Safety equipment with pallet exchangers

Safety Equipment with pallet changers pallet exchanger

TopIndustries supplies an automatic pallet changing system that ensures in all respects safety systems that do not endanger operators. Generally, the pallet change operation is carried out manually by operators who risk getting injured. Furthermore, if the pallet change operation is done by hand, the production process is certainly slowed down because an operator takes a long time to manually unload a stack of product and insert the new pallet.

TopIndustries is the only company in the world to provide fully automated pallet changing solutions. These are automatic logistics lines that achieve extraordinary operational performance, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology designed by the company. These logistics lines, being automatic, require precise and mandatory security systems. It is important that operators are completely safe during the automatic handling of pallet changers, which is why all our equipment is equipped with rigid safety systems.

Interlock Switches

One of the safety systems is precisely the “Trapped Key Switches”. What is it used for? Based upon the premise that a key cannot be in two places at once, trapped key interlock systems can be configured to provide a predetermined sequence of events that takes places or that hazards have been reduces before operators can become exposed to them.

A Trapped key interlock system is mechanical and is therefore widely used in the applications where the location of plant, environment, or explosive atmospheres make the use of electrical interlock systems unsuitable or expensive to install. In addition, unique coding can be provided, leading to a greater degree of security and tamper-resistance.

pallet tippers

In order to derive the full benefits from a trapped key interlocking system, its components must be totally practical, easily maintainable, and readily available. Our unique key and code barrel gives the ability for even complicated interlocking systems and spare parts to be ordered from our worldwide network of distributors which is a first for a trapped key interlocks.

– Interlocking for pre-determined sequence of events
– All stainless interlocking and coded parts
– Weather cap as standard
– Standard red color-coded key and ID tags
– A complete range of isolators, gate (guard) interlocks, key exchange units and specialty devices
– Type 2 interlocking Devices per ISO 14119 (Interlocking part of a Trapped Key Systems)


One of our fully automatic pallet changing logistics systems

In this paragraph, we analyze a fully automatic pallet changing line supplied to a pharmaceutical company that needed a quick, compact, safe, and highly automated solution. This is a fully automatic line for pallet replacements complete with a Toppy V-Shape pallet tipper, De-dusting cabin, 3 pallet stackers, roll and chains conveyors.

The logistic system offered was studied to replace the wooden pallet under incoming goods with internal plastic pallet. Thanks to our Toppy V-Shape” pallet changer linked with 3 pallet stackers, the pallet changing prcess is automatically performed. The system is complete with a de-dusting cabin positioned at the entrance of the V-Shape area to obtain a perfect separation from the grey area next to the intermediate V-Shape Zone.

The operation of the logistic system:

– The product is loaded onto the roller conveyor by means of a forklift truck;
– The load travelers on the line untili it reaches the de-dusting cabin;
– The load enters the dedusting cabin and the cleaning cycle in performed.
– At the dedusting cabin exit, the load enters into the V-Shape area. The cabin performs a perfect separation between gray area and the intermediate pallet change zone.
– The load enters V-Shape machine thanks the roll-chain exchange;
– The V Shape tilts the load vertically to 120° , the stability of the load is guaranteed thanks to the force of gravity;
– The loading platform returns to 0°, bringing back the wooden pallet to be replaced, that was previously hanged thanks to a pneumatic holder device;
– Using the roller conveyor positioned on the platform, the pallet exits the V-Shape machine and is driven to the pallet stackers roll conveyor;
– In the meantime, the plastic stacker is preparing the plastic pallet to be replaced under the load. The plastic pallet runs from the pallet stacker to the V-Shape machine on the roller conveyors line;
– Before carrying the pallet in front of the V-Shape, a rotating table with chain / rolle rough on board, depending on the transferring pallet, will turn the pallet by 90° to receive the centered product.
– Then the line drives the pallet onto the V-Shape lower platform;
– Now, the V-Shape can proceed with the last part of the pallet changinf cycle returning back to 0° level the load on the plastic pallet.
– After completing the pallet changing cycle, the product returns to the main conveyor line.
– The load reaches the labelling area, where the operator is present.
– Once the labelling phase is over the pallet reaches the output conveyor
– The safety of the system is guaranteed by the use of a perimeter of metal painted grids and 4 rays photocells protection for the access control.

The V-Shape pallet changer is equipped with an automatic sonar centering system allowing a +/- 50 mm load centering on the plastic pallet.

The Fast-spack version has an increased motorized execution, hydraulic control unit, and relative inverter, that is allowing to achieve potential 50 cycles/hour, in this configuration.

pallet changer


The de-dusting cabinet separates the “intermediate white zone” from the “grey zone” and allows a fast and silent de-dusting of the product. Frequency of a pallet transfer depends from a de-dusting operative cycle as well as operator net transfer time.


Electrical cabinet with console which is made of metallic, manufactured and tested according to standards and positioned closed to the plant. The innel panel is zinc plated.


The cabin is built of Sandwich panels scotch brite made both internally and externally with steel and isolated internally with rockwool in class 0. The two rapid roller doors are interlocked electronically and have transparent parts for the control of operations within.


The walls and ceiling are made of sandwich panels covered with a protective film which should then be removed after installion. Internal parts of the ceiling which will then support heavy parts such as the air group or roll-up doors will be reinforced by frames made of steel L-profiles. If necessary, you can create porthole windows, glass and seals, to control the execution of operations.

ROI with pallet changers


The blowing system enables the dust removing during the preliminary exchange pallets. After blowing, the dust is picked up through the intake grills on the bottom of the cab. The plant is equipped with special calibrated openings in order to adjust the intake according to needs and to ensure that the air intake is higher than that air reintroduced, thus creating the vacuum necessary for the proper fuctioning of the system. Once purified, clean air is returned to the cabin. The blow has three air knives located on the mobile cradle of the pallet changing, the air flow can be adjusted by a programmable frequency converter management system.


The blower removes the dust during the process. After blowing the dust is sucked through the intake grilles. The group is equipped with a suction passage controlled to always ensure that the cabin is in depression, to prevent the escape of dust from the cabin. The intake air after being filtered is blowed inside the cabin in a closed loop. The extraction is carried out by an extractor dropsider with galvanized panels and insuated panels with adhesive polyethylene anecoide 30 mm and the frame is made by aluminium profiles.

Inline pallet inverter


Depending on each customer, we provide proposals to ensure equipment and operators. In the case of an automatic pallet changer supply, we generally recommend:

– Nr. 5 electromechanical lock heavy duty
– Nr. 5 safety keys for electromechanical lock model with ecryption to be specified
– Nr. 3 keys exchange boxes with encryption to be specified
– Nr. 3 safety keys for eletromechanical lock.
– Nr. 6 CL-DC dust covers

As per specific customer request, in order to stop the full line in case of unexpected troubles, we create 3 partition areas. In case 1, the 3 areas stop for emergency, the other 2 areas can finish performing the cycle that is going on. This is granting the advantage that the operator can act on a line part without interferring with the operation of the other 2 areas: for better and most specific details please refer to our “Fuctional Specification”.