Freezer Spacers Removal & Insertion System
“The L-Shape Splitter”

This is a Freezer Spacers Removal System (& insertion). You operator will easily handle freezer spacer thanks to our new technology of  “freezer spacer dividers”.

freeezer spacer removal system

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Description of freezer spacer removal system

It is a fixed station for insertion and removal of plastic freezer spacers and to facilitate the removal or insertion of pallets.

“L-Shape Splitter” can be used with many types of products with a weight of 3,300 pounds, with a maximum height of up to 83 inches.

If you would like to completely automates the pallet changing operation or you need to manage a consistent production flow, check out our pallet transfer systems!

Cycle description of freezer spacer removal system 

The freezer spacers removal system operation takes place by tilting the load at 90° or 100°. In fact, the pallet replacement take place thanks to the operator who transports the load with the transpallet or the forklift on the lower platform. By using a control panel, the operator decides to start: the upper platform stops the product in order to allow the load for the overturning of 90° or 100°.

When the load is overturned sideways, the operator widens the upper compactor in order to separate the product from the pallet, or plastic freezer spacers, removable by the operator.

Subsequently, the operator inserts the new pallet, or freezer spacers,  closes the compactor, and returns the freezer spacer removal system into the initial position. The product will now be on the new pallet ready to be picked up.

Alternatively, would you like a fully automatic solution?

We also design customized fully automatic pallet exchanging stystems capable of managing up to 100 pallets per hour. Do not hesitate to contact us for an advice!