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Discover the newly pallet turner, the evolution of classic pallet inverters. It’s one of the most advanced solutions in TopIndustries’ range thanks to the new patented technology of pallet shifting. Discover it!

fixed pallet inverter

Pallet Turner

This solution is part of the pallet inverter family.

This innovative machine is perfect for heavy-duty usage as it can take loads as high as 3300 lbs. It is technologically advanced and can accommodate pallets with heights up to 83 inches, which pretty much covers most types. 

The main advantage of this inverter over the other types is the speed. The production speed of 50 pallets per hour makes this inverter far superior to others. The manual version can be used ‘hands-free” with the help of a button panel. On the other hand, PLC technology is used in the automatic versions.

Due to its speed and customizing features, this inverter can be deployed across a wide range of industrial sectors like food, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and many more. Our fixed pallet turners offers the perfect solutions to industries that are having issues with overturning their products.

Cycle Description

The steps are pretty straightforward. With just a push of a few buttons on the panel, the operator will be able to invert the pallets with ease. This process can be repeated up to 50 times an hour, which is a significant increase in efficiency and productivity.

The cycle starts by placing the loaded pallets on the bottom platform of the machine. A forklift is used for placing the pallet loads. Now the panel buttons are used to tightly secure the pallet load from all sides.

The inverter starts rotating, and when it reaches close to 120° (up to 180°, depending on the stability of the product), the load will start turning upside down. Now the platform of the load side is dropped to initiate the separation of the load from the original pallet. The space is created to slide the new target pallet. The aim is to transfer the load to this new pallet and remove the old one.

At this point, the new pallet is successfully positioned to replace the original one. The process cycle is completed by rotating the whole load back to the 0° position. Now the forklift is used to remove the load and make the platform ready for the next pallet-changing task.

Versatile mode

The process is even faster on a few loads like cartons or boxes. The machine need not be inverted to 120° as the space between the load and the pallet is created with lesser rotation. It helps in further increasing efficiency and speed.

If you are looking for automatic pallet handling solutions, you have reached the right place. We at TopIndustries Inc also design customized automatic inverters with the capacity to change even 100 pallets in an hour. Please feel free to contact us today for the best solutions!

Discover the Advanced Version of Pallet Turners

Watch the video of our latest innovation “Hands-Free”, the advanced version of pallet inverters:

The Leading Provider of Pallet Exchangers

Top Industries Inc offers a wide range of pallet inverters and exchangers that are built with heavy duty construction to handle any product at very high performances.

Our pallet turners can rotate up to 180 degrees, making pallet exchange quick and easy.

With the largest selection of pallet turners available, Top Industries can handle any pallet transfer needs. Our pallet inverters eliminate the need for manual restacking, reducing workplace injuries and product damage. By combining years of material handling experience with state-of-the-art technology, we offer a range of products that effectively solve all your pallet exchanging needs while also controlling costs.

Choose Top Industries for reliable and efficient pallet handling solutions.

Pallet turner solution rotating pallet on conveyor system
Pallet Flipper for Warehouse Safety

What is a pallet turner?

A pallet turner is a material handling equipment used to rotate pallets to a desired orientation. It is an essential tool for companies that need to efficiently load and unload goods on pallets. Pallet turners come in various types and sizes, each designed to suit different operational requirements.

Overviews of Pallet Turners (Discover the 2023 model)

Pallet inverters are essential for streamlining your supply chain while saving costs. With different types available to accommodate various weights, movement requirements, and supply chain needs, finding the right pallet inverter is crucial. For high-volume pallet exchange, consider opting for an automatic solution. To determine the most effective pallet handling equipment for your business, begin by assessing the usage location and the type of product that need to be handled.

Additionally, each pallet flipper model has a unique load capacity and automation level, so choose an inverter that suits your specific products and requirements.

They can be classified into three main types:

1- Mobile pallet turner;

2- Stationary pallet turner,

3- Inline pallet turner.

Portable pallet inverter in action
Pallet Turner in Action
Inline pallet inverter in operation

1. Mobile Pallet Turner

A mobile pallet turner as the Maxi Pharma is a versatile equipment that can be easily moved around a warehouse or production floor. It is suitable for companies that need to handle different pallet sizes and orientations. This type of solution usually has wheels for easy transportation, and it is powered by an electric motor or hydraulic system. 

2. Stationary Pallet Turner (The new 2023 Version)

Our stationary pallet turner is a fixed equipment that is typically installed in a loading dock or a production line. It is ideal for companies that have a consistent pallet size and orientation. Our latest version of Hands-Free” is capable of handling up to 50 pallets per hour without the need of manual labour.

3. Inline Pallet Turner (Fully Automatic)

We suggest an inline pallet turner when there’s the need of exchanging an high-volume of pallets per hour. It’s a conveyor-based equipment as the “Romeo & Juliet“, that is used to faster exchange pallet. This type of solution is usually integrated into a conveyor system, and it can be customized to fit different applications and needs.

Pallet Turner Machines: Features and Benefits

If you’re looking to streamline your production, storage, distribution, and retrieval processes while reducing costs, a pallet turner machine is an excellent solution. These machines allow for quick and easy pallet “swaps” by enabling you to load and transfer products between pallets, slip sheets, or rental pallets. Here are some of the features and benefits you can expect from our solutions: 

Versatile load handling

Our pallet turners can invert or transfer loads of varying heights and types, making them suitable for a wide range of products.


With easy-to-use push-button controls accessible from the lift truck’s seat, our pallet inverters make transportation and loading by forklift simple and efficient.

 Enhanced safety

Our pallet flippers come with handrail guarding and other safety features to ensure that your operators and products are protected. Additionally, the machines have foot obstruction photo eyes to prevent potential pinch points.

