Pallet Upender
“L- Shape Silver”

If you are looking for a device capable of quickly change your pallet in a safe and fast way, check out this pallet upender! Discover also the Freezer Spacers Removal System version.

pallet upender l-shape silver

With this pallet upender you will see a significant increase in the productivity of your warehouse, logistics business, manufacturing unit, or storage unit.

Besides pallet changing, it also works as an excellent solution for inserting or removal of freezer spacers between the pallet loads.

With a load upending capacity of up to 3.300 lbs, this machine is ideal for places handling pallets with big and bulky loads. You can easily upend pallet loads of up to 79 inches, which pretty much covers most types of loads.

pallet upender with water bottles
pallet upender pallet removal

We offer different pallet upender versions to meet the pallet handling requirements of all businesses. You could go for the manual version where the pallet switching will be done by the operator. The operator will need to use the buttons on the controller panel to do the tasks, one by one.

If you need a high-end pallet upender, then you could go for the automatic version. Here the pallet loads will be placed on a conveyer belt for facilitating non-stop operations. You will not need an operator for managing each step. This system is ideal if your business demands high-frequency pallet handling operations.

We offer pallet transfer systems to aid in creating fully automated pallet management systems. These transfer systems will negate the need for hiring operators for doing the tasks. Your warehousing business can achieve the efficiency of handling even around 100 pallets every hour. Fully automated systems can work seamlessly for hours without the need for breaks.

Our clients have been able to make significant savings by automating their warehousing operations. You can do so too. Contact us today to learn more about how to improve the efficiency of your pallet management and increase productivity.

The “L-shape Silver” pallet upender makes it possible for your business  to handle about 40 pallets /hour. Even though it performs heavy-duty tasks, it is easy to use this machine.

  • A pallet jack or forklift can be used to place the pallet load on the upender platform, which is at the ground level. The same job will be done by the conveyer belts on the automatic versions.

  • The operator will push the button to start the tilting of the load. The pallet load is tilted by 90° or 100° with support on 2 sides for the products.

  • The pressure is decreased on the load after the tilting, which makes it possible to switch the pallets. The operator will need to do the pallet-switching task manually.
  • After the switching is done, the operator will till the load back to the original position by pressing a button on the panel.

  • That’s it. Now the load on a new pallet is ready to be loaded or stacked.

In addition to the pallet handling solutions on our products page, we also offer customized solutions to our clients. Top Industries Inc is always willing to guide you choose the right solutions that perfectly suit your needs and budgets. Contact us today!

Alternatively, would you like an automatic solution?

We also design customized fully automatic pallet exchanging stystems capable of managing up to 100 pallets per hour. Do not hesitate to contact us for an advice!