Discover different pallet handling machines

Pallet handling machines are also popular as inverters, exchangers, flippers, or changers. Pallet handling machines are designed to change pallets by rotating up to 180° or 135° or 360° or even without rotating.

pallet handling
stationary pallet changer
pallet handling

Pallet Handling Machines designed for every loads

They are invaluable machines that allow operating a supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively. There is a variety of pallet handling machines designed to handle different kinds of weights, supply change needs, and movement requirements. 

Technologies are evolving and you can find many models differing in capacities, clamp pressure, and style. Top Industries Inc. is a leading brand in offering pallet handling solutions. They customize automatic pallet inverters according to customers’ applications.

pallet handling

Different pallet handling machines

The fixed pallet inverter is designed to handle loads up to 3300 pounds with an 83” maximum height. The model allows you to flip 50 pallets per hour. 

  • A forklift is used to place the load on the table and an exchange pallet above the pile, where the load will be moved to. 
  • The forklift is removed. 
  • The operator then pushes a button on the control panel.
  • The machine starts to rotate and at 120° the platform dips down to move the load from the original pallet to the new one.
  • Now the machine moves back to 0° and retains its original position. 
pallet handling

Stationary pallet changer [side moving]

It is different than the rotating Pallet handling machines. The pallet is replaced via lateral pressure to lift a little and move the load on a pallet positioned at its side. Padded clamps gently press the pallet without concerns about damage as they are adjustable. The stationary pallet changer can handle a weight of 3300 pounds and dimensions up to 40” x 48”.

Both loaded pallets and new pallets are positioned side by side. The model performs exchange without tilting or turning the load. You can call it a side mover!

pallet changer
stationary pallet changer

Portable pallet inverter

The portable pallet inverter operates via tiller controls and the gel battery powers it. The electrically powered trolley is a compact and versatile machine. It allows pallet replacement in confined spaces.

The gel battery serves you a maximum of 10 hours of work. 

  • The operator drives a portable pallet inverter to the load. The bottom forks are inserted within the pallet.
  • The lateral grid lifts the load from the base and presses it with the upper fork. The product is locked.
  • The machine rotates to 90°, and the operator manually turns the load to 180° and once again to 90°. 
  • The load is upside down, so the pallet is easily removed and changed manually with a new one. 
  • Now, the operator starts the reverse operation to overturn the load on the new pallet. This model can handle 20 pallets in an hour.
Pallet handling portable pallet inverter

Mobile pallet changer [no tilting, turning, or rotating]

A mobile pallet changer is a great model for handling fragile products that cannot be tilted or turned. 

  • The product is side locked and lifted from the pallet with two extended blades [for support] separating the pallet and the products. 
  • The lifted load is transported and released on a new pallet and the supporting blades & clamps return to their starting position.
  • Due to direct adjustment capabilities, the pressure applied is delicate.
  • Handles 40 pallets in an hour. 

The Pallet handling machines help to lessen your distribution, production, storage, and retrieval costs because pallet swapping is made easy, quick, and risk-free. 

pallet handling pallet changer falcon wings
Pallet handling pallet exchanger falcon wings

Pallet handling machines benefits

Increases productivity

Unlike jack or lift trucks, the Pallet handling machines integrate seamlessly into your workflow. Few employees are needed to engage in the same task, which means other tasks can be handled.

Reduce risks

Handling heavy pallets using a forklift is dangerous even if you trained personnel. With automated Pallet handling systems, the chances of accidents, which can jeopardize productivity and cost your dollars are significantly lessened.

Save space

You can use the portable pallet inverter in tight spaces. You enjoy great versatility and flexibility in organizing the workflow, shipping, and material handling.

Enhances efficiency

When pallet tilter is integrated into your material handling process, the team works smartly but not strongly. The redundancies from the process are eliminated, which is waste of time and resources. 

Lessen product damage 

Manual handling of materials can cause damage to the products. Pallet handling machines reduce human intervention. This reduces the chances of mishandling or slipping. Customers hardly receive damaged products, which means an increase in customer satisfaction and retention. 

Creates a safe working environment

Safe working practice is essential in the workplace. The Pallet handling machines are engineered with security in mind. Employers will not have to deal with employee absentee and costly compensation claims or possible OSHA violations.

Pallet handling applications

  • In the food, pharmaceutical, and powder product sector there is a need for regular rotation to avoid spoilage, settling, or caking. 
  • Clean production facilities need to exchange the wooden pallets used to deliver sanitized plastic pallets. 
  • Printers need to turn paper to print on both sides.
  • Metal sheets that need to be inverted for stamping 
  • Cheesemakers have to invert the cheese blocks during maturation for enhancing the taste.
  • Vineyards also need to invert the wine bottles as soon as the cork expands as the wine has to be stored for the long term.
  • The construction sector handles heavy materials. Sometimes the lower cement sacks get damaged during transit. The pallet flipper allows to correct the issue without straining on-site workers.
  • Inverter models are available for removing the spacers in the freezers. 
  • People in the automotive, beverage, general manufacturing, landscape, warehousing, and distribution sector can take advantage of the pallet inverters. 

Use Pallet handling machines to access and exchange damaged pallets or goods at the bottom without restacking. 

High bay warehouses can have a pallet transfer system designed using sophisticated technologies. Small operators work on an individual pallet but if you have the funds to have a new automatic handling system designed then there will be many things to consider. You can even consult the pallet inverter manufacturing company to get a clear quotation. The initial investment for Pallet handling machines seems high but the increase in productivity and efficiency covers the costs with ease.