When do we recommend “Hands-Free” pallet inverter?

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Hands-Free Pallet Inverter

Topindustries periodically invests in research and development with the primary objective of satisfying any pallet change request. In the food, pharmaceutical, logistics, and ceramic sectors, whenever the product needs to be placed on a pallet, Topindustries has a pallet changing machine capable of performing the operation.

Our Hands Free Pallet Inverter is one of the many pallet inverters that TopIndustries has. This machine is a stationary pallet changing device that replaces the pallet by rotating the load to 90° or 180° in order to allow separation from the load and the original pallet. This maneuver allows the new pallet to slide into the position of the old one.

The Hands Free Pallet Inverter has been on the market for over 15 years and does not present any anomalies, but it also does not fully satisfy the needs of current customers. The companies that rely on TopIndustries, especially those with over 100 employees, have a consistent flow of production and are looking for machinery with high performance.

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This is exactly why the “Hands-Free Pallet Inverter” has been designed and patented. Our pallet inverter has revolutionized the pallet changing market:

Thanks to the new Side Shifting system”, the intervention of the operation is not necessary as the machine performs the pallet changing operation completely independently. This new method of pallet changing allows companies to save a lot of time and money.

This fixed pallet inverter comes with a new and revolutionary operating mode, able to manage GMA pallets and all types of pallets. It differs from other types of inverter pallets (in the TopIndustries production range) because the operator never manages the pallet with his hands. The benefits of “Hands-Free pallet inverter” occur precisely in this case, where the operator does not intervene manually in the operation, and the risk of workplace accidents is drastically reduced. The other main benefit of this machine is that the time for a simple pallet change operation is also drastically reduced because it is able to perform 50 pallet changes per hour with a maximum load of 1,500 kg.

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The pressure that is applied to the load is very light: only the minimum necessary to block the load to allow it to tip over safely. In all cases, depending on the type of load, the pressure can be manually adjusted or standardized. TopIndustries also offers the possibility to carry out tests with the customer’s products directly at our warehouse with the desired machine. In this way, you will be able to have a broad view of how the pallet change operation takes place and above all verify that it works with the type of products. If there is no possibility to send the products to the TopIndustries plant, we can still carry out tests with similar products and send videos about the operation of the machine (book the test).

Some technical info you should know about Hands Free Pallet Inverter

The machine’s base is made up of an electro-welded heavy tubular structure equipped with a sturdy vertical structure, on which the hydraulic rotation fifth wheel is firmly fixed. The fixed pallet changer rests on the floor by means of 4 bases welded on the aforementioned base; fixing to the ground is possible using M16 bolts (one per support base), and is recommended only and exclusively to avoid accidental displacements in the event of a collision. However, not from a load bearing structure with lateral load support and n ° 2 sliding shelves on guides , each moved by a hydraulic cylinder equipped with safety retaining valves.

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To protect the processing area, the whole machine can be completely protected on three sides with fixed protections in a metaccoli net with meshes of 60 inches and a height of about 6 feet (with a distance of about 3 feet from the machine) on the front opening. (intended for loading / unloading the product to be handled) It is also equipped with an electronic safety barrier consisting of 2 single beams. The use of these safety devices was possible due to the very low closing / rotation speed performed by the machine and its instantaneous stop in case of entry into the processing area during the overturning phase.

In order to avoid the risk of crushing in the event of a lack of hydraulic power supply to the hydraulic components (for example: in the event of accidental breakage of a supply pipe), the pliers closing the hydraulic cylinders have been equipped with safety check valves that prevent uncontrolled / not controlled movements.

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The stationary station pallet inverter is integrated with an electrical panel and relative control panel located outside any perimeter protections. On the operator panel and on the control panel, there is also an emergency stop button with all the commands and signals for the correct/safe use of the machine.
Also on the control panel, there are selectors that control the individual movements. If the machine is equipped with an electronic safety barrier, the reset button is present on the control panel in order to prevent the electronic barrier from being restored while inside the processing area.

Generally, the protection devices can be temporarily removed only and exclusively by the personnel responsible for maintenance. Only when the machine is stopped and the electrical and hydraulic power supply excluded.

Safety devices with Hands Free Pallet Inverter

The machine has two emergency stop buttons, located in the electrical cabin and on the control panel. The emergency stop causes the overturning to stop in the shortest possible time, completely interrupting the operation of the machine bringing it to zero energy in real time; it has absolute priority over all machine controls, without creating additional risks.
The stop order is maintained by a block of the emergency stop device, even after the action on the command has been interrupted, it is manually locked.

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The release, which is carried out with a specific intentional maneuver, does not restart the machine, but simply gives the consent to restart it; the restart procedure must be repeated in full: the emergency stop, once activated, must be reset before the machine can be restarted.

Acoustic emmissions

The machine is designed and built in a way to reduce noise emissions as much as possible: in particular, the maximum noise emission is generated by the hydraulic control unit. Following the measurement performed during the automatic processing (condition of maximum noise) at 3 feet away from the machine, with the instrument positioned at 5.2 feet above the ground, on the entire perimeter, it detects a sound emission contained in the ‘order of 85 decibels of weighted acoustic pressure.

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This fixed pallet inverter has also been designed in consideration of the needs and problems relating to transport. If you are looking for an even higher level of automation, we provide fully automatic pallet transfer systems. Depending on the operation, type of product, required performance, and space in the warehouse.

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for each customer and case. One of our latest online pallet changer systems that we have installed and patented is “Toppy L.Shape APS”, a fully automatic pallet changer device that allows the operation to be completed automatically. It is also equipped with a stacking / unstacking system with a robot included .



It is a new patented fully automatic pallet changer with 2 pallet stackers integrated that guarantees a productivity of more than 100 pallets per hour. The pallet is separated and replaced…

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