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Wooden Pallet with our pallet exhangers

The wooden pallet is a wooden platform which, if made with the correct materials and criteria, is a highly reliable and resistant tool on which a large number of lots can be loaded onto it. In this way it is possible to easily move the product through the use of forklifts or forklifts.

Initially it was born for military use, but soon after, it became a revolutionary tool for international logistics and pallet exchangers. The history of the pallet begins about 70 years ago, which has brought profound changes in the transport of goods around the world. The wooden pallet has also made it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

It is a fundamental tool for international logistics, used mainly for the support of various types of materials intended to be transported, distributed, and stored. Also known as a pallet, it is considered indispensable in the goods handling sector, as 90% of the items handled all over the world are mobile and placed on pallets.


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The birth of the pallet dates back to around the Second World War and the credit for this invention goes to American soldiers, who discovered that placing the goods to be transported on wooden platforms greatly facilitated the handling of materials towards the European nations involved in the conflict. The military idea was then transferred to the civilian world, where the numerous advantages that these indispensable support platforms confer on the handling sector were grasped.

The pallet is made up of “feet” (wooden blocks) that are placed at the base, where there are openings to allow forklifts and pallet turner to works perfectly.

– Significant time savings in the transfer of large quantities of goods;
– They allow the insulation of materials from the ground or from the underlying bottom;
– They significantly reduce the damage caused by shocks and humidity.

The use of pallets in civil trade has led countries to identify the most suitable pallet for their market to facilitate travel. At the beginning, the choice of the size of the pallet was made at the absolute discretion of the user, with the passage of time the uniformity criteria were found to be indispensable, especially for identifying the different trades of international trade. In the United States, in particular, this factor has led to the spread of the GMA pallet (with dimensions 48×40), standardized by the Grocery Manufacturers Association. This standardization allowed the first movements of goods on pallets, solving the problem of returning the pallets to the starting point after each single movement. The fact that there was only one type of pallet that was used in the American market meant that there was a standardization in handling but that over time caused a problem in economic terms.

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The problem encountered over the years concerns the fact that the recipients of the goods do not send the pallet back and this is a significant problem for those who ship the products. TopIndustries is committed to providing solutions to save on this operation as it offers pallet tippers machinery capable of replacing the shipping pallet (generally costly) with a standardized (low quality) pallet. This operation allows you to save on shipping costs as the savings margin is identified precisely in keeping the quality pallet within your factory. This avoids shipping the expensive pallet and losing the economic value of each individual pallet.

After 70 years since the end of the Second World War, we have clearly identified how the pallet has solved a problem for the management of international logistic flows. Over the years, new needs have arisen and above all new solutions for pallet management.

Managing the pallet in a fluid and fast way has become a basic need for both small and medium-sized enterprises and large multinationals. TopIndustries is identified as the leading company in the world for the supply of solutions capable of replacing the pallet from one pallet to another.

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The world community and the positive feedback over the years has identified TopIndustries as a world leader for several reasons:

– Versatile range of production: For each type of product and for each pallet change need, the most suitable pallet change solution is provided among over 50 available

– Cutting-edge technology: Top Industries’ pallet inverter / pallet turner solutions carry out the pallet change operation in the safest and fastest way.

– Management speed: Top Industries pallet exchanger / pallet changer are able to handle up to 120 pallets / h. This is a revolutionary pallet handling speed.

– Patented: The main goal of the company is to bring new pallet changing solutions every year that can satisfy all needs. Our pallet changing solutions are unique and patented.

We provide standard pallet changing solutions and customized pallet changing solutions. The internal engineering office is working daily to create new and special solutions for customers who want a perfectly customized pallet inverter solution.

Recently, new pallet changing solutions have been created and patented, capable of replacing the pallet with a revolutionary method. These are the stationary “Hands-Free Inverter” and the “Falcon Wings” mobile machine. These two solutions carry out the pallet change operation with different methods:

– Fixed pallet inverter “Hands-Free Inverter”, is the technological evolution of the pallet inverter. Top Industries has created this solution capable of overcoming the speed limits of the simple pallet inverter by evolving above all the way to change the pallet. In practice, it can carry out the replacement operation either thanks to the overturning of the load or due to the new revolutionary method of translating the pallet.

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– Mobile pallet changer “Falcon Wings”, is the technological evolution of the lateral pressure pallet changer. In practice, various problems have been encountered when there is a need to manage products that cannot be overturned but which react negatively to lateral pressure. Usually this happens because the load at the base is not pressed solidly, which is why TopIndustries has created and patented this new solution. “Falcon Wings” is able to change the pallet and support the product safely by means of extendable blades positioned at the base of the product during the operation.



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