Maintenance locks:

Our machines are designed with maintenance locks that make maintenance and repair work easier, safer, and more efficient.

Counterbalance valves:

Our pallet rotators have counterbalance valves that can hold and maintain pressure, making them more stable and secure during load handling.

Investing in a pallet turner machine can save you time, money, and resources while improving your warehouse’s efficiency and safety.

Innovative pallet inverter system for enhanced warehouse productivity

Pallet Inverter Applications: Benefits and Uses

A Pallet inverter is a versatile machine that offer several benefits across various industries. They make it easy to rotate, swap out, or transfer heavy loads, which can save time and effort while reducing the risk of injury. Our pallet inverters have the highest performance in terms of pallet exchange per hour. Here are some of the ways pallet inverters can benefit your business:

Retrieve Damaged Goods:

Damaged goods often end up at the bottom of the load. Pallet inverters make it easier to retrieve and replace the damaged items without disrupting the entire shipment, saving time and effort for employees.

Transfer Loads:

Pallet inverters are useful in clean production facilities where materials shipped on a wooden pallet need to be moved to a sanitary plastic base during processing. They also facilitate the transfer of goods from pallets to slip sheets.

Prevent Spoilage:

In industries like pharmaceuticals and food, regular rotation is necessary to prevent caking, settling, or spoilage of products. Pallet inverters simplify this process and reduce the risk of injury to workers.

Square Up Pallet Loads:

Pallet inverters can square up pallet loads, ensuring that they are stable and secure during transport and storage.

Invert Metal Sheets:

Pallet inverters can also invert metal sheets for stamping, providing added versatility and value to your operations. Investing in a pallet turner can help your business streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Versatile pallet flipper for various applications
Versatile pallet turner machine

Industries That Can Benefit from Pallet Flippers

Our pallet turner machines are not just limited to the pharmaceutical and food industries. Many other industries can benefit from them, including:

  • Automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers/distributors
  • Beverage manufacturers and suppliers that handle case lots of beer and soda
  • Construction companies that handle all types of construction equipment, machinery, parts and components
  • General manufacturing organizations that produce, store, ship and handle various types of manufactured goods.
  • Warehousing and distribution operations for just about any industry
  • Landscape and lawn care product manufacturers and distributors

Any industry that needs to exchange pallets can use a pallet tipper, expect for those companies that can’t invert the load. For these cases, we suggest our pallet changers.

Efficient pallet changer
Versatile pallet changer

For instance, printers need to turn their products to print on both sides of a sheet of paper, and vineyards invert wine bottles once the cork expands and they need to store the bottles long-term.

In the construction industry, handling heavy building materials can be a challenge. If you receive a shipment of dry concrete mix and notice some of the lower bags have tears in them, a pallet flipper can help you invert the order and correct the problem. With the push of a button, your staff can gauge inventory numbers and remove products that are wet, broken, or punctured, without straining themselves.

Using Toppy’s pallet handling equipment can help businesses reduce product waste and workplace injuries. Whether you choose one of our turnkey pallet inverters or create a custom design for your company, docking and storage procedures take less time and can be performed more safely.

This means you can properly manage your staff and distribute responsibilities accordingly, increasing business outputs in no time at all.

Benefits of Pallet Turners

Pallet turners are a valuable piece of equipment for businesses that handle fully loaded pallets. These versatile machines can lift, tilt, or even fully invert pallets, making it easy to retrieve broken items from the bottom or switch loads from one pallet to another. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, pallet inverters are often used to shift loads from wooden pallets to more hygienic plastic ones.

One of the greatest benefits of pallet flippers is their automation capabilities, which can greatly enhance the efficiency of your warehouse operations. By taking the laborious task of unwrapping, moving, and rewrapping pallet loads out of your hands, our pallet inverters can reduce processing times and require less human labor to adjust pallets or retrieve broken items during shipment. This frees up your team to work on other tasks, improving productivity and reducing the risk of accidents that can cost you money and jeopardize productivity.

Another key benefit of pallet rotators is their ability to save space, work in tight spaces where lift trucks can’t go, and integrate seamlessly into your material handling operation. With a pallet inverter, you can work smarter, not harder, and eliminate redundancies that waste time and increase operating costs. By minimizing product damage and creating a safer work environment, your customers will experience fewer incidents of damaged shipments, resulting in higher satisfaction levels and increased retention.

Investing in a pallet turner for your facility is a smart decision that can lead to increased productivity, reduced risks, and enhanced efficiency.

Pallet inverter machine rotating stacked pallets

How to Choose the Right Pallet Inverter

Toppy offers a wide range of pallet inverters to meet the unique requirements of your application. To select the right model, consider factors like the type of material you handle and the number of pallet that need to be exchanged per day.

  • How many pallets do you need to exchange per day?
  • Do you need to transfer loads between pallets or invert them?

We provide pallet handling solutions at different price points, including models capable of handling 50-80 or even 100 pallets per hour. If you have a low volume work flow, this pallet flipper could be your solution.

We’ll guide you through the selection process and explain the unique features and benefits of each option. Our team can also help you customize a pallet turner that meets 100% of your material handling requirements at a budget-friendly price point.

Customized Pallet Turners by Top Industries Inc

We know that your application may require a custom pallet flipper to meet your specific needs. That’s why we offer specialty pallet turners that are designed, engineered, and manufactured to the customer unique requirements.

We work collaboratively with you to create the perfect pallet exchanger, whether you need an extended length or width, higher capacities, pallet dispensers, supports, and more.

Contact Top Industries Inc

Looking for a customized pallet turner machine that meets your exact needs?

Contact Top Industries Inc, a leading innovator in the pallet exchanger field.

We provide high-quality equipment and can design, build, and deliver a custom solution to match your unique requirements. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – trust Top Industries Inc to provide the perfect pallet turner for your business.