Pallet Exchanger System | V-Shape Minilogy

“V Shape Minilogy” has revolutionized warehouses globally, allowing to streamline pallet-changing operations with reduced labor and accelerated production processes.

Revolutionize your warehouse efficiency with our innovative pallet inverter solutions.

One of our bestselling automatic pallet-changing equipment is the “V-Shape Minilogy”. Top Industries Inc can customize this system as per the specific requirements . It can be customized by integrating with conveyor belts, labeling machines, pallet stackers, load-centering mechanisms, shock-absorbing systems, pallet dispensers, etc.

pallet storage area pallet staker v-shape minilogy
pallet handling equipment V-shape minilogy

We have helped hundreds of warehouses in maximizing their productivity with this  automatic pallet exchanger system.

V-Shape Minilogy is designed to help our clients improve the speed of their warehouse operations

We can customize these automated systems from scratch to meet the diverse applications at warehouses. We follow stringent quality parameters to build fully-functional and durable pallet handling systems.

It is also available in the manual standalone version. Even though it increases the speed of operations, the innovative design of this machine ensures the safe changing of pallets without causing any possible damage to the products or goods.

If you require a portable solution, no worries. We provide also, the Falcon Wings, a mobile palelt changer for fragile products that cannot be tilted.

It could be equipped with roller conveyors, slip sheet dispenser, pallet stackers, labeling machine, film cutting station, load centering device, and many others advanced solutions.