Inline Pallet Exchanger | Romeo & Juliet

Top Industries Inc has always been oriented towards satisfying all the logistical needs that arise in the production phase in the warehouse. By constantly following this request, we’ve built the largest production range of pallet changers on the market.

From historical products such as the classic and outdated Inverter, we have come to the invention of very sophisticated, innovative and patented Inline Pallet Exchanger.


The new inventions of inline pallet exchanger

Among the new patented inventions there is a line of crossover pallet inverters between stationary machines and pallet transfer systems: the inline pallet exchanger. Among these is one of the best products in the range of production, the “L-shape Romeo and Juliet”. 

What are automatic inline pallet exchangers? 

In the pallet changer market, there are different types of pallet changers: 

  • Manual Machines 
  • Semi automatic Machines 
  • Inline pallet Exchangers

The first category includes all mobile and stationary machines that require an operator to complete the operation. The person in charge must therefore:  

  1. Place the pallet at the base of the machine 
  2. Using the supplied push button panel, or the remote control depending on the type of machine, move all the necessary parts for the process 
  3. Remove the used pallet and insert the new one
  4. Complete the operation by using the supplied keypad or remote controls
  5. Remove the entire load by placing it in the warehouse  

The added value of inline pallet exchangers

Inline Pallet Exchanger save a lot of these steps. In fact, the only manual activity of the operator, which differentiates the machine from an in-line system, is positioning the load at the base of the pallet changer, and its removal at the end through the use of the pallet truck. 

They are compact but highly automated solutions that carry out the activity independently unlike common stationary machines. Furthermore, these machines are not very common on the market as they are out of the production of almost all the competitors on a world scale and exclusive to Top Industries. 

Finally, fully automatic systems are all those production lines that do not require the operator in any of the pallet changing stages. Simply position the pallet at the beginning of the roller conveyor or conveyor belt to receive, at the end of the process, the load on the new pallet. 

Inline pallet exchangers

How to choose the right pallet exchanger

The market for pallet inverters and pallet exchangers, thanks to the innovation of Top Industries Inc, has been spiced with highly customized solutions based on the needs of the end customer. Sometimes, products are designed based on what the individual customer requires, deviating from standard solutions. The type of product is always taken into account, but also the space available in the warehouse. These are two of the fundamental variants to understand which is the best possible solution. Generally, the greater the hourly quantity of pallets to be changed, the greater the size of the useful pallet changers. However, this rule is completely disproved by Top Industries Inc.’s line of Inline Pallet Exchangers.

How inline pallet exchangers work 

One of the differentiating features of this line compared to other pallet exchanger is that they stack the pallets in special stackers and use another dispensers for those to be inserted. In this way, there is less and less need for the operator assigned to carry out the single activity that can be exploited on multiple tasks. 

These are extremely innovative solutions as pallet inverters operate with superior performance compared to fixed systems, also independently separating the stacks of pallets. Therefore, on the whole they can also be compact and less bulky machines than a purely online system. Inline pallet Exchangers can handle over 80 pallets per hour, a speed that can only be achieved by a very small number of pallet exchangers on the market. 

The difference in manageable pallets, however, does not reflect the true value of the machine, but rather limits it. In fact, labor is optimized even more as the operator does not have to manually stack, insert, and remove the pallet at each operation, thus slowing down the process. 

Finally, the types of product handling make it possible to manage any product: tipper and non-tipper; even for fragile products. 

Who requires automatic pallet changers? 

Automatic pallet changers are products that target all those medium and large companies that need to change a large quantity of pallets in the warehouse following a precise line at high speed. However, the target does not include all those multinational companies or companies with fully automated warehouses for the simple fact that, albeit in minimal sizes, there is the need for an operator in the warehouse. 

Furthermore, unlike in-line systems, costs are lower despite the great possibility of customization present in all Top Industries pallet changers. Finally, occupying only a small part of the land available in the warehouse, this line of products can be easily inserted into any type of warehouse. 

All inline pallet exchangers perform the operation in 4 different ways: Overturning, Rotation, Pushing, lateral movement. They can therefore be used both for a semi-automatic system and for a fully automated line. 

In addition to distinguishing the target for:  

  • Presence of one or more operators in the warehouse 
  • Cost of a pallet changer 
  • Presented requests 

A final criterion is the diversification of the types of pallets to be managed. These inline pallet exchangers, having the ability to store the replaced pallets, are very useful when the types of the latter are the same for groups. In this way, it is easy to organize the same pallets to reuse them when needed. This is possible thanks to the versatility of the machine that allows you to exchange loads: between wooden pallets, from plastic pallets to wood and vice-versa. In this way, in addition to optimizing internal resources, it is also possible to optimize costs relating to the single outgoing pallet.  

pallet changer romeo juliet

Function of “L-Shape Romeo and Juliet” 

Among the semi-automatic systems, there are several patented and therefore available only in the Top Industries Inc. range of production. L-shape Romeo & Giulietta is one of these, as well as one of the most advanced semi-automatic systems in the entire market. 

The patented pallet changer is made up of an L-Shape at the base to which a glissing platform is added. The latter has the task of accommodating two pallets at the same time and, with the help of the two automatic robots, Romeo and Juliet, the pallet is changed automatically. This exclusive palletinverter from the Top Industries range does not require any operator to assist the operation. This therefore involves increasing production efficiency and increasing internal safety for operators. 

As for the replacement and storage of the pallets from the line, it is Romeo and Juliet who take care of it. Giulietta removes the transferring pallet by stacking it in the stacker supplied in order to limit the operator’s activity as much as possible. At the same time, Romeo takes care of picking up the new arrival pallet from its stacker which is then inserted at the base of the load. 

The coordination of the activities of this patented inverter pallet therefore allows you to speed up production processes by being able to manage up to 60 pallets per hour. 

The future of the pallet changing market 

L-shape Romeo and Juliet is only the latest pallet changer of the Top Industries line, but it perfectly represents the care of each individual customer and the company’s market orientation. Customized solutions also means creating the right solution for the correct target of customers and then only going to refine the different details between individual companies.