Our post Sales Service with pallet changers

pallet inverter post sales service

Ensuring that our pallet exchangers are safe and efficient systems is of primary importance. For this reason we provide customized and comprehensive maintenance service contracts for each pallet inverter device. TopIndustries has a specialized department entirely dedicated to customer assistance when needed. We also offer support programmed with visits to companies in need of assistance.

We understand that this service is very important, and we are particularly keen to ensure that the specialized department is always efficient in order to avoid slowdowns in production and logistics cycles, often caused by temporary breakdowns of the machines. Of course, if maintenance is performed regularly, and scheduled in advance, the risk of stopping production and handling loads is drastically reduced.

To minimize the time the machine is stopped and not working, we always recommend scheduled maintenance plans. Generally, we adapt our offer to your needs, and at the same time, provide you with easy economic planning thanks to pre-calculated fixed rates. The TopIndustries assistance service uses only original company spare parts and only highly qualified personnel is employed, thus ensuring maximum efficiency during the service visit.

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In case there are any malfunctions on the mobile or fixed pallet changing systems, TopIndustries technicians are always available to carry out urgent visits and complete the repair. We can plan according to need, requirements, and rapid interventions in a guaranteed short time. With this method of work and customer care, you will have the certainty that every pallet inverter, spare part, or repair will always be of the highest level of quality.


The advantaged with our after-sales services:

– Temporary replacement of the pallet or pallet inverter with similar devices delivered in entrusted to avoid disruptions;

– Scheduled maintenance planning and cost transparency;

– Extension of the life/efficiency of the pallet exchanger solution;

– Continuous monitoring of the device (safety);

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– Component wear survey and prediction;

– Reduction of the need for urgent repairs and downtime;

– Wide range of contracts, structured on the needs of your company;

– Privileged relationship with the dedicated assistance office;

– Focus entirely on your company’s core business and leave the responsibility of managing the maintenance of your Toppy device to us.

– Service visits, repairs, use of original spare parts, safety tests, and much more. Toppy’s ten-years of experience is at your service.

The strenght of our solutions

TopIndustries‘ pallet changing solutions have been designed and built with the highest quality materials to make all equipment extremely robust. The decision was made to supply machinery with high quality materials to ensure that every solution we provide is capable of handling any abuse. Nonetheless, even high-end pallet turners require scheduled and not late maintenance to maintain safe operations over time and always in optimal working conditions. For this reason, TopIndustries provides preventive maintenance programs, spare parts, installation, and other essential services for companies that cannot afford to stop production even for a day:

– Preventive maintenance is planned for each specific need

– Large selection of spare parts

– We can schedule the installation of new equipment

– We provide on-site training to work right away with your pallet changer

– On-site service calls to address equipment challenges/problems

– Free technical support by phone and email

– Online resources including technical bulletins and manuals

Efficienlty install your pallet changer

If you have acquired a pallet change solution, the idea is certainly to plan the installation of equipment within your plant. TopIndustries takes care of programming the installation in a way to allow maintenance staff to not stop, avoiding unpleasant stops, and interrupting production flows. Our sales office coordinates with expert installers who will be available to carry out the work in no time:

– The installation is carried out correctly through TopIndustries’ experts following all the factory specifications;inline pallet changer

– Our pallet changer installers are experienced operators able to understand all types of wiring diagrams, all safety protocols, and have basic electrical skills.

– Our installation is naturally authorized by TopIndustries and the guarantee and constant monitoring of operation are also included in the installation package, guaranteeing technical support;

– The certified electrician and installer are able to provide turnkey installation;

– Installation with TopIndustries can be of different types: both standard installation and turnkey installation. With regard to standard installation, adequate anchoring, leveling, control of switches, pressure control, adjustment, and adequate operational training are expected;

– The turnkey installation, on the other hand, provides for the unloading of the machinery and delivery if required.


Training to correclty start the pallet change

To ensure adequate training and correct start-up of the pallet changing solution provided, TopIndustries makes its experts available to maximize the return on investment right away. The main objective is to help the purchasing company effectively use the new equipment by providing first-class installation training. I could benefit from:

– Professional installers will be made available to provide practical training to your entire operating group;

– Manuals and certificates of completion necessary for the training and correct operation of the pallet changer will be provided;

– Your technicians will be trained directly at your factory;

– Explanatory videos necessary for training and demonstration of the operation for the pallet inverter will be provided with detailed instructions;

– At the end of the training program, your operating group will be able to handle all intents and purposes to manage and maintain the pallet exchanger equipment accurately.

Original spare parts with Top Industries

If you have a pallet changer over time, you will surely need spare parts. Our warehouse in Miami has thousands of spare parts items, from maintenance filters, to motors, and pump replacements. Our department dedicated entirely to spare parts constantly supports the nine machines by offering solutions and solving problems for over 20 years of equipment. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will send you the prices of the components necessary for your pallet exchanger equipment, you will benefit from:

– Customer support with real-time response, available 24 hours a day;

– Market-appropriate and competitive prices;

– Shipping of the spare parts needed upon receipt of the request;

– Original spare parts supplied directly by TopIndustries;

– Support and solutions for obsolete parts;

– Spare parts made in the USA.

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More information about pallet changers

If you need more specific and specialized information on the pallet changing solution you have purchased, we will provide you with all the resources you need. Our TopIndustries manuals and technical bulletins have been conceived and designed to guide the customer and help them with:

– Technicians who remove and replace oil stain and filter;

– Solve technical and electrical problems;

– Correct installation of light curtains;

– Basics of wiring diagrams;

– Locking pressure adjustment;

– Proper cleaning and maintenance of the machine;

– Latest updates available and how they work;

– Parts replacement instructions.

Do not hesitate to contact the TopIndustries service department at 1-754-271-4310 or by sending an email to info@topindustriesinc.com to receive additional information and any type of special documentation necessary to address and resolve technical problems.