Pallet Turner
“The Classic Single-Clamp”

Thi is the classic pallet turner originally designed by Toppy. Discover also the new pallet turner machine available now in the 2023 version: the advanced fixed pallet inverter!

pallet turner

Best Quality Pallet Turner Machine

TopIndustries offers a highly durable pallet turner to help you save time and labor on pallet handling operations. This pallet turner machine allows for a complete 180° upturn of pallet loads quickly, and without damaging the products. It can take loads with a dimension of up to 79 inches, weighing 3300 lbs or less.

This low-budget system is designed with a single movable platform. It is an ideal solution for warehouses with confined spaces. We also offer this pallet tipper in 2 versions, manual and automatic. The manual system can be operated by using the buttons on the panel. On the other hand, you could go for the automatic version where the intervention from the operator will not be needed. 

Discover also our Fully Automatic Pallet Turners

You could also contact us to know more about advanced pallet transfer systems. We at TopIndustries have also set up numerous high-speed systems with the capacity to exchange even 100 pallets in an hour. Our sales team will be more than glad to discuss your warehousing needs and offer the best solutions to meet your requirements and budgets.

Pallet turner with bags

Description of Pallet Turner

Check out this classic single-clamp pallet turner. This pallet turner machine is designed to quickly turn the pallet loads for pallet changing, or for replacing the damaged products at the bottom of the stack. We also offer advanced versions of this machine. Please tell us about your custom requirements. We will be more than happy to offer the best solutions with quotes in just 24 hours. 

This solution is part of the pallet inverter family.

Cyle Description of Pallet Turner

The working cycle of this pallet turner is quite simple. In the manual system, the operator will need to use the buttons on the panel to run the cycles.

  • Firstly, the pallet load is placed on the machine with the help of a forklift;
  • Now the movable platform on the top will move in and further secure the load from the top.
  • Next, the whole load is inverted to 180° so that the pallet moves above the load.
  • The moving platform now moves down to create space between the inverted pallet load and the fixed platform.
  • In case of pallet changing operations, the operator will remove the original pallet and replace it with a new one.
  • In case of replacing the damaged products from the bottom, the operator will remove the broken package and replace it with a new one.
  • Now the movable platform goes up and secures the load.
  • Next, the machine will invert the entire load by 180° to tilt the pallet to the original position.
  • Then the movable platform on the top separates from the load.
  • Now the pallet load is ready for stacking or loading.
  • For less stable products, the operation can be managed by turning to 90°.

Your safety is our priority 

Businesses trust TopIndustries Inc because we pay equal attention to efficiency and safety. This inverter comes with all the safety features in place to ensure injury-free operations. Features like safety photocells, metal perimeter protection, and fence nets help the operators to perform tasks without the fear of getting injured. Please talk to our experts today to know all about the safety systems in our pallet inverters.

Alternatively, would you like an automatic solution?

We also design customized fully automatic pallet exchanging stystems capable of managing up to 100 pallets per hour. Do not hesitate to contact us for an advice!