Pallet Turner | Hands-Free

Hands-Free is the newly pallet turner, the evolution of classic pallet inverters. It’s one of the most advanced solutions in TopIndustries’ range thanks to the new patented technology of pallet shifting. 

fixed pallet inverter

The Evolution of Classic Pallet Turners

This solution is part of the pallet inverter family.

This innovative machine is perfect for heavy-duty usage as it can take loads as high as 3300 lbs. It is technologically advanced and can accommodate pallets with heights up to 83 inches, which pretty much covers most types. 

The main advantage of this inverter over the other types is the speed. The production speed of 50 pallets per hour makes this inverter far superior to others. The manual version can be used ‘hands-free” with the help of a button panel. On the other hand, PLC technology is used in the automatic versions.

Due to its speed and customizing features, this inverter can be deployed across a wide range of industrial sectors like food, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and many more. Our fixed pallet turners offers the perfect solutions to industries that are having issues with overturning their products.

Cycle Description of Hands Free

The steps are pretty straightforward. With just a push of a few buttons on the panel, the operator will be able to invert the pallets with ease. This process can be repeated up to 50 times an hour, which is a significant increase in efficiency and productivity.

The cycle starts by placing the loaded pallets on the bottom platform of the machine. A forklift is used for placing the pallet loads. Now the panel buttons are used to tightly secure the pallet load from all sides.

The inverter starts rotating, and when it reaches close to 120° (up to 180°, depending on the stability of the product), the load will start turning upside down. Now the platform of the load side is dropped to initiate the separation of the load from the original pallet. The space is created to slide the new target pallet. The aim is to transfer the load to this new pallet and remove the old one.

At this point, the new pallet is successfully positioned to replace the original one. The process cycle is completed by rotating the whole load back to the 0° position. Now the forklift is used to remove the load and make the platform ready for the next pallet-changing task.

Versatile mode

The process is even faster on a few loads like cartons or boxes. The machine need not be inverted to 120° as the space between the load and the pallet is created with lesser rotation. It helps in further increasing efficiency and speed.

If you are looking for automatic pallet handling solutions, you have reached the right place. We at TopIndustries Inc also design customized automatic inverters with the capacity to change even 100 pallets in an hour. Please feel free to contact us today for the best solutions!

What is a pallet turner?

A pallet turner is a material handling equipment used to rotate pallets to a desired orientation. It is an essential tool for companies that need to efficiently load and unload goods on pallets. Pallet turners come in various types and sizes, each designed to suit different operational requirements.

Overviews of Pallet Turners 

Pallet turners are essential for streamlining your supply chain while saving costs. With different types available to accommodate various weights, movement requirements, and supply chain needs, finding the right pallet inverter is crucial. For high-volume pallet exchange, consider opting for an automatic solution. To determine the most effective pallet handling equipment for your business, begin by assessing the usage location and the type of product that need to be handled.