Strategies for increasing warehouse capacity with pallet changers

Increase the warehouse capacity and the efficiency of operations

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Creating strategies to increase the warehouse capacity and making the most of its capacities is often very expensive. When evaluating the right actions to take, it is important to take into account the needs of the warehouse. To ensure a significant competitive advantage, we need to keep in mind the amount of space we have available to make the most of it. Analyzing the physical characteristics of the materials to be stored and handled is important for the choice of machinery.

 This leads to the right solutions to be set in motion to meet the needs of the warehouse.

Ensuring increased profitability through automatic pallet changers is a good starting point for increasing productivity and improving operator safety.

Common problems in logistics warehouses

Many logistical problems related to warehouse management slow down the company’s operations. Let’s see some ways to increase the warehouse capacity:

1. Lack of organization of the goods

Taking into account the available storage systems, the movements of its operators, and the rotation of goods is the first step to avoid errors and delays.

Through the use of warehouse management software, it is possible to choose the right goods location strategy by better managing the control of incoming and outgoing orders.

Failure to comply with delivery deadlines can be caused by a lack of organization.

2. Errors in the handling of the goods

Operators must be trained on the correct handling of loads and the warehouse must be equipped with maintenance vehicles.

To ensure the stability of the goods, it is important that pallets and containers are firmly in place during operating cycles.

Automation is the best option that guarantees the correct handling of products in storage systems.

3. Unused space

Many companies face the problem of the misuse of space in their warehouses.
The exploitation of space at height thanks to mezzanines and shelving can be one of the solutions to manage the increase in storage activity.

4. Outdated inventory

A warehouse that refers to an old inventory causes serious damage to the company.
To ensure productivity in all activities, it is advisable to have a warehouse management software to know and plan the availability of the stock.

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5. Errors in picking

An old inventory leads to errors in mixing and picking of items, causing great consequences on company logistics.

In complex cycles it has been estimated that the average impact of picking errors is $18 per order, for this reason the automation drastically reduces the percentage of errors.

6. Delays in shipments

Warehouse management software can be useful for implementing delivery planning.
Shipping the goods on schedule is possible thanks to the organization of the order documentation, the delivery path, the customer and priorities.

7. Lack of traceability

An error in traceability can lead to serious problems in sectors such as the pharmaceutical or agri-food. For this reason, the implementation of a logistics software guarantees the traceability of the product to customers and suppliers, allowing them to trace information on their production process.

8. Integration between departments

Coordination between the warehouse manager and the managers of the other departments of the company is important to avoid order errors and cause serious economic damage to the company.The goal is always to deliver correctly and on time.

9. Insufficient signage

To be functional, the warehouse must be equipped with signs in order to reduce the risk of accidents. The signs must be visible and positioned correctly and vary in color and shape according to their function. The characteristics of the signs are regulated by Directive 92/58 / EEC of the European Council.

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10. KPI of the wrong logistics

The best tool to implement warehouse improvement actions are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Logistics performance indicators measure the performance of operating cycles such as goods receipt, storage, order preparation, management of inventory, shipments etc…

The intelligent warehouse

Technology is the main tool for introducing new business models to companies.
Automating manual activities in storage and shipping companies helps to fulfill orders quickly and accurately, minimizing human error.

The technologies that support an intelligent warehouse are equipped with new machinery that can keep up with the growing demand for products.
For example, to improve stock management, an automatic storage and retrieval system is important so as to be able to store large volumes and save time and money.

Automating the warehouse means:
– Increase productivity
– Reduce production costs
– Grow over the competition
– Increase the safety of workers
– Integrate the warehouse with other company functions
– Reduce cycle times and speed up production
– Reduce errors and damage
– Reduce waste

Investing in new machinery therefore means modernizing the warehouse to remain competitive on the market.

Solutions that facilitate operations

TopIndustries offers various solutions that facilitate operations by reducing the physical effort of the operators, guaranteeing the performance of the machines in terms of speed and automation.
Over the years and with increasingly demanding requests in terms of automation and operational performance (speed), the company has specialized in the design of entire fully automated logistics lines.These revolutionary systems have satisfied the needs of the largest multinationals in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, beverage etc. sectors.

The quick and versatile pallet changing devices that Topindustries offers can be both fixed and mobile, making them suitable for the different parts of the warehouse. The company is able to provide the fully automated pallet changing solution for each specific case.

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TopIndustries pallet inverters are versatile, adaptable and customizable. For example, they allow the insertion and removal of freezers. This operation is usually done by hand and takes time but is speeded up with the Topindustries pallet change because the stack of products that is positioned on a roller conveyor is “opened” thus facilitating insertion of the supports.
TopIndustries’ goal is to solve all the pallet change problems that arise, always designing more performing and revolutionary solutions.

Our team offers an after-sales and maintenance service to support every type of company in its growth towards a smart warehouse.

Choose the right equipment to increase the capacity of your warehouse by contacting us and telling us your needs! Choose an intelligent warehouse in step with the times!