How to choose the right pallet changer solution

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Pallet changers for the improvement of your warehouse

Investing now is the key to saving in the future. The cost of updating and training employees to replace old equipment is an investment for years to come.

TopIndustries helps you discover the products to increase the efficiency of your warehouse with the pallet changers that best suit your needs thanks to the continuous evolution and study of the technologies of mobile, stationary and in-line pallet changing machines.

The experience of TopIndustries becomes the essential point of reference in the handling of loads on pallets for many companies.

Machinery compatible with freezer spacers, and for changing pallet from pallet to pallet, from wooden pallet to plastic pallet, from pallet to board and vice versa are just some of the ways our products can change your productivity.

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Choose the right Pallet changer solution

The right efficiency of the warehouse and its workers starts with the right equipment and modifications. Investing in old equipment with continuous repairs and modifications does not allow the correct productivity of the company, penalizing it. Recent and up-to-date technologies may be what your warehouse needs.

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In fact, obsolete equipment in the warehouse can reduce productivity, waste time on futile repairs, and therefore cost money, putting the company at a technological and productive disadvantage compared to its competitors. A careful assessment of the warehouse structure and pallet inverters can improve the efficiency of these operations. If you think about the growing increase in your warehouse, it is important to act immediately on what may be simple measures that speed up the processes.

Are you automating?

Upgrading the warehouse through automation may seem like a less significant investment than upgrading manual equipment, but if we take as an example a company that spends $ 3 million on conveyor belts and trolleys which are then insufficient to meet the needs of the facility by making it lose 19% of your initial investment, we understand how important the right choice is in order not to waste money and time and make your ROI bear fruit.

Using the work standards of the last 18-24 months, it is possible to evaluate whether automation will save money. However, before purchasing warehouse machinery, a test can be conducted in one part of the facility using a new piece of equipment. If it is not possible to perform a physical test, simulation software can be considered.

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Taking into account worker training is important to see how quickly they can adapt to changing equipment and assess how much time is saved in their work processes. The slower the learning process of the operators, the more the possibility of production slowdown increases, which however can be recovered if the equipment is highly efficient.

An example of a time-consuming training is that of using pallet washers and dryers to clean plastic pallets. Once trained, employees will no longer have to manually clean and dry the pallets, freeing them from manual activity and making them available for new devices and operations.

Would you like to invest in the future?

Investing in the future means investing in the right equipment for your warehouse needs. What works for one company may not work for the other so it is important to analyze the structure to determine the types of equipment to bring to the warehouse.

To prepare the warehouse for the future, plastic lends itself to being a material that allows for better integration of storage and automatic picking systems. Plastic pallets unlike wooden pallets can be washed making them a better choice for food warehouses.

slip sheet handlingIn line pallet exchanger machines, such as a pallet spacer retriever, will make it easier to pull out spacers and send loads directly to an extendable wrapper. This will significantly reduce the amount of manual labor and decrease damage when moving loads while also reducing the number of times operators touch the product.

Another practical example can be found in a company such as UPS, a single human error can slow down the delivery of a package by 24 hours. UPS’s automated hub in Fort Worth can handle the same volume of work as the Mesquite facility, but with 420 fewer employees.

Update the equipment in your warehouse

When wondering whether to buy new equipment, it is very important to keep in mind the facility where you are going to operate. Each warehouse is different and manages products that have different shapes and needs and therefore must be treated in a specific way or with a specific machine. Therefore, asking questions about the warehouse to be updated is important in deciding if there is a need for new machinery.

The devices that may be needed and which can therefore be renewed depend on the level of productivity of the company and the current layout of the machines.

Training workers is another important factor that can hold back productivity levels. In fact, despite their training, employees often find it difficult to use devices that do not allow them to keep up with production.

Are you maximizing efficiency?

The continuous search for greater efficiency should be the basis of production and this can be achieved with the correct management of the warehouse.

Orders collected from employees are regulated by a warehouse management system (WMS) and overall performance. It has been seen that the lowest results obtained without a WMS have found perfect orders only 69% of the time, while in the lowest results obtained with a WMS the percentage rises to 88%. The data of a WMS therefore improves the warehouse and contributes significantly to greater efficiency but the support of the equipment is essential for the overall operation.

The reduction of practical time in product management improves the efficiency of the structure, for example, some models of pallet retrievers and spacers can speed up the work of removing or adding spacers by 95% productivity.

If the warehouse has high ceilings, you can take advantage of that space to install an office mezzanine or to file documents, thus increasing the storage space.

If, on the other hand, you have a lot of space between the aisles, you can use it to contain another row of shelves, the forklifts that travel along them will need more space for future automated pallet warehouse.

The limited space can be a cause of impediment and danger for your workers.

Creating a warehouse layout can serve to balance spaces and manage pedestrian and vehicular traffic and make the most of used and unused areas.

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Are your employees safe while using your equipment?

Employee safety is essential and must always be maintained. When a worker is safe, he works by shortening the downtime of the facility. Additionally, those who work in a facility with a higher safety record are more likely to remain loyal to the company.

Are you worried about upfront costs?

Upgrading equipment may seem like a high price but when viewed as a long-term investment it will save millions of dollars by paying off significantly in the long run.
It is therefore important to recognize the importance of investing in your business.

Why renovate your facility?

There is a huge growth of e-commaterial and material flow control

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Upgrading your equipment with quality machines is one way to reduce upfront costs.

For example, if we invest in automatic stretch wrappers by creating tighter wrapped loads we can reduce losses by pulling the plastic deeper and saving our workers time and saving 30 percent of film. The workers will thus be able to devote themselves to other jobs or other machines.

Can you achieve your long-term goals with your current gear?

Drawing your aspirations and how they can be achieved with your current operations serves to assess whether what you have is enough to achieve your long-term goals.

If your goals have not yet seen productivity growth, you may not have the necessary equipment and therefore have to invest in the future of the company.

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Is your equipment obsolete?

Older equipment could slow down periods of high demand, negatively impacting the business by fostering competition.

An example that clearly highlights this problem was found between two large companies that compete in the distribution of goods to businesses and consumers.

96% of FedEx facilities are fully automated while only 50% are fully automated at UPS locations. Some of their equipment is in fact more than 30 years old and this during the 2017 Thanksgiving with the unexpected increase in deliveries has cost UPS dearly. While FedEx moved quickly, UPS struggled to handle the large number of shipments.

Obsolete machinery tends to rely on human power while for example new pallet changers operate automatically without the workers intervening manually.
With the update of the pallet changers that can hold up to 4,400 pounds or up to 10,000 pounds by customizing the machine, it is possible to rotate the loads safely and quickly, reducing risks for the operator.

The old machinery tends to have more wear making them more prone to breakdowns, when the machinery is working the warehouse also works.