Pallet Dispenser: a new revolutionary system

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Over the years, our company has always been able to satisfy our customers with decisive and revolutionary solutions. The fact that over the years our company has satisfied all requests for pallet changes, has meant that the main goal became to solve customer problems.

TopIndustries, with the help of the work and creativity of internal engineers, has always found a solution suited to the particular needs of customers who always require different performances and different levels of automation with many types of products.

Like every year, based on the requests received and the needs of the market, the engineering office idealizes and designs innovative devices to meet customer needs, such as the design of a new device capable of organizing pallets. It has taken the name of “Toppy Gravity”, the pallet dispenser that works exclusively with the force of gravity. It is an innovative device because it does not require any pneumatic or electrical component, which is why the installation will be an extremely simplified procedure as no power or air connection is required.


Pallet dispenser

One of the main objectives of the pallet dispenser is to increase production efficiency and reduce costs. The revolutionary pallet dispenser is operated by means of manual control mechanisms according to the desired operation. Depending on whether the operator needs to choose between the loading function to stack the pallet or if he needs to deliver them. Both pallet stacking and pallet unloading operations take place in seconds thanks to the rapid functionality of the mechanism. Generally, we recommend this pallet stacking machine for those who do not have much space in the warehouse to dedicate to the operation and want a quick and efficient system. One advantage of this pallet dispenser unlike, the others on the market, concerns the possibility of continuing to operate without unpleasant stops even though the stack of pallets is not perfectly stacked.

What benefirs with Pallet Dispenser “Gravity”?

– Improvement of efficiency and productivity
– Space optimization and cleaning inside the plant
– Improvement of the workplace and employee safety
– Reduction of pallet management costs
– Elimination of manual handling of operators
– Relieves operator fatigue in stacking and picking up pallets
– Reduction of accidents and consequent absences from work

Our company recommends different types of pallet jacks to be used coordinated with the pallet dispenser. In our production range, there are high quality made in Italy pallet-jacks able to facilitate the transport and lifting of heavy loads. These devices of our production are extremely functional for the use of “Gravity”, which is why they are all purchased in a single supply.

These devices have been designed to minimize the risk of injuries to operators such as, back injuries caused mainly by the manual handling of stacks of pallets. The pallet pick-up and insertion systems are able to operate with different types of pallets: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, aluminum pallets, metal pallets, export pallets and rental pallets.


pallet dispenser

Pallet dispensers are generally used adjacent to the palletizing lines, alongside the robotic work cells, near the pallet sorting areas or in the picking and order selection areas. Contact the TopIndustries sales department and choose the most suitable pallet dispenser for you based on your needs. We have various types of pallet dispensers and Fixed pallet inverter models that integrate perfectly with the solution.

Ease use and intuitive operation

Thanks to the conformation of the pallet dispenser and the level of high technology used in the design, in a few seconds the pallets that are used in the pallet dispenser are automatically stacked safely. One of the added values ​​of this pallet dispenser concerns the space, which it uses, in fact, being very small, it can be positioned in any area of ​​the plant, always allowing the optimization of workflows thanks to its rapid use. In addition, it has been designed to ensure that staff are able to learn its features in minutes.

This pallet dispenser don’t consum energy

pallet tipper with pallet dispensers

It is considered a revolutionary device because it significantly reduces the costs of a normal electricity-powered pallet dispenser. In fact, the mechanism patented by TopIndustries works exclusively thanks to the force of gravity and uses only the lifting of the pallet truck / forklift to activate, according to the operator’s needs, the stacking or release function of the pallet.


Without any installation, ready to be operated!

One of the added values ​​of the Gravity Pallet Dispenser is that it does not require installation. In fact, when the device is delivered it comes in an assembly box complete with clear and intuitive instructions. This pallet dispenser has been specially designed to facilitate installation and operators will be able to quickly install it on the floor. Given its simple conformation, it is very easy to move between the different warehouse areas according to the needs of the plant. Another added value of the pallet dispenser concerns the fact that it is suitable for frequent daily use without limits.


Only one device to stack & distribute pallets

It is a revolutionary device because the operator has the ability to decide simply by operating a lever whether to stack a pallet (load position) or pick up a pallet (upload position). The device has been designed to perform the operation in a few seconds, carrying out the stacking operation quickly and safely. A factor that our customers like a lot is the continuity of work even if the stack of pallets is not perfectly aligned.


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Frequently asked question

What are the delivery times for the pallet dispenser?

Generally, depending on the request, delivery times are approximately 60 working days

How many pallets can Gravity hold?

The pallet dispenser device is able to contain up to 8 pallets if the safety nets are not present and up to 15 pallets for the model where the safety nets are present.

Is the Gravity Pallet Warehouse gravity fed?

It is a revolutionary system precisely because this pallet dispenser is able to manage several stacks of pallets without power supply. In fact, the operation of Gravity Toppy depends exclusively on the designed mechanics that exploit the force of gravity, thus not requiring any electrical connection or compressed air.

What type of pallet can this pallet dispenser contain?

All types of pallets that have the size of 32×48 inch or 40×48 inch can be inserted inside this device. The only factor that determines the operation of the device concerns the use of sideways open pallets.

What are the pallet trucks that can be compatible with the Gravity Dispenser?

To use the revolutionary functionality of the Toppy dispenser pallet, it is necessary to use transpallets that are able to lift the pallet by at least 50 cm. All pallet jacks that are capable of handling pallets at this height can work safely with this device. TopIndustries offers its own production range in which there are pallet-jacks that are generally used with the pallet dispenser: Toppy Speedy XL and Toppy Scissor Lifter.

TopIndustries considers that automation is the main factor in improving efficiency within a company. Our pallet management device is able to automate the storage of pallets and avoids the operator to carry out the pallet handling by manually. Our pallet dispenser fits perfectly into any area of ​​the production cycle, in the warehouse, in the shipping department or in any area where there is a need to store and handle pallets. It is a device with particular attention to the environment as it has zero emissions, being a pallet dispenser that works by gravity. The pallet management system has been designed to work with different types of electric pallet trucks, manual pallet trucks or forklifts as the pallet insertion and withdrawal maneuvers are carried out at ground level.


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The best pallet management system

Effectively manage the distribution of pallets within your plant.

Our pallet distributors provide safe and efficient pallet handling for warehouses, distribution centers, factories or any company with a high turnover of pallets. The main features of Toppy Gravity include:

– Security fence
– Quick system operation
– 2 operating phases: pallet unloading and pallet picking
– Pallet capacity: up to 15 pallets
– Guides and gate for pallets
– High cycle options
– Intuitive controls with status indication
– Pallet size: 32×48 inch or 40×48 inch, but can be adjusted to fit other pallets
– Robust design

Suitable for pallet exchangers

In our production range we have countless mobile pallet changer solutions, among which Easy Changer is a very quick, simple and economical pallet replacement system. This pallet changer system is ideal for working together with the Toppy Gravity pallet magazine and the pallet jacks present in our production range.

We recommend that you visit the website and discover all our pallet inverter solutions, you will surely find the solution you are looking for!

Easy Changer,  a pallet transfer station

This is a pallet transfer station in which a pallet dispenser has been included. It has been designed to do both the job of replacing pallets and storing the replaced pallets behind the machine itself. It is a fully automatic pallet changer that carries out the operation in total safety thanks to the fences and safety light curtains.

It is able to handle products with any height that have a maximum weight of 1500 kg.