Stationary Pallet Inverter | The Game Changer

This stationary pallet inverter is the ultimate evolution of standard pallet inverters designed for US market. It is equipped with two automatic pallet stackers, capable of managing up to 50 pallets per hour in very confined space.

Inverter the game changer

Description of stationary pallet inverter

This solution is part of the pallet inverter family.

This stationary pallet inverter is able to handle loads up to 3300 lbs with a maximum height of 83 inches. This model differs from the others because the pallet replacement system is extremely innovative and rapid, allowing up to 50 pallets / h.

“Game Changer” stationary pallet inverter is available in the manual version, operated by a button panel, or in the automatic version, operated by PLC. This stationary pallet inverter is suitable for several industrial sectors such as the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic, ceramic, etc.

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Cycle description of stationary pallet inverter

The pallet changing operation begins by placing the load on the bottom of the machine’s platform via forklift. The operator uses a push button control panel which starts the automatic pallet changing cycle. Top Industries Inc, with this stationary pallet inverter guarantees up to 50 pallet x hour.

After the load is placed on the bottom of the machine’s platform via forklift, the operator then places the new pallet onto the machine which is the one where the load will be transferred onto. Next, the operator uses a push button control panel which operates the upper platform in order to safely hold the products. The machine then starts rotating to 120° in order to have the load upside down. Once in this position, the platform is then slightly dropped down so that the load and the pallet are now separated. The separation from the load and the original pallet allows the new pallet to slide into the position of the old one.

At this point, the pallet is changed, the new pallet is under the product, and the old pallet is placed alongside. The pallet change operation ends by closing the platform, and the machine rotating back to 0° in order to retain its starting position.

Versatile mode

With some loads like boxes, this stationary pallet inverter is capable of exchanging pallet without rotating or inverting it to 120°, making it extremely faster. The pallet separation takes place by sliding the new pallet into the position of the old one.