Pallet Flipper
“The Classic Ground-Level”

If you are looking for the most well-know pallet flipper in the world, you’ve found it here! This pallet flipping machine is capable of exchanging pallets by safely tipping the load.  Alternatively, discover the new solutions designed for 2023!

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The Best Pallet Flipper Machine

When it comes to best pallet handling solutions, TopIndustries Inc has always been the Number 1 choice for thousands of companies. We have helped numerous warehouses and cold storage businesses maximize their productivity by using a minimal labor force. One of our top-selling products is the Classic Ground Level Pallet Flipper. Let us check out the features of this pallet flipping machine to understand if it is suitable for your needs.

Pallet Flipper Inverter floor level
Pallet Flipper floor level

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This pallet flipper is capable of handling almost all types of loads, as it can take product weights up to 3300 lbs, having a length of 79 inches or less. The loading of this pallet flipper can be done on the ground level. The lower platform of this device is designed to go all the way to the ground, which allows for easy loading and unloading.

Versions of pallet flipping machine

TopIndustries has been in the pallet-handling business for many years now. This pallet flipper is also available in automatic and manual versions. The manual version is also easy to use, but you will need an operator and helper to oversee the operations. On the other hand, the automatic versions do not require that much effort from an operator as it does the pallets exchanging tasks automatically.

Fully automatic pallet flipper systems

Then we also have fully automatic pallet flipper systems, where the loading and unloading are taken care of by the conveyer belts. They also have pallet dispenser systems for automatic exchange. These high-end machines can easily exchange about 100 pallets every hour without having to use laborers.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team to learn about the best warehouse management systems for your company. We have the best solutions that will perfectly match your needs and budget. If you don’t find a match, then we will custom-develop the best pallet management system for your company.

This solution is part of the pallet inverter family.

Cycle Description of Pallet Flipper

The pallet flipper works with the basic principle for inverting the entire pallet load by 180°. The pallet flipping process of the load sends the pallets to the top. It then becomes easy for the operator to exchange the pallets. The tipping of entire loads helps warehouses save on time and labor.

• The pallet with load is first placed on the lower platform. This operation can be done by a forklift on manual systems. The same task will be done by the conveyer belts on automatic systems.

• The other 2 platforms will block the product from moving or spilling during the flipping.

• The load is then upturned to 180°. Once the pallet comes on top of the load, the operator can do the pallet switching task.

• Once that is done, the entire load is flipped back by 180° so that it comes back to the original position, but this time with a new pallet.

• The product is then released on the ground level for loading or stacking. The forklift operator can do the rest.

We at TopIndustries Inc strive relentlessly to offer the best warehouse management solutions to our clients. If you are looking for a more versatile system, don’t forget to check out our portable pallet inverters. We would love to hear from you today!

Alternatively, would you like an automatic solution?

We also design customized fully automatic pallet exchanging stystems capable of managing up to 100 pallets per hour. Do not hesitate to contact us for an advice!