“Load Picker Divider” in the fashion industry

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One of the most well known companies in the fashion industry get our load picker divider.

 Load Picker Divider “Side press splitter” has been tested in the warehouses of an extremely successful Italian company that owns 7 brands related to the fashion industry and has over 2.3 billion in revenue as of 2018.

With a maximum capacity of 1500 kg and the ability to do 40 pallets / h, this mobile pallet changer is an electrically powered trolley operated by tiller controls and powered by a gel battery.

This load picker divider allows the pallet to be changed in very confined spaces without having to dedicate an area of ​​the factory for the operation. The pallet changing operation takes place through the lateral pressure of the load, which is not damaged due to padded clamps. This prevents the products from slipping as well as increasing the machine’s grip of the product.

The pallet changer that was tested was the “Side Press Splitter” because it’s able to lift the pallet to a height of 1.40 meters, which is very useful for preparing pallets for shipment.

Ourload picker divider is equipped with the latest generation gel batteries that have a duration of 8-10 hours. This pallet changer has an optional quick battery change system called “roll-on / roll-off”, that allows the machine to be used over several shifts.

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All Topindustries equipment is equipped with safety systems to prevent accidents at work, with particular attention to GMP standards to ensure the appropriate quality standards.

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