How to Save on shipping costs


Before addressing the topic of saving on shipping costs, it is important to know the history of how the method of shipping has evolved in the United States. The United States has always been characterized by a progressive growth in any industrial application, but at the base of all this, it was necessary that the various ways to ship products evolve first and foremost.

Initially the products, in the case of the final consumer, were delivered via the postal service system. Over time of course, this method of shipping products has increasingly evolved to improve timing, to meet the large demand, and above all adapt to the variety of product characteristics. It is amazing how nowadays there are thousands of inventions that help facilitate shipping, such as these types of products and machinery:pallet changer

– Pallet changer | pallet inverter
– Forklifts
– Cardboard Boxes
– Pallet
– Bubble Wrap
– Stretch machine


How to save on shipping costs

Inbound logistics refers to the manufacturing processes that coordinate goods to businesses. Inbound logistics include all aspects of product management, from transportation, storage, to shipping the product to multiple suppliers. This process manages the operational needs to transform materials into purpose-built goods. Generally, those who manage aspects of inbound logistics must calculate the amount of raw supplies they need to meet the needs of the demand. During this evaluation it is of utmost importance to consider the purchase of a pallet changing system that can automatically and speedily replace the pallet for incoming products.
Many logistics managers around the world rely on TopIndustries’ pallet inverters solutions because our machinery is offered to speed up the management of incoming cargo and regularize it before making its entry into the production areas. This optimization dramatically increases production capacity and maintains a smooth workflow throughout the supply chain. One of the main reasons why they rely on TopIndustries is the need to replace products from a wooden pallet to a plastic / aluminum / or standardized pallet.

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How to save on outgoing logistics

Outbound logistics refers to the transport of finished products from a company to customers. Generally, the logistics network of the outgoing products includes the manufacturer, the distributor, and the transport team. In fact, once the manufacturing company has finalized the product, the goods are transferred to the distribution company, or directly to the end customer. Outbound logistics processes must be managed by providing consumers with the required items with the utmost punctuality and product compliance. It is therefore important to make use of automated solutions that can save on load management time and above all, save on the cost of operators.

Optimizing outbound logistics can be complicated as it mainly depends on the constant fluctuation of the market and customer demand. Logistics managers must carefully plan shipments, evaluate the types of goods, and calculate the cost for each shipment. If the intention is to optimize shipping times by replacing the pallet with automated solutions, TopIndustries is the right company for your case!

Unlike incoming raw materials, in this supply chain cycle, finished products require special attention in handling. It is important to use solutions that do not damage the load and that do not damage the packaging or the pallet to ensure safe transport and deliver an intact product to the customer. Businesses generally save on holding and shipping costs by determining the pallet as a cost to be eliminated. Replacing the pallet is the key to optimizing the process. Manage outbound logistics with us, and avoid delayed deliveries that may affect relationships with your buyers.

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The postal service par excellence: USPS

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has done a lot for the United States in terms of national expansion for large-scale product distribution. In the past and still today, this postal organization has helped facilitate expansion in the West by creating an inexpensive, fast, and convenient product shipping system. It is the postal agency par excellence, established by the US federal government on July 1, 1971 to provide a postal service system for the whole country, regardless of geographic location.

Initially, there were other postal service organizations that made several attempts to set up an effective system. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was the first colony that in about 1600 promoted an institution in Boston where it was possible to send a letter to England and vice versa. These almost informal and amateur systems encountered various problems at the beginning and only later in large cities such as Boston and New York City did they begin to really work.

In fact, Benjamin Franklin in 1775 was commissioned to run the post office and greatly promoted the postal system service. At this time, they certainly had no idea what a pallet changer was and how it would revolutionize the load handling industry. Large-scale distribution had not yet been developed and large multinationals with massive products under management did not yet exist.

Railways, a revolutionary shipping method

The methods of transport were significantly sped up, and starting from 1810 the first railway systems began to be built by studying British technology, based on the steam engine.
Initially, the railroad systems of the United States were designed in the South where cotton regions were connected to proti or rivers. The Granite Railway was one of the first railways built in 1826 which was used to transport goods for the construction of a monument. Unfortunately, the products and goods were not yet shipped on pallets, which would have certainly made shipping easier.

The railway system became truly efficient in 1910, when the use of trucks, cars, and airplanes damaged, among other things, the railway industry. This certainly happened because shipping products or machinery by truck would reduce the cost of transport and many companies converted to this methodology.

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Cargo planes with pallet changers

Cargo planes are used purely for the transport of air cargo rather than passengers. Generally, when there is an overseas demand for a pallet changing machine, two types of shipment are proposed: by ship or by air cargo. Depending on the urgency, the delivery times, and the budget available, the ideal agreement is found to provide the pallet exchanger solution in the fastest and most economical way possible.

The goods are properly packed, labeled, and accompanied with the right documents for the forwarder and road transport. TopIndustries is responsible for the efficient assembly of the shipment, calculating volumes, and weight in order to obtain the best price for shipping and avoid any damage to the goods.