The history of Plastic Pallet
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Plastic pallets, also called hygienic pallets, are platforms used for the transport and storage of goods. Generally, they are made of a very robust plastic material and enjoy several advantages unlike the traditional wooden pallet.

– They are washable and sanitizable
– They are resistant to temperatures from -40 F ° to 158 F °

– They are lighter than wooden pallets
– They are made in a single block by molding, therefore, they will never present the risk of splinters or staples
– A long-lasting product, the duration is about 10 times higher than that of wooden pallets
– It weighs about half of the wooden pallet
– It is more resistant to shocks

Wooden pallets vs plastic pallet have always had a step forward compared to plastic pallets solely for their low cost, but the latter have conquered a place in the world market for handling goods. An average annual increase of 5.6% is expected for the global turnover of plastic mats, to reach 10.4 billion dollars. This growth is expected and fueled by the great demand for handling products on pallets in a safe and contamination-free manner. One of the main advantages of plastic pallets certainly concerns the method by which they are made, that is, thanks to processes of virgin or recycled plastics. Thanks to these methods it is certainly possible to offer superior performance at low cost and provide greater environmental sustainability.

plastic pallets

The pharmaceutical, food, and beverage sectors are the main sectors that mainly use plastic pallets, accounting for 23.3% of turnover on the market. Furthermore, they are also used by farmers as they have to transport fresh products in total safety and hygiene. The gradual increase in demand for packaged foods will certainly facilitate the use of plastic pallets in the load management market.


Plastic pallet with pallet exchangers for pharmaceutical companies

The pharmaceutical sector foresees rather tight production and shipping times. A multinational manufacturer of drugs and pharmaceutical products needed to improve storage time and save time at the end of the production process when the products had to be shipped.

The management of pharmaceutical products is a process that requires extreme accuracy and perfection and the work must be carried out in total safety to ensure that the products are protected during the pallet change and shipment of the products.

Before entering the production process of a pharmaceutical company, it is essential to ensure that the products enter on a plastic pallet (sanitized) and not on a wooden pallet, usually dirty and dusty.


plastic pallets

Complying with the sanitary and hygienic regulations

Hygiene within pharmaceutical companies is very important in order to avoid any type of contamination that could damage or compromise the quality of the products handled.

Production units, including pallet exchangers, must comply with GMP standards, following tailor-made hygiene strategies. TopIndustries’ pallet inverter / pallet turner solutions make it easy for pharmaceutical companies to comply with stringent GMP regulations.

Within this industry, pallet inverter solutions are needed to replace wooden pallets with plastic pallets. This operation can be carried out in an automotive mode or manually. The pharmaceutical sector very often requires high performing solutions, as production and delivery times are very stringent. In addition, customized solutions are usually required, which can carry out the operation in confined spaces of the plant, moving the product without tipping the load.

Pharmaceutical products are often very fragile and non-tipping products. TopIndustries offers solutions that replace the pallet by managing the product in the safest way possible thanks to new technological systems. Pfizer, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly and many other pharmaceutical companies have relied on our solutions to change the pallet and to comply with health and hygiene standards, ensuring high levels of cleanliness.

Our pallet exchanger solutions

TopIndustries has over 50 pallet changer models in our production range. Over the years, the company has conceived and designed so many pallet changing solutions to meet all kinds of market demand.The main goal of the company is to solve all pallet replacement needs for companies all across the world. This great goal has led the company to invest every year in research and development to solidify itself as a market leader and above all to satisfy the variety of demand.

Pharmaceutical companies, with our solutions, have sped up load management processes by implementing automatic pallet changing systems. State-of-the-art pallet changing solutions were provided which reduced the cost of operators, the number of injuries, and storage/shipping times.


stationary pallet changer

We select the right solution for your application

Searching online for the right application for a food company can be complicated as it is not easy to identify the quality of an industrial machinery. For handling loads on pallets with TopIndustries, you are on the safe side: quality and reliability are our strengths. As you can see from our website, we are the most innovative and technologically advanced manufacturer of pallet changing solutions on the market. We offer 100% patented solutions able to solve any pallet changing need.

Our team of specialists is always available to the customer to provide advice and solutions suitable for each different field of application. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone too, start now and save precious time with TopIndustries!