New Technology and Best sellers

If you need to exchange pallets, our expert will advise the suitable solution from more than 50 models, including new technologies and best sellers. 

TopIndustries Inc is the world leading company for advanced technology of Pallet Changers.

We provide machines available in mobile, stationary, and automatic versions  capable of handling every type of product. Within our range of more than 50 solutions, you can also find pallet transfer systems designed for automated warehouses and high bay warehouses.

With pallet transfer systems, there is no need for any operator to assist in the individual operations as it is the machine itself that carries out the entire activity.

Pallet transfer systems & load transfer systems are the solutions with the highest level of performance. They are the fastest pallet changers, with the highest level of automation, and which allow the greatest savings in terms of overall production costs.

In our production range there are also pallet inverters capable of handling all types of products. Don’t worry if your product is not turnable, unstable or fragile… Top Industries always has a suitable solution to solve your pallet changing need.

With more than 45 years of experience, we will recommend you the best pallet exchanger based on your unique and specific characteristics

Focus on the best-selling solutions

Pallet Inveter Blue Drums
Hands-Free (New 2023)
mobile pallet changer with extendable blades
Falcon Wings
The Original pallet tipper
pallet transfer equipment
Side Pusher Logy

State-of-the-art engineering by TopIndustries Inc

Are you looking for a pallet changing solution? Find the most suitable machine from more than 50 models with our experts and engineers.

To identify the right solution for your application, let’s start by knowing your product that needs to be handled. Subsequently, knowing how many pallet changing operations must be done in an hour or a day, we can already identify the solution.

If you have a consistent production flow to manage and you are interested in optimizing the process to save time and reduce management costs, we offer the latest generation pallet transfer system. Many companies reduce the costs of transport, and consequently increase their profits, by just changing the pallet. Many others utilize a standard or sanitized pallet inside the warehouse to comply internal regulation flows or hygiene regulations.

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Always available to advise the suitable solutions for your needs!



This pallet inverter is one of the most advanced system in the world. It automatically transfers the load without the need of any operator. “The Game Changer” not only changes the pallet, but it is also equipped with two stackers, which makes non-stop flow management possible. The left stacker holds all the pallets that need to be changed, and the right stacker collect all the new pallets.

The only operator’s task is to place the product inside the machine with a forklift and it does all the work by itself.

mobile pallet changer


This pallet changer is called also “The problem solver” as it is capable to handle the most fragile and unstable loads.

It is composed by two side pressors equipped with grip-mousse to apply the safest pressure at the load. The lifting up from the pallet is assured also by two extendable blades that goes at the base of the load.

“Falcon Wings” is a pallet changer patented in 2022 capable of handling up to 40 pallets per hour with load weight up to 3300 lbs.