Why ROI is important when you buy a pallet exchanger?


ROI is the acronym for Return Of Investment. It is often used by companies when making an investment decision. In practice, it is an indicator that is used to understand how much the invested capital is converted into profitability.


In order to fully assess the needs related to the preventive estimate of the investment in optimization systems in the load handling process, TopIndustries makes available the experience of over 45 years and its knowledge in the production, management, economic and financial fields. In this way, it is possible to have data that clearly and transparently indicates how much the investment in a machine that optimizes production capacity really pays off. Generally, it is not always easy to identify the return on investment, as the introduction of a pallet change device produces effects on business performance that are difficult to identify, evaluate, and quantify in economic terms. It is therefore important to make use of the tools, which TopIndustries has at its disposal, to evaluate in advance the advantages deriving from the introduction of a pallet exchangers.

TopIndustries is able to objectively evaluate multiple implementation scenarios to optimize product handling processes, especially thanks to two basic activities:


Inline pallet inverter

1. Analysis of the specific characteristics of the individual company
Each company is a unique organization characterized by different production processes and different needs. Depending on the timing, the production flow, the number of pallets to be handled, the cost of the operators, the cost of electricity and many other technical factors.

2. Study of pallet changing solutions and their impact on a company’s performance

The heart of a company is its production processes, and we care about the optimization of these processes. With a calculation of the investment cost in pallet changing solutions, it is possible to optimize the load handling cycle. Through a careful and specific investment analysis, it is possible to evaluate the impact on the main company performance and identify the improvements that are estimated to be achieved through the implementation of solutions with TopIndustries.

Calculating the ROI for the purchase of a pallet tipper is necessary to better plan the costs of a logistics center, because it allows you to activate a growth trend thanks to the articulation of business strategies based on three key factors: the product, the time, and the available capital. The analysis of installation costs and ROI is an operation that TopIndustries always recommends when purchasing a machine both to certify the return on investment with data and to certify the optimization of the load handling process.

TopIndustries provides a clear idea of the return on investment. There are several sources of savings that are taken into consideration in the ROI analysis including:

Savings on operatorspallet inverter
TopIndustries’ solutions, in addition to increasing the efficiency of a process, is able to reduce costs for operators as the automated solutions reduce the number of operators and save the company money.



Maximize efficiencypallet inverter
TopIndustries provides the possibility of significantly increasing the speed of handling loads, in particular the replacement of the pallet. Pallet changing machines facilitate the operation and consequently bring greater efficiency.



pallet exchangerSave Space

Changing the pallet is always a problem. Companies need to solve this puzzle at the time of verification and do not always have the opportunity to dedicate a specific space to the operation. Usually the pallet change operations, before the intervention of TopIndustries, take place in a disorderly space of the plant. The solutions that our production range offers can be both mobile and stationary pallet inverter, depending on the need and the space available.