that complies with current regulations. That is why companies require specific machinery “pharmaceutical equiment”.

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Pharmaceutical warehouse environment

Pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment, heart care, and biotechnology benefit from a constantly developing market demand. It’s mainly dictated by the aging process of people and the growing attention to personal hygiene and personal care.

Pharmaceutical material handling

Pharmaceutical equipments required to optimize their manufacture

Supply chains and meet the need for continued global growth, which will be increasingly complex and dynamic. TopIndustries analyzes and accepts the duties of a pharmaceutical company and designs customized pharmaceutical equipments for each specific case. With over 45 years of experience in the sector, TopIndustries can identify and prioritize the needs of our pharmaceutical clients:

● Hygiene and quality control: cleaning in transport and logistics is of fundamental importance and paying particular attention to product hygiene and avoiding contamination with external agents.

● Safe handling of products: these are generally medicines to be stored in the warehouse. All the loads that are managed, regardless of whether they are incoming or outgoing products, are managed in total safety and care

● Respecting storage times: it is considered of fundamental importance to respect the storage time to prevent the drug from expiring. Our in-line pallet changing solutions are the fastest on the market, reaching up to 100 pallets / h.

● Temperature control: constantly control the temperature inside the storage department and in handling operations is fundamental. For this reason, TopIndustries offers pallet changing solutions that can work even at -13 ° F.

● 24 hours / 7 days, non stop working: Large companies, especially large pharmaceutical companies, never stop. Our machines adapt perfectly to the type of workflow and the various pre-set work shifts.

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Why are pharmaceutical clients different from the others?

Pharmaceutical products (medical devices, drugs, or ancillary and economic material) handling is one of the most important factors to consider. This because they have to be managed in a deailed way 

Adequate to the measures of safety and security, effective management systems, strict compliance with precise regulations, staff training, etc. TopIndustries has in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework. It ensures a timely and adequate update of management processes with respect to the continuous legislative changes. Specific management methods that the customer desires, having a constant presence.

Another key feature to take into consideration is the traceability of the product and the accuracy of quality controls in the face of blocks, suspensions, and revocations by the authorities. TopIndustries, as a logistics partner, thanks to its experience, the quality of the solutions. Its management capacity operates according to studied and measurable procedures, allowing customers to devote themselves to their core business.

Top Industries’ pharmaceutical equipments range

The dense commercial network of Toppy around the world, and with the new TopIndustries branch in Florida, allows the optimal distribution of pallet changing solutions for the main world and national centers. In addition, TopIndustries offers customized pallet changing solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

We have over 50 types of pallet changers in our product range, including 15 different types of logistics lines. In addition, we customize the pallet transfer systems according to the customer’s workflow, type of products, warehouse space, and many other variations. As a result, we can provide the perfect pallet changer for your specific case:

● Analysis of the specific case

● Identification of the need

● Project planning

● Layout proposal

● Cycle time optimization

● Quality time optimization

● Quality control and scheduling

● System installation and commissioning

● Final acceptance and training

● After-sales assistance

● Service and maintenance