Portable Pallet Exchanger | Turner 3300

“Turner 3300” is the original portable pallet exchanger capable of handling up to 20 pallets per hour. This mobile pallet inverter is an extremely versatile and compact solution that changes the pallet by safely tipping the load allowing a reduction of manual labour.

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This solution is part of the pallet inverter family.

“Turner 3300” is an electric-powered mobile pallet inverter that is capable of handling loads up to 3300 lbs. it has a gel battery to power the pallet tipping operations. The control panel is easy to operate, and its portability feature makes it suitable for use in warehouses of all sizes.

“Turner 3300” is ideal for use even in small and confined warehouses that do not have designated spots for pallet-changing operations. The gel battery is good enough to run the operations for an entire day on a single charge. 

We at TopIndustries Inc can also upgrade the mobile pallet inverter with bigger batteries as per the custom requirements of our clients. It also has the roll-on / roll-off feature to automate the repetition of cycles for non-stop operation. 

Fragile products? Discover our pallet changers!

However, this inverter system might not be suitable for a few delicate products and they could get damaged during the inversion process. Not to worry, we have TopIndustries also offer sideways pallet changer systems. Please feel free to talk to us about the best pallet-handling solutions for your custom requirements.

Cycle Description

The original pallets are replaced by the new ones by overturning the load. 

The Pallet load is inverted to 180° with the new pallet on top of the load. The pallet load is secured by the forks and side panels to enable the safe rotation of loads. Now the original pallet comes on the top of the load and the new pallet gets secured at the bottom. The product load will also get inverted in this method. 

Another way is to invert the pallet load by 90°. Now the platform is manually turned to 180° by the operator. Now the whole load is inverted again by 90°. The load will now rest on the platform. The pallet is then lifted upwards to create the space to slide in a new pallet. 

Now the whole load platform is turned by 180°, and inverted again by 90°. This time the new pallet will be secured between the original pallet and the load. The forklift of this portable pallet inverter is then used to remove the new pallet load, and leave the original pallet behind. The cycle is completed when the original pallet load is successfully moved over to the new pallet or the destination pallet. Don’t forget to check out the demo videos below to see the working of the portable pallet inverter.

The operation of a portable pallet inverter is quite simple. With a little bit of training, your operator will be able to easily change up to 20 pallets every hour, all this with minimal use of labour.

Alternatively, would you like an automatic solution?

We also design customized fully automatic pallet exchanging stystems capable of managing up to 100 pallets per hour. Do not hesitate to contact us for an advice!

What is a Turner 3300?

This is a machine designed to rotate and invert pallets. This allows for easy loading and unloading of products without the need for manual labor or heavy equipment. The portable aspect of these machines means that they can be easily moved around a facility as needed, making them a versatile tool for any warehouse or manufacturing operation.

More than 5.000 units sold world wide

We are proud to announce that we have sold over 5,000 units of our portable pallet inverter worldwide! Our portable pallet inverter has helped countless businesses streamline their operations and improve their efficiency, saving time and money in the process. 

Originally designed by Toppy

We are proud to offer the original version of the portable pallet inverter, a product that has set the standard for pallet handling solutions. Designed with precision engineering and high-quality materials, the Toppy portable pallet inverter is durable, reliable, and easy to use. 

Dedicated Customer Support and After-Sales Service

Top Industries Inc offers exceptional customer support and after-sales service for portable pallet inverters & pallet exchangers. Our knowledgeable team provides prompt assistance, technical guidance, and maintenance services to ensure customer satisfaction. Training programs are also available to empower users with the necessary skills. 

Why Choose a Portable Pallet Inverter?

Choosing a portable pallet inverter offers multiple benefits for your business. It eliminates manual labor, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of injuries. The machine’s portability provides flexibility to adapt to changing workflows. It can handle various load types and sizes, making it useful across industries. Investing in a reputable brand like Top Industries Inc ensures reliability and durability for long-term pallet handling solutions.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings

They streamline loading and unloading, reducing manual handling and the risk of damage or injuries. Faster pallet rotations optimize supply chain operations, increasing productivity and fulfilling customer demands promptly. This leads to lower labor costs and maximizes storage capacity while minimizing bottlenecks. Investing in a portable pallet inverter enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and promotes a safer working environment, benefiting warehouse and manufacturing operations.