When do we recommend
“Falcon Wings”?

Pallet moving equipment

When do we recommend “Falcon Wings”?

TopIndustries has patented a new revolutionary system for pallet changing. This machinery is requested by wholesalers in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. This mobile pallet changer is capable of handling all types of products such as boxes, bags, vials, crates, industrial drums, big bags, bottles, cans, etc.

We generally recommend this solution to those who need to change the load from one pallet to another. “Falcon Wings” is able to perform the pallet replacement operation on GMA pallets, chep pallets, and all other types of existing pallets. It is an extremely versatile device as it can perform the required operation in multiple areas of the warehouse, being a mobile device. Nevertheless, if there is the possibility of dedicating a specific area of ​​the warehouse to the pallet change operation, it is possible to have Falcon Wings” also in the stationary version.
This machinery is required by those who need to change the pallet but cannot overturn, rotate, or turn the load. In the pallet changing market, there are no mobile devices similar to this one, as it is an innovative technology made in Italy patented by Toppy.
In addition to being a versatile device, it is considered to be extremely fast as it can perform up to 40 pallet changes per hour with a maximum load of 3,300 lbs.


mobile pallet changer

Why is it an innovative design?

It is considered an innovative device because it is a mobile pallet changer capable of carrying out the pallet change operation without tipping the load. Furthermore, to carry out the pallet change operation, it lifts the load thanks to two blades that extend at the base of the product to support it safely.

How does the pallet changing operation take place?

The pallet changing operation takes place by side locking the product and lifting it from the pallet to allow the replacement pallet to be set under it. Two extended blades are then inserted between the base of the product and the pallet, providing a solid base which allows lifting even the most unstable loads.
mobile pallet changerTo start the operation, the machine inserts the two forks under the pallet. Then, two padded clamps laterally block the product and lift / separate it from the pallet. The product, which is locked at this moment, is raised slightly to allow the two blades (FALCON WINGS) to extend between the base of the product and the pallet, to provide solid support while lifting. Then, when the product is firmly locked,  “Falcon Wings” transports it and releases the load on the new pallet. The operation ends when the padded clamps and the supporting blades retreat into the starting position.

This mobile pallet changer can handle fragile products, which cannot be turned or tilted. It also can withstand a maximum weight of 3300 lbs. During the pallet changing operation, the product is clamped and lifted in total safety. The pressure applied to the load is very delicate due to the possibility of direct adjustment via a pressure gauge or a pressure selector pre-set on four positions.

Safety Equipment

The machine is equipped with an ex-tractable key switch to prevent use by unauthorized staff. To turn on the machine, place the ignition key in the ignition key compartment and turn the key on “ON” position. To turn OFF the machine, the operator turns the key on “OFF position”, to avoid unauthorized use remove the key from the ignition key compartment.

In critical situations, the power supply can be interrupted by pressing the red emergency button on the dashboard of the lift truck. In critical situations, the power supply can be interrupted by pressing the red emergency stop button on the remote control panel.

pallet changer

The maintained action winged switch on the steering device, controls the travel system and has automatic return to the neutral position. When it is released, the truck stops and the electromagnetic parking brake is automatically triggered; the latter is also activated in the case of a power cut or fault.

The tiller/rudder is equipped with the acoustic warning signal, with which the operator must signal his arrival in points with low visibility. The acoustic warning signal is a safety device and must be able to work at all times. When the ignition key is in the switch-on position, a sound will be emitted if the acoustic warning button is pressed.

The tiller/rudder is equipped with an additional safety device that protects the operator from injury when he walks preceding the truck. The switch located in the upper part of the steering device, if touched, immediately inverts truck movement and stops it after a brief tract.

mobile pallet changer

Other safety devices

The “Falcon Wings” pallet changer is equipped with other safety devices for the hydraulic system and for the electrical system:

– Locking valve to prevent mast lowering in the event of a hydraulic system failure,
– flow control valve overpressure system;
– check valve to prevent pump operation as a hydraulic engine;
– lock valves on the gripper hydraulic cylinders to prevent unwanted load movement in the event of the hydraulic pressure drop;
– lock valves on the wings system hydraulic cylinders to prevent unwanted load movement in the event of the hydraulic pressure drop;
– end-of-stroke microswitch for the mast up/down stroke;
– shearing hazard preventing grid on the mast (to prevent accidental contact between the operator and any moving parts);
– Mechanical limit stops on the mast.

Mobile Pallet changer

What is the cost for the mobile pallet changer “Falcon Wings”?
Do not hesitate to contact us in order to have more information about it.