Printing & Corrugated with our Pile Turner



For companies in the corrugated printing and manufacturing industry, working in a safe environment with high quality machinery is of utmost importance. All storage and distribution operations must be carried out in a safe and effective manner to minimize the risk of damage to the products during handling, always taking into account the productivity which must never decrease.

TopIndustries is the ideal company for the supply of innovative and reliable equipment in the printing and corrugated cardboard industry. The work environment will be much more organized and professional, always maintaining a high level of safety for the company, and employees. If you are looking for a solution to reduce the manpower involved in product handling or are looking for a customized solution to store products in your warehouse, we provide the machinery suitable for your specific needs. Our specialized Toppy Packaging department will be happy to help you find the right stacker solution for your needs.


Thanks to the experience of over 40 years, TopIndustries is able to identify the right solution for each customer depending on the material handling needs. Our work, integrated into the sales process, stands out both in the analysis phase of the customer’s need, but above all after the sale as we ensure an assistance service and supply of spare parts included in the offer.


Usually to recommend the purchase of a solution for pallet handling equipment in the printing and corrugated cardboard industry, companies on the market have a couple of standard models available. TopIndustries experts, who are entirely dedicated to the customer’s request, carry out a specific analysis and identify the most suitable machine for your need among the 50 pallet / pile turner change solutions. Do not hesitate to browse our site, you will find blogs relating to our fields of application, the effective method of supply, and above all descriptions and videos with in-depth explanations on state-of-the-art equipment.

All equipment for the cardboard production printing industry are solutions of our production. This implies an unparalleled level of quality and uniqueness of the solution as our solutions, from the very beginning, have distinguished themselves for safety and durability over time. Within our site you can find all the solutions you need in an easy and intuitive way. Below you will find a list of added values ​​related to our services and the usability of our site:

– Experienced engineers available to assist and provide the most suitable solution
– Compact and easy-to-use website that makes it easy to find the product you are looking for.
– Numerous options for pallet changing equipment and solutions for companies in the printing industry and in the production of corrugated cardboard of all types of sizes;
– The best prices on the market based on value for money


In our production range, there are machines that replace pallets called pallet changers or pallet inverters which are solutions able to eliminate accidents at work and significantly reduce the physical stress of operators. In the production range we have automatic pallet turners / pallet inverters that reduce the work times dictated by manually stacking and restacking the stack of products for pallet replacement, significantly speeding up the lifting, and possibly inclination and transfer processes.

In addition, TopIndustries has a wide range of solutions for the packaging sector, starting from the preparation of cardboard stacks for the printing process, digital printing, the preparation in the die-cutting process, up to the removal and positioning of pallets for coating machines. Thanks to automatic devices such as ACS – Automatic Centering System or MCS – Manual Centering System, our automatic tippers carry out a rapid and reliable preparation cycle of cardboard stacks.


Twister 1600pile turner with air and jogger, easy to feed and install, it does not require any civil work or pits.

This stationary tipper manages paper platforms up to a weight of 4000 pounds through tipping, vibration, and ventilation operations. This stacker system does not necessarily have to be supplied with installation pits as the platforms are perfectly aligned with the base, therefore, it can be directly fixed to the ground.
The pallet insertion operation takes place thanks to the operator who manually and frontally inserts the pallet into the blowing chamber. Once the pallet has been positioned, the stacker is ready to start the work program, allowing the stack of paper / cardboard to be inserted inside the machine. The operation ends after a few seconds and it will be possible to verify how the sheets have been perfectly separated and aligned by means of the powerful vibration system due to the help of powerful turbines.

pile turner twister 1600

MASTER TOPPY AIR JOGGER – pile turner complete with air and vibration, designed to have the best performance within the Toppy range.

This stationary tipper performs the operations of rotation, vibration, and alignment of the paper or cardboard platforms up to a maximum weight of 4000 pounds. This machine is supplied with a powerful turbine capable of generating air thanks to the vibrating motors. When the vibrating motor is activated it separates and eliminates the dust from every single sheet of the paper or cardboard stack and it aligns it perfectly.

Master Toppy is the best performing stack turning solution in the Toppy Packaging range thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. This solution first overturns the load by 90 ° to perform the activity of ventilation and vibrations, and then rotates further by 90 ° to reach the tipping position of the stack. The rotation speed and the acceleration ramps are calibrated according to the weights to be handled.

pile turner master toppy air jpgger

EXCEL 2000 AIR JOGGER – Pile turner with air and vibration, easy to feed and to install, as it does not require any masonry work or pits.

This stationary tipper performs the tipping, vibration, and ventilation operations in order to better manage the paper or cardboard platforms, up to a maximum weight of 2000 pounds. This machine was conceived and designed to mainly meet the needs of the packaging industry with particular paper weights and formats, out of standard requirements. Excel 2000 integrates perfectly within any production department, as it does not require holes or other masonry works for installation. Another added value of this device can be provided by forklift or logistic transporter. In addition, 2 platforms are included in the machine that can be used to install the roller conveyors for the automatic feeding of paper pallets.

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us advise you on the ideal solution according to your needs!