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Are you looking for a pallet stacking machine or an automatic pallet stacking equipment? Well… you are in the right place… Discover more information down below! 🙂

pallet stacking machine - pallet stacking equipment

Pallet Stacking Machine & Pallet Stacking Equipments

Pallet Stacking machine is nothing but automatic pallet dispensers that make it simple and effective for warehouses to stack their inventory. They allow businesses to avoid moving all the pallets at once by being able to stack at heights. Besides, there are different kinds of pallet stacking equipments.

Inline pallet exhanger

What is price of pallet stacking equipment?

Pallet Stacking Equipments are less expensive than forklifts, which is why most companies choose them for their warehouses. Pallet Stacking Machine enables you to create a floor plan that meets your business’s demands. If you are looking for a pallet stacker machine, contact the team of Top Industries. Top industries are also popular for pallet inverters. Check this page and you will get amazed looking at our new range of products. 

Discover the purposes of these solutions

Pallet Stacking Machine do not release any fumes and are advised for indoor use, protecting workers from disease and lost workdays. Employee communication is improved as a result of the pallet stacking machine’s silent operation, reducing the likelihood of errors, and inefficiencies.

pallet stacking machine
pallet stacking machine

Manual pallet stacking machines are smaller in size when compared to the other equipment, which helps workers because it gives them better visibility while performing their duties.

Additionally, the more clearly your staff members understand what must be done next, the quicker they will complete it and move on to the next task.

Discover also the fuctions

Pallet Stacking Equipments has several functions:

  1. They can handle big loads for a long distance easily, and easily stack the pallet;
  2. They can move your products to your desired location, regardless of whether a warehouse or a storage facility has mezzanine platforms or floors.

As a result of their versatility, they rank among the most useful goods for storage businesses. Despite the mechanical parts that pallet stacking equipments include, all high-quality models are made to be simple to maintain. Regular inspections are easy and cheap. It is easy to replace their parts.

If you are planning to buy a pallet stacking machine, ensure that you choose the best one. It is important to do a thorough check to understand whether it is in good condition or not. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money on useless equipment. 

What are pallet inverters?

Pallet inverters are for good inversing with pallets before switching to a new pallet. In the frozen food industry, it is commonly used for replacing defective items. It can be also used for removing the freezer spacer. Below is the list of companies that need pallet inverters.

• Pharmaceutical Companies
• Food Companies
• Cheese Makers
• Printers
• Concrete Sections

When a product spills, stationary pallet inverter ensures that the problem does not spread throughout the warehouse. Businesses must take precautions to prevent damaged pallets from getting into their material handling systems. The reason for this is broken pallets results in delays and can also be dangerous.
Buy pallet inverters and pallet stackers as per your requirements from the top suppliers to save your money and to keep your workers safe!

product inversion automation
product inversion automation

Important Facts to Know About Pallet Stacking

Pallet Stacking Equipemnts are ideal for storage areas, building sites, and warehouses. These are ideal for moving bulky boxes and elevating pallets for convenient and effective storage. The pallet stacking machine is popular with different names such as electric stackers. stacker trucks etc.

If you are in search of a pallet stacking machine, choose a company like Top Industries. Top industries are very popular in the US for different types of equipment such as pallet inverters and pallet changers. Contact their team to know about their equipment in detail.

Uses for a pallet stacking equipements

They are commonly used for unloading and loading things at a height as well as to lift and move pallets. Read on to know about some of the benefits of pallet stacking machine:

The chances for injuries would be high when using a manual hydraulic pallet lifter. They can also put stress on your legs, shoulders, back, arms and spine. All these problems are resolved by an electric pallet stacking machine, reducing the danger of injury to your employees and the expense of costly legal action. Time is also saved using pallet stacking equipments. It takes significantly longer to stack multiple pallets manually utilizing pulleys for pallet transportation and hydraulic lifters for stacking than it does use an effective, battery-powered electric lifter.

Pallet tipper designed by Toppy
Pallet tipper with pallet dispenser

Pallet Stacking Machine is the best option

The pallet stacking machine is a better option for handling lightweight products in smaller, constrained locations than a heavy-duty diesel forklift. Unpalletized products like machine components, cartons, and boxes are transported using specific models. 

You also receive a display panel that shows several pieces of information including cargo, battery condition, etc. The recommendation is to get an electric one unless your requirements are extremely minimal. It is always better to spend your money on technology, rather than labor.

Factors to consider with a pallet stacking equipments  

Some of the important factors that you must consider when buying pallet stacking equipemnts include

  • How frequently you are going to use the pallet stacking equipement .
  • Your employees’ stacker operational knowledge.
  • The kind of floor that the pallet stacking equipment uses to operate.
  • Availability of nearby charging sockets so that the battery can be charged.
  • Your Budget.
  • The hefty nature of the items that must be moved.
  • exposure to physical dangers such as slippery surfaces, caustic substances, severe weather, etc.
  • The type of pallets used.
  • The height of shelves, unloading point, loading point, etc.

Stacking Pallets Safely

  • Take care of the stacking height. Otherwise, everything would mess up. The usual recommendation is that the height of your stacks should not be greater than its base’s length. To make it more precise for you, if the upper limit is reached, your stack looks like a cube. It looks like a tower if it is too high.
  • Forklift use is necessary to reduce the height of taller stacks because doing so is slower and less secure. Lay a solid foundation. The base pallet serves as the basement for the remaining stack. Pallets should always be placed right-side up. It must be a flat surface to ensure everyone’s safety. Pallets should never be stacked on their sides.
  • You should routinely inspect your pallets, just like you should with any other piece of work equipment. According to PUWER 1998, inspections must be taken place whenever there is a chance that work equipment will be destroyed. HSE advises inspecting pallets after every delivery. Any delivery has the potential to harm a pallet. As a result, each delivery should be followed by an examination. Damaged pallets must be either repaired or replaced.
  • It is crucial to understand safe pallet stacking techniques. While this is important, it is also essential to focus on pallet racking. In fact, it must be safe.
  • Sorting pallets into piles that each include the same sort of pallet is the safest way for stacking various shapes and sizes. Otherwise, things may not go out smoothly the way you expect.

It is important to choose the best pallet stacking machine. Check our website and discover multiple models of pallet handling equipments!