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TopIndustries is the official branch that is responsible for representing the largest pallet change company in the world in the United States, Toppy S.r.l.

Over the years Toppy has always had the main goal of satisfying the multiple demands and needs of the market, conceiving and designing innovative machinery to perform the pallet change operation for all types of products with ever more efficient speeds.

Over the years, Toppy has specialized in the production and sale of solutions that can replace pallets even for all those products that cannot be overturned. The most common problem encountered was precisely this, many companies needed to change the pallet but they could not overturn the products, and on the market there were only devices that overturned the load. For this reason, Toppy has also specialized in the design of machinery capable of replacing pallets for all those fragile products that cannot be overturned.

inline pallet changer

The internal department of Toppy Engineers has designed and subsequently patented mobile and versatile devices capable of replacing the pallet for heavy and difficult to handle products. The Toppy production range has been significantly expanded, especially due to the design of fixed and compact devices with high operating performance.

The increase in the need to change pallets over the years and with the continuous evolution of companies in the food and pharmaceutical markets, has made Toppy a world leader in the production and sales of pallet changing solutions for these reasons:

– Designs of over 15 types of customized in-line pallet changing systems;
– Quick intermediation with customers;
– Operating speeds never reached before: up to 100 pallets / h;
– Able to manage all products, regardless of type, weight, height etc;
– After-sales service: efficient, fast and decisive;
– Solution delivery times;
– Patented pallet changing solutions’


mobile pallet changer

The pallet changing market is a market that is constantly evolving. As companies grow, the need to change the pallet arises automatically. A company that wants to optimize its production processes needs to rely on pallet changing solutions that can speed up operations and save money over time. For this reason, ideal solutions have been designed and patented for the American market able to satisfy most of the pallet changing needs. There are four devices, two mobile and two stationary, capable of changing the pallet by tipping the load or by lateral pressure and subsequent lifting of the product to allow for replacement.


The fantastic 4: solutions for the American market

portable pallet inverter

Mobile, Pallet Turner 3300: This mobile change device is able to change the pallet due to the overturning of the load. It is able to handle many types of products up to a weight of 3,300 lbs. This is the first mobile solution capable of replacing the pallet in complete safety, thanks to two forks that lock the product at the top and at the base. It is a very versatile solution, usable in different areas of the plant and capable of performing a change of up to 25 pallets / h.


Stationary, Hands-Free pallet inverter: This stationary pallet change device is capable of replacing the pallet thanks to the rotation of the load up to 180 °, or due to the automatic sliding of the pallet from one side to the other. It is the most innovative and revolutionary stationary pallet changer on the world market. It is considered the most versatile stationary device as it is able to manage many types of products with operating performance over 50 pallets / h. What makes this pallet changer device innovative is the ability to carry out the operation in two ways depending on the product: by rotating the load at 90 °, 95 °, 120 ° or 180 ° or simply by sliding the pallet from side to side.


Change your pallet by inverting the load.
The Hands-free system was newly patented in 2021!

Inverting and shifting

Mobile, Falcon wings pallet changer: This mobile pallet changer is capable of replacing the pallet due to applying lateral pressure and subsequent lifting of the load. It is the most innovative and revolutionary mobile device currently present in the world market for pallet changers. It is considered this because it can manage many types of products due to two extendable blades that are inserted at the base of the product to allow it to be lifted in total safety. It is a revolutionary and patented mechanism capable of satisfying multiple needs as it is a mobile device with an operating performance of up to 40 pallets / h with loads with a maximum weight of up to 3,300 lbs.


Change your pallet without tilting the load.
Quality and Safety mobile solutions made in Italy

Mobile solutions

Stationary, Side Mover pallet changer: This stationary pallet change device is capable of replacing the pallet due to the lateral pressure applied to the product and its subsequent lifting. This pallet changer is very much requested by all companies that need to replace the pallet from one load to another without applying strong pressure to the load and without overturning it. Being a stationary machine, it is possible to change the pallet simply by placing the load plus the pallet in the operating area of ​​the machine. The operation of lateral pressure and separation of the pallet load is initiated by the operator through a panel control. It is also an extremely fast pallet changing solution with an operational performance up to 60 pallets / h.

side press top1 pallet changer
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