Pallet Retriever | Portable Pallet Inverter

Top Industries Inc’s Pallet Retriever is an easy-to-use pallet exchanger designed for operation in confined area. It is capable of handling many types of loads in a very versatile way. 

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The 2023 Pallet Retriever

Pallet exchange in confined or small warehouses. We offer a smart portable solution that allows you the flexibility to handle different types of pallet loads with minimal use of manual labor. Check out the features of Pallet Retriever from TopIndustries Inc to improve the efficiency of pallet-handling operations at your storage, logistics, or distribution sites.

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An unique method for pallet exchanging 

This pallet exchanging solution is unique, and not like anything else you find in the market. Our Pallet Retriever has the versatility to handle diverse operation cycles.

This machine is designed to do the pallet exchange operations by tipping the loads by 95°. It can take pallet loads with heights up to 79 inches and weigh 2700 lbs or less. The battery capacity of this pallet retriever is excellent, and it can work cordlessly for more than 8-10 hours on a single charge. It can also be automated for operating non-stop cycles.

Alternative to Pallet Retriever

If you need pallet changer machines with higher capacity and speed, please check out our pallet inverter . You could also get in touch with us to discuss them elaborately. Our sales executives will guide you to identify the best solution that meets your product handling requirements and budget.

We have successfully installed fully automated pallet transfer systems onsite for many of our valued clients. These systems can easily handle 24 hours operations every day with the speed of exchanging even 100 pallets per hour. That kind of efficiency will help your brand race past your competitors.

Our pallet retriever is designed for fast and easy operations. The operator can easily handle the system with the help of push buttons on the controller panel.

  • The coverer belt or the forklift can be used to place the entire load on the machine. Once the load is secured on the platform, the tipping process will be started.
  • Next, the machine will overturn the entire load by 95°. The products will be secured from the sides by the movable clamps.
  • After tipping of load, the platform moves further to create space after the pallet. At this point, the operator can manually switch the original pallet with a new one. 
  • Once the target pallet is secured, the clamps on the sides will move in to secure the load.
  • Now the load with the new pallet will be turned back to the original position. The load will be placed on the ground level.
  • The load with the new pallet is now ready for collection by forklift or conveyer belt.

Pallet Retriever Advantages:

This machine is ideal for smaller warehouses where they cannot allot specific spots for pallets changing operations. The mobility allows for flexibility to use it from anywhere. It has great battery capacity to keep working for about 8-10 hours. It can also be used as an alternative to pallet trucks for moving the loads inside the warehouses.

Alternatively, would you like a fully automatic solution?

We also design customized fully automatic pallet exchanging stystems capable of managing up to 100 pallets per hour. Do not hesitate to contact us for an advice!