Pallet Handling Equipment
“V-Shape Minilogy”

Automatic pallet handling equipment have revolutionized warehousing operations. They make it possible for companies to manage their pallet-changing operations faster by using significantly less labor and speed-up the prouduction process.


Description of automatic pallet changing equipment

One of our bestselling automatic pallet-changing equipment is the “V-Shape Minilogy”. Top Industries Inc can customize this system as per the specific requirements . It can be customized by integrating with conveyor belts, labeling machines, pallet stackers, load-centering mechanisms, shock-absorbing systems, pallet dispensers, etc.

pallet storage area pallet staker v-shape minilogy
pallet handling equipment V-shape minilogy

TopIndustries Inc is one of the leading suppliers of pallet handling solutions in the US. We have helped hundreds of warehouses in maximizing their productivity with automatic pallet handling equipment.

This system is designed by us to help our clients improve the speed of their warehouse operations

We can customize these automated systems from scratch to meet the diverse applications at warehouses. We follow stringent quality parameters to build fully-functional and durable pallet handling systems.

V-Shape Minilogy is our bestseller in 2021-22, and deservedly so. It is also available in the manual standalone version. This machine is designed to handle loads of about 79 inches in length and with a weight of 3300 lbs. Even though it increases the speed of operations, the innovative design of this machine ensures the safe changing of pallets without causing any possible damage to the products or goods.

If you require a more versatile system with portability features, no worries. We at TopIndustries offer a wide range of pallet handling systems than any of our competitors. We back it up with excellent customer support and training. We also have pallet changer for fragile products that cannot be tilted.

Cycle Description of automatic pallet changing equipment

The “V-Shape Minilogy” pallet handling equipment allows warehouses to change around 50 pallets every hour. This system is fully automated by integrating it with the pallet dispenser and stacker. There is no need for labor for removing or inserting the pallets.

Let us now see the different phases of the pallet changing cycle with this V-Shape Minilogy.

• The cycle begins after the conveyor or the roller places the loaded pallet on the bottom platform of the V-Shaped inverter.

• The inverter then overturns the load by 120°, with the pallet being secured to the platform.

• Now only the bottom platform splits and comes back to the initial level with the pallet. Meanwhile, the load will be secured by the 3 sides of the inverter in the inverted position.

• Next, the original pallet is moved by the roller to the integrated stacker.

• On the other side of the machine is the pallet dispenser, where the target or destination pallets are stacked.

• The roller or conveyor picks the bottom-most destination pallet from the dispenser and places it on the lower platform of the inverter.

• The platform rolls back up to the load with the new pallet.

• The entire pallet load comes back to its original position while standing on the new pallet. It can then be moved with a forklift or handheld pallet jack.

The cycle takes a little over a minute to complete, making it possible to change 50 pallets every hour.