How to remove heavy equipment from pallet

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Operators that need to remove heavy equipment from pallet use stationary pallet inverters. This type of equipments reduce the manual labour and speed up the pallet exchanging operation no matter what is the type of the prouduct. Discover how to easily remove equipment from pallet.

How to easily remove equipment from pallet?

Every manufacturing company will have a warehouse in their manufacturing facility where all the manufactured products will be safely stored and also shipped to customers whenever needed. But, first of all they have to learn how to remove heavy equipment from pallet.

Many companies use pallet tipper if they lack sufficient floor space on their premises. In both cases, material handling remains one of the main activities.

how to remove heavy equipment from pallet

An efficient warehouse can always handle all the materials in the safest possible manner so that there will be no product damage and they can be safely shipped to customers well in time.

To make the warehouse efficient there is a need for installing the right kind of material handling equipment which may consist of a diverse range of tools, vehicles, and also storage equipment.

automated pallet warehouse
automated pallet warehouse

Basically, since the main purpose of a warehouse is to store various goods and ship them whenever needed, therefore it must have the following requirements:

  • Keeping all goods safe and protected
  • Handle all items in the safest way to avoid any damage
  • All materials can be conveniently moved from one place to other
  • People working in the warehouse should work comfortably
  • Prevent any accident or injury to people working
  • A proper environment be provided so that certain special materials may remain safe.

To achieve all these, there is a need for certain facilities and equipment that can make any warehouse the most efficient. People working in the warehouse must know how to remove heavy equipment from pallet.

The reply to the question how to remove heavy equipment from pallet

Let us first briefly discuss a few pieces of equipment necessary for increasing the efficiency of any warehouse and reply to the question how to remove heavy equipment from pallet.

  1. Industrial trucks

Trucks will be needed for transportation of the goods while dispatching to customers. This can be of different sizes too. Some of them can also be hand-operated trucks that may be used within the warehouse for moving materials.

  1. Pallet jacks

Many materials will be available on the stack and to move such items along with the pallet, such pallet jacks will be used. There are forks available and with the help of that, the material will be lifted along with the pallet.

  1. Pallet inverters

The purpose of pallet inverters is for carefully lifting, tilting, or inverting the items safely. With the help of this equipment, it will be possible to reduce any damage to the product and also avoid workplace injuries. It can also help reduce labor.

Pallet inverter video Stationary pallet inverter
pallet inverter with automatic pallet dispenser
  1. Walkie stackers

This is another alternative to a pallet jack or truck however, the basic design remains the same. The only difference is that the stacker will be motorized.

  1. Platform trucks

This has got a frame and platform which will be on wheels. One can stack the platform by hand when there is a need for transportation of a large number of small items. They can be loaded by using some other material handling equipment.

  1. Order picker

This is nothing but a small-sized layer picker, which can be larger than the above walkie stacker and can handle more weight. They can retrieve and replace any stacked items from the height of 10 to 30 feet.

  1. Side-loader

This equipment is used for loading and unloading from the side of any machine. This side-loader stationary pallet changer can be a better option if you are working within narrow aisles and doorways. 

  1. AGV

This is a mobile ‘robot’ that will be guided by certain wires, markers, or some other indicators present on the floor. Some of the AGVs may also use magnets, lasers, or even cameras for guidance.

pallet tipper

How to remove heavy equipment from pallet

In the warehouses, often there is a need for moving items in bulk rather than in a single piece. To discover how to remove heavy equipment from pallet improving the efficiency, the following equipment will be preferred.

  1. Conveyor

A conveyor can be motor-driven equipment that is meant for moving a bulk number of items from one location to other. Items that have to be transported will simply be placed on one end of the conveyor and the motorized system will move them to wherever their destination is.

  1. Stackers

This is a cheaper option than using forklifts. Usually, a hand-propelled or motorized small truck that’ can lift the item from the ground. For any small-to-medium applications, pallet stacking machines can be an ideal choice.

how to remove heavy equipment from pallet
how to remove heavy equipment Pallet exchanger
  1. Reclaimers

It has got a rotating scoop which will be at one end of the conveyor system. The scoop will collect any small and loose items and then place them on the conveyor. Finally, the items get transported through the conveyor to reach their destination.

  1. Bucket elevators

This is meant for transporting vertically any small, loose items. This is also usually a motorized device that can also be hand-cranked if needed.

  1. Grain elevators

Grain will be picked up from a certain lower level and safely dumped wherever needed in the storage facility using either a conveyor or a bucket elevator in grain elevators. It might be perfect for any large-scale business.

  1. Hoppers

Additionally, this tool is designed to handle any small, stray things. The goods will be placed over the hopper and will fall to the bottom thanks to gravity. This resembles a giant funnel. The bottom has a narrow hole that regulates flow.

  1. Silos

Silos are used mostly in agricultural applications. For safe storage of grain, this will be used basically. Also, bulk storage of items like coal, wood chips, cement, sawdust, and food products Silos can be used.

How to remove heavy equipment from pallet 

In addition to investing in all these lists of equipment, it is also necessary to consider the following to create an efficient warehouse.

  1. Offer training to workers

There are so several machinery and equipment that need to be handled very carefully. Therefore, it is necessary to train all the workers who will handle them.

  1. Regular inspection

All the machinery of the warehouse must be properly maintained and hence they must be regularly inspected and calibrated.

  1. Use proper accessories

Every piece of equipment must be having necessary accessories which should be properly used and one must avoid using any alternates.

To create an efficient warehouse, it is necessary to consider all the above that we have discussed in this post. So, don’t forget how to remove heavy equipment from pallet.