Test your products in our warehouse

Pallet changer test your products in our warehouse

From the very beginning, TopIndustries was born with the intention of providing an effective and decisive service to its customers. One of the main factors that distinguishes TopIndustries from other companies is the ability to offer a versatile and convincing service due to the speed of delivery and the variety of the production range of pallet exchangers with a high technological level. The company was born to solve a need by trying to propose the most resolving solutions for changing or inverting the pallet by providing a 360° service.

From the very first moment of the customer’s request, there is careful attention to detail: the customer’s needs are identified as well as the type of product(s) that must be handled. The sales office coordinates with the technical and engineering office and when there is a need to create a customized solution, the process is activated in no time at all.

The probability that the customer is satisfied with the pallet changing solutions is very high, as TopIndustries has over 50 types of machinery. In this way, it’s guaranteed that we choose the pallet inverter or pallet changer that best suits the customer’s needs. TopIndustries has so many types of pallet changers because over the years the company has been able to evolve in parallel with the developments in the food, pharmaceutical, etc. markets. An almost infinite variety of product types are handled, and for each of them there is a matching solution that is ideal.

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The great distinction that creates concern is if the product(s) can be overturned or cannot be overturned. The history of pallet changing solutions teaches us that there we have the only solutions on the market that could overturn the products to change the pallet. And who changes the pallet for products that cannot be overturned? There was a large slice of the market that was unsatisfied and for this TopIndustries has devised solutions that could change the pallet for all those non-tipping products by simply applying lateral pressure to them. There are various types of machinery that can perform this operation, which are divided into mobile devices, stationary devices, and fully automatic logistics systems.

Today, when the solution that meets the customer’s needs is identified, TopIndustries is available to carry out tests with customers’ products directly at the plant. Some machines specially used for testing are made available. In this way there is the possibility to directly test the functionality of the machine with the desired products. In case the customer does not feel sure that the machine can handle its products with care, we make our machines available to carry out tests directly on site with customers’ products. In this way you will be sure that our solutions are 100% capable of handling certain types of product


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Depending on the type of product, the level of automation required and the operational performance required, TopIndustries selects the most suitable pallet changing solution for the specific need to carry out tests directly at the plant. If the customer is unable to send the products, TopIndustries is available to procure products with similar characteristics and document the functionality of the machine with videos and photos.

So…don’t hesitate! Contact us to book and take your test!